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Published on November 26th, 2014 | by Cliff Kincaid


Did Marijuana Fuel Michael Brown’s Attack on Police Officer Darren Wilson?

Letter to the editor:

Washington Post’s One-sided Coverage of Ferguson Shooting

Letters Editor, The Washington Post

Michael Brown is continually being described as an “unarmed black teenager.”  And that mantra prevails among the liberal media and government officials, enflaming violent reactions by people believing that the “innocent” teen-ager was irrationally killed by police.

But in a glaring example of media bias exacerbating racial tensions in the Michael Brown shooting death, Post reporters (see link) left out the key exculpatory fact in the grand jury finding officer Darren Wilson not guilty:   The fact that Michael Brown tested positive for marijuana which could explain his irrational violent behavior, not only in the convenience store which he strong-arm robbed while physically attacking the store clerk, but also in provoking the violent confrontation with police officer Darren Wilson.

If it weren’t for the main-stream media’s reverence for the “sacred cow” of marijuana, they would see the valid scientific studies showing that pot is currently being produced in varying strengths from a mildly intoxicating 2% THC up to school-shooter-psychosis-inducing 40% to 70% THC.  And that early child use of pot is a major cause of psychosis and violent behavior, see following article. Which could be the “unknown motive” frequently cited in news articles on the Ferguson affair.

But an underlying cause of this Michael Brown family tragedy could be the same as the cause of this nation’s surging drug overdose deaths that currently destroy the loved ones of over 3,500 other families EVERY MONTH:  Eric Holder’s suspension of enforcement of federal drug laws against marijuana in “Stoner States” that are producing and shipping brain-destroying, violence-inducing strains of pot throughout the nation. 


     Therefore, it’s not the police, or white racism, that is causing this devastation; it is U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder who turns a blind eye to the malignant impact of marijuana and then tries to blame everybody else for the resulting social chaos.  Which will continue under his replacement unless exposed by responsible journalists.

NOTE:  Because this has zero chance of being published by the pro-pot Post, it is being sent to several journalists with hope that some of them have open drug-free minds.  

DeForest Rathbone, Chairman, National Institute of Citizen Anti-drug Policy (NICAP)     301-994-2733,

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