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Published on March 17th, 2015 | by Colin Flaherty


The Ferguson Hoax

From murder to traffic tickets. The greatest bait and switch of our generation.

We now know the Ferguson riots were all about racist traffic tickets and not the relentless white racism and violence that killed yet another black person.

That was quick: The greatest bait and switch of our generation and few reporters even seemed to notice. Why would they? They are used to it by now.

First they told us about ‘hands up, don’t shoot.’ When that turned out to be a lie, they told us about the Gentle Giant. It continued for months, one lie after another, each discarded, replaced and sometimes recycled:

Shot in the back?

Going to college?

Minding his own business?

Never attacked police?

Trying to surrender?

The racial grievance industry and their beards in the press put on and took off each lie like a cheap suit.

Cute kids made viral videos with the “hands up don’t shoot” pose, and reminded white people of their relentless racism.

Members of Congress followed from the floor of the House.

The President talked about racists in Ferguson at the United Nations.

The parents of Michael Brown were honored guests at the gala dinner of the Congressional Black Caucus. The President greeted them from the podium during his keynote speech to extended applause. Then he talked about Ferguson racism.

The Attorney General travelled to Ferguson and made “personal promise” that he would stand with the people of Ferguson. As long as those people were not cops.

Entire cable networks repeated the lie day after day, guest after guest, promo after promo. Death. Murder. White racism. How could we not see it? Were we so blind, so immersed in white privilege, like a fish unaware of the water?

War on black people, anyone?

Funny: At the time, no one mentioned the traffic tickets that now stand with the firehoses and police dogs of Selma as icons of racist oppression.

Then last week the Attorney General grudgingly admitted what many others have been saying from Day One: It was all a hoax. The facts of the death and the fairy tale that followed were all concocted, spoon fed to a willing press corps that did nothing but ask for more.

But that did not matter to most of the national media. The day after the Attorney General’s confession, the manufactured outrage of Chris Cuomo of CNN was on full display as he and the Brown family attorney railed against the injustice of too many traffic tickets.

And for all the people who perpetuated the hoax — long after it morphed from speculation to outright lie — like Lebron James, or CNN anchors holding signs, or mendacious attorneys?

We heard not a word. Not of apology anyway.  The shameless few still desperate for attention told us was  Michael Brown was shot in the back — in the back of the arm. And besides,  no one cared about the killing anymore. This traffic ticket outrage justified all the rioting, vandalism, firebombing, looting, assaulting, attacks on police, gunfire and other mayhem in and out of Ferguson.

Don Lemon of CNN said he understood their outrage and violence. Yes, so do I: Traffic court is a bitch.

*Author of the new book, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

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