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Published on May 25th, 2015 | by Admin


Radical Muslim Congressman “Stands With Rand”

May 24, 2015 program: Partial transcript:

JONATHAN KARL: Did you find yourself kind of quietly cheering Rand Paul as he went on for 10 hours?

REP. KEITH ELLISON: Let me tell you, I’m working with Rand Paul on civil forfeiture reform, on the reset act to look at drug sentencing laws. He agrees that we should get rid of mandatory minimum sentencing. I think he’s right about that. And I’ve been proud to stand with him on press conferences talking about these very issues.

Why? Because at the end of the day for me it’s about trying to do the best we can by our constitution and the American people. We might cut the cake differently on taxes policy, but on these basic, core issues of freedom we agree.

WILLIAM KRISTOL: But Keith doesn’t stand with Rand, that’s not fair to Keith, Rand stands with Keith.

I mean that seriously. They had these positions first. Rand Paul has now decided he wants to be a liberal Democrat undercut necessary intelligence collection, weaken the police officers and our intelligence services. And Rand Paul thinks that’s going to sell in a Republican primary. I think he’s deeply misguided about that. But I guess he sincerely believes it. And he’s welcome to make the case. But I…

KARL: It certainly stands out. I mean…


BRAZILE: We keep looking at these issues as right versus left and it’s really right versus wrong. And I think on this issue, Rand Paul understands that it is right to ensure that our constitutional rights are protected, our privacy rights are protected, and I don’t think, Bill, it is an issue that is going to drive him out of the so-called conservative wing of the Republican Party.

KRISTOL: How about protecting us from terrorists?

There is no claim that the metadata collection violates our constitutional rights. Zero claim of that.

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