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Published on December 27th, 2014 | by Vic Biorseth


If Francis is a Communist Pope, how does that affect Catholic Faith and Morals?

If Francis is a Communist Pope, how does that affect Catholic Faith and Morals? Exploring the links between Comrade Obama (peace be upon him), Pope Francis and Communist Cuba.

I was reading another Renew America article linking Obama, Pope Francis and the Cuban Communist dictatorship, and it drew my attention, and not only because it quoted me.  The linkage is unavoidable, and it is very concerning.  Read it for yourself, right here.

The Mainstream Media is trying to gently back out of some of their earlier lies.  It isn’t Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, who they now, seemingly surprisingly, report as "trending" Marxist.  He always was Marxist.  His anti-American Marxist ideology has not changed one iota.  Ever in his life.  And they know it.

Watch “The Vicar of Christ is a Marxist” with Vic Biorseth. Click on image.

They, who put him in power and kept him there, despite the unavoidable truth about him which they covered up, now want to publicly wash their dirty hands and begin separating themselves from him.  As if they, too, were not Marxist ideologues.
American Presidential overtures to Communist dictatorships began with what I always felt was President Nixon’s greatest folly.  His opening up of relations with Red China and granting them "Favored Nation" status was accompanied by what I considered a betrayal of an important friend and ally on the Island nation of Formosa.  Nixon even sided with the Communist Chinese regime in opposing Formosa’s standing in the UN and international recognition of it’s own national name.
For what?

As the article points out, the Red Chinese government has not changed.
Cuba now joins Red China as a Communist dictatorship blessed and encouraged by an American President.  And, apparently, by a Pope.

First, we need to disassemble the Media lies about our "Embargo" and "Blockade" of Cuba.  There is no blockade.  The only embargo of trade is between America and Cuba, and nobody else.  Cuba is free and open to trade with every other nation on earth, and they do.  Calling our closed relations with Cuba a blockade is a typical Communist lie.  It cannot be blamed for Cuba’s poverty; that is the fault of Cuba’s Communist ruling regime, and nothing else.  They are and have been trading with all nations other than us, and they have no need of us.  That is an excuse for their glaring economic failure.

The only American blockade of Communist Cuba was during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I remember it well, because I was stationed with the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment in West Germany at the time.  We were on high alert, locked and loaded on the East German border, staring down multiple Soviet armored divisions.  Most of today’s citizens have no idea how close we came to World War III before Khrushchev finally backed down and removed his nuclear missiles from Cuba.  The blockade has been lifted ever since.

Our News Media, our Entertainment Industry, and now our Marxocrat Party has had a growing and ongoing long-distance love affair with the Castro Communist dictatorship almost from it’s birth.  In our current President, the Cuban Communists must feel an immediate kinship, almost as strong as the current kinship between Comrade Obama and Comrade Putin.  Birds of a feather flock together.

But the possibility that Pope Francis may have "facilitated" the unilateral action of Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, in normalizing American relations with the Communist regime in Cuba gives me pause.  If this is bridge building, what kind of bridge building is it?

Are America, under a clearly Marxist President, the Vatican, under a not quite so clearly Marxist Pope, and Cuba, under a quite typical Communist dictatorship, all to sit around a camp fire and sing Kumbaya?  To what purpose?

Does the Pope, or anyone, really believe that an established total dictator might voluntarily give up being a total dictator?  This can only end with good being compromised, for evil never compromises, and never backs down.  And, make no mistake about it, Marxism is evil. 

The Catholic Church will always survive a bad Pope.  She already has, multiple times. Papal Infallibility is limited to the pronouncement and interpretation of Revealed Truth from the Deposit of Faith, which closed with the death of the last original Apostle.  Nothing may be added to it; nothing may be detracted from it; nothing may be changed within it.  No Pope has ever taught error on Faith (love of God) or Morals (love of neighbor) as permanently established in Sacred Deposit of Faith. Revealed Doctrine does not change. 

We have had many "bad" Popes, and the Church survives.  We have it on good authority that the very Gates of Hell will not prevail against her. 

But I’m not so sure America can survive yet another major avenue opened up to the ongoing advance of Marxism against her very foundation.  And that may be what this Pope is doing. 

As a Catholic, it is hard to say these things, but I feel that they must be said.  The Church herself is under attack, from within.  She is being attacked by evil ideology under disguise as some new form of justice, normalcy, equality and peace.  That’s how evil advances these days.  By slick deception. 

If Pope Francis is not a Marxist, he has a very funny way of showing it. 

If Cardinal Wuerl is not a chief promoter of public acceptance of unlimited abortion on demand, he has a very funny way of showing it.  (Welcoming the most public champions, political sponsors and promoters of unlimited abortion to Holy Eucharist in his Archdiocese.)

If Cardinal Dolan is not a chief promoter of public acceptance of the open, active practice of homosexuality, he has a very funny way of showing it.  (Building up and supporting openly homosexual Catholic Parishes while closing more orthodox Catholic Parishes in his Archdiocese.)

If the entire USCCB is not a chief promoter and big-dollar backer of Saul Alinsky developed, George Soros sponsored, grass-roots Marxist Revolutionary organizations, they have a very funny way of showing it.  (That’s where Catholic Campaign for Human Development collections go, and that’s where Catholic Relief Services collections go.  See the Lucifer and the CCHD page.

This is not what the Catholic Church is supposed to be about.

Nor is it what America is supposed to be about.

Pray for the Pope. 


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