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Published on October 20th, 2014 | by Cliff Kincaid


Fast-tracking vaccines for Ebola and AIDS

Did you know that…

  • Millions of Americans took polio vaccines contaminated with monkey viruses? And that these viruses may be linked to cancers in adults and children? And AIDS?
  • That a hepatitis B vaccine was withdrawn because it contained a toxic substance? That a vaccine against diarrhea was withdrawn because it, too, was dangerous to children?
  • That Bill Clinton declared AIDS a "national security threat" and that a Clinton-era executive order is still on the books that permits U.S. military personnel to be subjected to experimental vaccines? (Note: it was updated by President Obama on March 16, 2012).
  • That an experimental AIDS vaccine may have been used on U.S. military personnel in the Gulf War?
  • That an executive order remains on the books permitting the president to seize and control the entire health care system in the U.S.

Are you…

  • Aware of the rise in autism among children, possibly linked to the MMR vaccine.
  • Aware of Gulf War Syndrome, possibly stemming from combinations of vaccines, some of them experimental, taken by U.S. military personnel.
  • Aware of the anthrax shots causing serious health problems for military personnel, with some leaving the service in protest and others facing courts-martial for their resistance to the program.
  • Aware that there was a swine flu vaccine scandal in the 1970s, when people got neurological disorders from the vaccine before it was withdrawn.
  • Aware that Congress has held hearings into the dangers of mass-vaccination programs, and that major media outlets such as "60 Minutes" and "20/20" have begun to take note of complaints about health problems caused by vaccines.
  • Aware that crash programs to develop Ebola and HIV/AIDS vaccines are NOW underway.

(Reprinted from 2001). Christian Thomas Kincaid was born on March 31, 1999. He is our third child. One day after his birth, hospital personnel tried to take him away for a hepatitis B vaccine shot. We refused. Our skepticism about the shot was well-placed. Six months later, concerns were raised about possible mercury exposure in children given vaccines containing thimerosal, a preservative derived from mercury, a toxic metal that can cause immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioral dysfunctions. Thimerosal is a preservative that has been used as an additive in vaccines since the 1930’s to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination.

The U.S. Public Health Service and the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation that hepatitis B immunization for infants born to mothers testing negative for the virus be deferred for many months, in order to reduce their exposure to thimerosal. They said thimerosal could produce "neuro-developmental effects."

In congressional testimony, Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, reported, "The National Vaccine Information Center has received hundreds of reports of injuries and deaths following hepatitis B vaccination. There is a clear pattern to hepatitis B vaccine reaction symptoms, just as there was a clear pattern associated with DPT vaccine reactions. But unlike DPT vaccine, where most symptoms usually occur within a few days of vaccination, hepatitis B vaccine reaction symptoms can take many days or weeks to develop and include: fevers that come and go, open skin lesions and rashes, severe joint pain and head pain, loss of vision, muscle strength and memory and crushing, debilitating fatigue, which leads to chronic disability. "We have had reports of liver cancer developing in small children following hepatitis B vaccination. There are families with two or three members who have become disabled after hepatitis shots. Tragically, for newborns and babies under two months of age, a hepatitis B vaccine reaction can end in death. When parents look to the medical literature for answers, they find few studies looking into hepatitis B vaccine reaction reports. None deal with newborns. Most of the studies look at vaccine efficacy, not vaccine safety.

"A 1994 study by the Institute of Medicine, mandated by Congress under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, found that there have been no large controlled observational studies or clinical trials investigating clinical reports of arthritis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, transverse myelitis, optic neuritis, multiple sclerosis and other central demyelinating disease, or sudden infant death syndrome after hepatitis B vaccination."

Several months after Christian’s birth, we were advised that he needed a vaccine against rotavirus, an intestinal virus. Again, we refused. In July 1999, after approximately one million children had been immunized with the vaccine, the CDC recommended that use of the rotavirus vaccine be suspended because it might be causing a serious bowel disease.

Phyllis Schlafly described what happened:

"On July 15, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) halted the use of the oral rotavirus vaccine, which is given to infants to prevent one of the major causes of diarrhea, after reports that the vaccine caused a bowel obstruction in some infants that required surgery to repair.
"The bowel obstruction, called intussusception, results when one portion of the bowel slides inward, like a telescope, into another part of the bowel and causes blockage. A previously healthy infant suddenly screams in paroxysms of pain. In its initial trial, the rotavirus vaccine appeared to cause intussusception at 30 times the average rate, but the government pretended that those injuries were insignificant. Instead of testing further, the CDC and the vaccine manufacturer subjected babies to more than a million doses of this unnecessary, expensive, and inadequately tested vaccine. While the risk of intussusception may have been mentioned on the package insert, it was not on the vaccine information statement given to parents. The arbitrariness of government vaccine mandates is shown by the fact that, for the previous year, CDC was demanding that the vaccine be given to all infants, and now suddenly a CDC spokesman is saying, ‘No one should now be giving rotavirus vaccine to anyone.’"

This incident also convinced us that there is something inherently and seriously wrong with the mandatory vaccine program.

Then we discovered that the U.S. Government is engaged in a crash program to develop an HIV/AIDS vaccine that could also be mandatory. We are convinced that development of such a mandatory vaccine must be stopped.

We are not zealots against vaccines. Our children have been vaccinated against many childhood illnesses. But we have come to the conclusion that the government, in collusion with certain special interests, is rushing into development and production of vaccines that could backfire, causing more health problems than they would solve.

What’s more, the government is requiring these vaccines for people who are not at risk of contracting the disease. Hepatitis B mostly affects drug users, the sexually promiscuous, blood transfusion recipients, and health care workers. So why are innocent children who are not at risk being required to be vaccinated? It’s because the government doesn’t want or can’t identify those who ARE at risk. It’s easier to get the children, who are least likely to get the disease.

The same is likely to be true for an HIV/AIDS vaccine. Even assuming that such a vaccine could be developed, it will be easier for national and global public health officials to target those for vaccination who are at less risk of contracting the disease. That means children and the elderly, who have already been conditioned to believe that many vaccines, including the flu shot, work (despite serious questions about its effectiveness and safety).

Mandatory vaccines are consistent with the World Health Organization (WHO) agenda. The agenda is to force all American children and their families to submit to government-dictated medical treatment.

The WHO is now proceeding at a rapid pace in implementing what one expert calls a “new paradigm” under which “certain people” will be denied treatments for some health problems.

In a development that was ignored by most of the press, the Clinton-Gore Administration supported the selection of an avowed socialist, Gro Harlem Brundtland, as director-general of the WHO. Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway, has served as a vice president of the Socialist International. Her selection represents an effort at the international level to increase government interference in our private lives and reduce the human population.  


These global efforts complement attempts to federalize the health care system and then ration treatment. Although Hillary Clinton’s socialist scheme was rejected several years ago,  the Administration moved in an incremental manner to accomplish the same thing. Administration proposals for “children’s medical care” and “patient rights” are all nice-sounding plans that will get the federal government more deeply involved in  deciding who gets health care and under what circumstances. Cloaked in terms of providing “universal” coverage, these plans will further concentrate power over our health care decisions in the hands of government bureaucrats. Politicians try to cash in on the growing frustration patients have with their health care plans by offering government as the solution to the problem. The real answer is to put more control in the hands of patients, not government.

The truly frightening aspect of this unfolding government plan is the high degree of collaboration taking place between bureaucrats at the federal and international levels. In Cliff Kincaid’s 1995 book, Global Bondage: The U.N. Plan to Rule the World, evidence was cited showing that  the WHO played a critical role in devising Hillary Clinton’s socialized medicine plan.

                                       Life and Death Decisions    

For those who doubt that health care will eventually be curtailed or eliminated for certain people, one only has to consider how poor black Africans have already been targeted. The WHO approved AIDS experiments in black Africa in which pregnant women with AIDS were denied a proven treatment for reducing mother-to-child transmission of the AIDS virus. Instead, they were given placebos. This meant that the government deliberately allowed them to give the disease to their children, who will surely die.

These experiments, backed and approved by the WHO, were carried out by the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC), whose director, Dr. David Satcher, was subsequently confirmed by the U.S. Senate as U.S. Surgeon General. 

Just a few days after Satcher’s nomination as Surgeon General was approved by the U.S. Senate, the CDC, the U.N. AIDS Program and the National Institutes of Health suddenly announced  that the use of placebos would be stopped in these experiments.

This made it appear as if these federal and global agencies had backed down under pressure. But can this announcement about discontinuing the experiments be believed? And why aren’t federal and U.N. health authorities being investigated or prosecuted for doing unethical if not illegal research?

                                                The Plan  

The answers are ominous. U.N. analyst Marguerite A. Peeters  believes that the WHO has a frightening agenda ahead for the entire world, not just black Africa. Peeters, who has studied international organizations for many years and currently works with the Center for New Europe in Brussels, Belgium, said the WHO is implementing a “new health ethic” in which economic considerations are being considered when making decisions about who should receive health care. Peeters says the WHO wants the “availability of budgetary resources” and “the probability of success” to be factors in this process.

Translated into ordinary language, this means that government officials will decide if you are worth treating, and whether keeping you alive is worth the cost. This is the “Brave New World” of health care under U.N. supervision.

“The system of priorities implied in the new WHO paradigm will necessarily lead to the marginalization of certain people,” Peeters says. “There will be no available resources for certain ‘categories’ of patients — those deemed less important to public health…”

Such an approach fits in nicely with the U.N.’s “sustainable development” philosophy which requires that the human population be greatly reduced. Not surprisingly, the new head of the WHO, Dr. Brundtland, is said to have coined the term ”sustainable development” decades ago.  In fact, she has been called the “mother of sustainable development.”

For an Ebola Vaccine

The approach also fits in nicely with the “Project on Death and Dying” of pro-U.N. billionaire George Soros, who has been quoted as saying that he started the project because his own father, dying from a disease, wanted to live.

An HIV/AIDS Vaccine: Playing Russian Roulette with Humanity
With a final cure unlikely, an HIV/AIDS vaccine has been viewed as the “only hope.”  Billions of dollars are being spent by the United Nations, the U.S. and other governments, and private individuals such as Bill Gates and Ted Turner, to develop an “affordable” vaccine for use worldwide. In order to be “effective,” it may have to be mandatory. Indeed, research into whether it would be “effective” has been premised on mass-vaccination programs.

But the nature of the disease is such that a vaccine may not guard against it. The reason is obvious: a disease whose hallmark is a weakened immune system should not be weakened even further to induce a possible reaction to a vaccine. On the other hand, a healthy immune system exposed to the vaccine may induce AIDS itself. A vaccine may expose the disease to more people. At worst, the HIV/AIDS vaccine is a biological time bomb. At best, it may be a massive waste of scarce resources.

Writer and author Jon Cohen, an AIDS vaccine supporter, acknowledges in “Deep Denial,” The Sciences, January/February 2001, pages 22-23, that

“…medical products sometimes do the opposite of what they are supposed to do, causing illness rather than alleviating it. Such risk, of course, is common to all drugs, but at least many sick patients accept that they would have fared poorly even without an ill-fated drug treatment. Vaccines, in contrast, are administered to healthy people, often children…”  (emphasis added).

In other words,  the vaccine will be eventually targeted at those without AIDS.

Americans are led to believe that vaccines are a “quick fix” to various potential problems. We have been conditioned to believe they are without risks or costs. But this thinking ignores how vaccines work, and their possible side-effects.

In an article on the AMA web site, Dr. Dennis Blakeslee, a vaccine supporter, notes:

“Vaccines are biological frauds. By mimicking infections by viruses, bacteria or other pathogens, they trigger the body’s immune defenses to mount counterattacks, even though the vaccines themselves present little or no danger.

“But provoking that immunologic assault accomplishes the vaccines’ purpose; after the immune response subsides, there remains a memory of the pathogens the vaccines pretended to be. So when the real organisms invade, the immune system is ready. It mounts a swift and powerful response, usually enough to eliminate the attackers well before symptoms appear.

“Vaccines are thus extraordinary tools for combating infectious disease — what better way to fight an illness, after all, than to prevent it from occurring. But despite their obvious desirability, only a handful are in routine use today. That’s because making vaccines is extremely difficult.”

But do the vaccines “present little or no danger?” Consider the marketing of the new Lyme disease vaccine. Lyme disease is believed to be spread by ticks. The Washington Post (April 8, 2001, page A3) says the maker, GlaxoSmithKline, “has marketed the vaccine aggressively, with advertisements presenting ticks as a threat to people in many states who garden, golf or cook on the outdoor barbecue.” Yet the Centers for Disease Control (DCD) itself recommended the vaccine only for those in “high-risk” areas engaged in “high-risk” activities. 

Now, more than 100 people are complaining of arthritis or joint swelling possibly linked to the vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating the cases.

The Post highlighted one case, a suburban New Jersey teenager, who received the vaccine and, after the second dose, developed pain in her ankles, severe pain in her neck and back, and was eventually diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She also permanently lost her peripheral vision in his her eye when he optic nerve became inflamed, the Post said. 

Before it is too late, the American people have to mobilize to stop the potential biological catastrophe of an HIV/AIDS vaccine. It is time to stop trusting the “public health authorities” and the special interests. Sure, vaccines have worked in the past and eliminated some diseases. But the evidence is accumulating that some new vaccines are not working, and are in fact causing more health problems, even death. Indeed, vaccine development may have led to the AIDS epidemic that the authorities now say has to be resolved through another vaccine. This is madness!

Millions of Americans have chronic health or immune problems or illnesses. Are they linked to vaccines they took as children?
The good news is that Congressional hearings have been held into mass vaccinations programs that cause health problems among civilians and military personnel. These hearings, conducted mostly by Rep. Dan Burton’s House Government Reform Committee, have disclosed serious conflicts of interest and questions about those pushing or profiting from the vaccines.

Rep. Burton points out that most of the work of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advisory committee on immunizations practices is done behind closed doors. This is the committee that recommends vaccines for children. In one case – the approval of a rotavirus vaccine which was subsequently withdrawn from the market after causing bowel obstructions in children – Burton found that at least six of the ten individuals on the government working group for the vaccine had financial ties to companies developing it.

It is time we demand honesty, integrity and truth from the U.S. Government and the state governments which are enforcing mandatory vaccines. It is time to expose and prohibit government agencies and officials from having ties to the special interests behind the vaccines.

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