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Published on June 17th, 2015 | by Paul Bremmer


WND Covers ASI Roku TV Interview with Paul Kengor

American communists have finally found a vehicle through which they can destroy marriage and the family, according to author Paul Kengor, and that vehicle is none other than same-sex marriage.

“The communist movement in America is absolutely and totally gung-ho for gay marriage and the full gay-rights agenda, which is a fascinating development because … once upon a time, the Communist Party expelled gays like Harry Hay,” Kengor said in a recent appearance on Roku TV’s “America’s Survival.”

Ever since Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels called for the abolition of the family in “The Communist Manifesto,” Kengor said, communists have sought a tool through which to “redefine, reshape, and take down the family and marriage.”

While they once joined most of the world in shunning “gay marriage,” they now embrace it as the key to dismantling the foundations of Western civilization.

“The key is that they finally have a vehicle in gay marriage that has mainstream public support,” Kengor said. “Never before could the radical left, with their dangerous ideas on family and marriage, could they ever get mainstream public support. Never. But only now, finally, finally they have it, and they’re looking at this with a sense of befuddlement, but absolute joy and amazement that they have mainstream America with them in this fundamental transformation.”

Kengor, author of the new book “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage,” said it is stunning how far the country has “evolved” on the marriage issue.

He pointed to the transformation of the Democratic Party in just the past 20 years. In 1996, President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law. His wife, Hillary, supported traditional marriage. As recently as 2008, then-Sen. Barack Obama gave a Father’s Day speech extolling the importance of fathers.

“There was this consensus that the best thing for children, for culture, for our country, was a home with a mom and a dad,” Kengor said. “Not all kids get that, but that was the goal, that was the ideal, that was what we were to strive for.

“But now suddenly, just 20 years later … you have liberals and progressives and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who used to be for traditional marriage herself, as did Barack Obama, you have all of them now arguing to create a new form of family that deliberately excludes fathers, because married female-female households will not have dads.”

Not only have progressives made “gay marriage” seem mainstream, Kengor argued, but they have also cast traditional marriage as a right-wing view when virtually all of the country once supported it.

“If your position on marriage is that of 99.99 percent of every human being who ever bestrode the planet, and that would be the pro-traditional marriage position, that suddenly puts you on the ‘right,’” the author said. That’s crazy. It suddenly makes you an outlier, an extremist, a radical. So if you have the position on marriage that the entire Democratic Party, both Clintons and Obama had 20 years ago, you’re suddenly now on the ‘right.’ You’re a fanatic and you shouldn’t be tolerated.”

Conservatives may hold to unchanging principles, said Kengor, but progressives have built their worldview on change. Therefore, it is impossible to say when or if they will ever be satisfied that enough “progress” has been made.

“The only thing you really know about progressives and progressives know about themselves is that they’re always changing, they’re always moving forward, they’re always evolving,” Kengor stated. “There are no absolutes. There are new rights created all the time, new freedoms created all the time. The only thing that progressives themselves can tell you about progressivism is that they don’t know where they’re going to be in 20 years. They’ll tell you, they’ll tell us, they’ll tell themselves when they get there.”

Because conservatives hold to eternal principles, progressives should not expect them to jump on the “gay marriage,” anti-family bandwagon, said Kengor, because “gay marriage” is a relatively new phenomenon in world history. But secular progressives harbor no such inhibitions.

“They could come up with a new right over a grand mocha skim latte at Starbucks tomorrow morning,” Kengor said of secular progressives. “They really believe that new rights are coming all the time; everything is in a state of evolution, there’s no absolutes to them, and if they come up with a new right and you say, ‘Well, I don’t think that’s a right,’ they’ll say, ‘Who are you to say it’s not a right?’”

This constant evolution is the reason Kengor doesn’t trust progressives who say they want to stop at marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. The standard, he noted, is that consenting adults who love each other ought to have the right to marry.

“If that’s your standard, and that’s the case – it’s no longer just male-female marriage – then in 20 years you’re not going to be able to stop a Muslim man in America from marrying four or five wives if they all consent,” Kengor warned. “You’re not going to be able to stop some guy who runs a fanatical religious cult somewhere in the middle of nowhere who wants to take 10 wives.”

Progressives today may say they would never support such arrangements, but Kengor has his doubts.

“First of all, by breaking the mold of one man-one woman marriage, you’re going to open that possibility. And second of all, in 20 years, if those new configurations happen – one man and multiple wives – how can the progressives today tell us they won’t support that then?” the professor asked. “They don’t know, because with progressivism, they only know when they get there.”

Kengor does not question the motives of every “gay marriage” supporter. He said he believes most of them, far from being communists hell-bent on destroying the family, are decent people trying to do a benevolent thing by extending marriage rights to a new class of people.

However, they do have something in common with Marx, Engels, Herbert Marcuse, Wilhelm Reich and the Frankfurt School of cultural Marxists – all of which Kengor discusses in “Takedown.”

“They all believe … that they can render unto themselves the right to redefine marriage and family whatever way they choose, and they believe the idea of a fixed, absolute definition of marriage and family by nature, by God, by tradition is wrong,” said Kengor. “It’s something that they ought to be able to personally redefine.”

The author accused liberals and progressives of being intolerant on the marriage issue.

“These people, for all their talk of tolerance and diversity, they don’t support tolerance and diversity at all,” Kengor said. “They apply it to certain categories – gender, sexual orientation and other things – but if you disagree with them, particularly from a religious perspective, they do not tolerate you.”

Kengor said intolerant progressives are following the playbook of Herbert Marcuse, the “Father of the New Left.”

“Marcuse wrote a very well-known piece where he talked about ‘repressive tolerance,’ and he said there, his idea was we need to tolerate ideas from the left, but not tolerate ideas from the right. And that has really lived on.”

Given all the momentum “gay marriage” has gained in recent years, Kengor harbors no illusions of wiping it out of American culture.

“The secular folks are as militant and aggressive and ferocious as ever,” Kengor said. “In fact, they blame so many ills for all of humanity – they lay them at the feet of religious people. So I see this country and culture as absolutely redefining marriage, if not by the Supreme Court in June 2015, then in 2016 or at some point.”

However, there is still a purpose to Kengor’s book. He wants to warn Americans of the malevolent forces behind the “gay marriage” push.

“I would like people to at least be aware of the deeper, darker ideological, historical forces at work here that they are unknowingly aiding and abetting,” the author said. “It’s going to lead to a fundamental transformation of marriage and family, [and] we have no idea what the effect of this is going to be on society.”

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