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Published on July 5th, 2015 | by Elizabeth Yore


The Vatican Eco-Agenda Exposed:
A Match Made in Hell

Laudato Si, with its stable of hand-picked radical eco-activists, is really a Trojan Horse ready to attack and dismantle capitalism and replace it with one world order socialism.

Vatican “expert” Naomi Klein at “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration

This week Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council of Peace and Justice, invited a radical non-scientific expert to address the press with other activists about Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical, Laudato Si.  The self- described “secular Jewish feminist” Naomi Klein is the author of a number of books including, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate.” 

Based on the title of her book, you would think Klein is qualified to pose as an expert on capitalism and the climate.

Think again.

Who is Naomi Klein? Let’s detail what she is not.

Despite her prominence at the Vatican environmental conference, Ms. Klein is not a scientist, nor even a climatologist. Her lack of scientific credentials doesn’t stop Ms. Klein from sounding the phony alarmist charge at the Vatican press conference that, “what we must always remember is that it’s not too late to veer off the dangerous road we are on–the one that is leading us towards 4 degrees of warming.”

Despite her books on capitalism, Ms. Klein is not an economist. Despite her books and pronouncements on globalization, Ms. Klein is not a financial expert. This latest pseudo-intellectual plucked from the secular leftist elite culture crop to promote the Vatican’s radical environmental agenda is a self-appointed global expert on environmentalism, globalism, development and capitalism, despite not having even a college degree!

So much for the Vatican’s experts. 

If Ms. Klein doesn’t have any credentialed subject matter expertise, then what qualifications make her so attractive to the Vatican that it prominently features her at an environmental conference?

Like other Vatican experts, Naomi Klein brings her radical brand of anti- capitalism/eco activism to the Vatican. This is a woman who never met a radical street demonstration that she didn’t love.  As evidence of her Saul Alinksy – mass demonstration rhetoric, Klein opined at the Vatican press conference:

“Listen, too, to the voices of the hundreds of thousands who will be on the streets of Paris outside the summit (COP21), gathered simultaneously in cities around the world. This time, they will be saying more than “we need action.” They will be saying: we are already acting.”

To quote her latest book title, this changes everything!

Ms. Klein joins a growing list of Vatican “environmental” experts, who, in 2011, 
had joined the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) radical protestors. Ms. Klein mounted the soapbox at New York’s Zuccotti Park, and pontificated about the evil “1%, who she said want to rob the poor and who love a crisis and want to stick the rest of us with the bill.”  Watch the Vatican’s ‘fiscal expert’ as she lectures the revolutionaries of OWS. as she mouths the same sophomoric socialist harangue of the OWS street professors and their peons.

The Radical Ms. Klein was featured in a 2014 United States Senate
Committee on Environment and Public Works Minority Staff Report entitled:
“How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA”:

“Ms. Klein herself is a controversial figure. In 2011, she was very active in the Occupy Wall Street movement – giving speeches at two large events – where she sought to invigorate activists to combine their efforts with the environmentalists. That same year, she attended a demonstration outside the White House protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, where she was arrested.”

So the Vatican’s highly touted environmental expert is no scientist, no economist, but not to worry, she is a full-fledged eco-radical. She has an arrest record to prove it.

Naomi Klein arrested at White House

In her book, This Changes Everything, Ms. Klein mimics Alinsky’s Radical Rule #11: Pick your target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

“For these right-wingers, opposition to climate change has become as central to their belief system as low taxes, gun ownership and opposition to abortion. Which is why some climate scientists report receiving the kind of harassment that used to be reserved for doctors who perform abortions.” p. 7.

She aims her quiver at the pro-life movement. Yet again, here comes along another hand-picked Vatican climate expert elevated at a Vatican press conference who propounds abortion and attacks the pro-life movement.  Where are the Vatican theologians to protest and nix this appointment of a pro abort radical feminist? Is she untouchable simply because she supports Laudato Si?  Does the Vatican ever conduct theological due diligence on its experts?

According to Ms. Naomi Klein, global warming scientists are to be revered as much abortion doctors. They share similar victimhood at the hands of nasty right wingers. Her delusional argument, fraudulent claim, and anti-Catholic stance assert that pro-lifers are the problem, not the doctors who kill babies in the womb. And Naomi Klein is the Holy See’s expert? Welcome to the new world order of the Holy See where protection is given to the eco acolytes of Laudato Si!

This changes everything. In her ideological fervor, Ms. Klein reveals the green movement’s radical tactics: Demonize your opponent. Pose as innocent victims. Never engage in debate with the opposition.  And always elevate abortion as a sacred tenet. Enter stage left, the United Nations with its Sustainable Development Goals.

Herein, lies the anti-life agenda of the environmental left and their fanatical movement, disguised as global warming. The green movement in the words of the Vatican’s very own experts — Naomi Klein, Jeffrey Sachs, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber and others — demands a brazen redistribution of wealth enforced by a U.N. global governing body which imposes population control measures on the poor countries, and foists socialistic economic restructuring on developed countries. This power grab is scheduled at COP 21, the Paris Climate Treaty conference in November. Pay Attention Now.

Laudato Si, with its stable of hand-picked radical eco-activists, is really a Trojan Horse ready to attack and dismantle capitalism and replace it with one world order socialism. Naomi Klein concedes the point:

The development of “real climate solutions” will require nothing less than “shredding the free-market ideology” that currently drives energy, agriculture, and transportation — three tremendously important segments of the economy.

“So when [climate change skeptics] react to evidence of human-induced climate change as if capitalism itself were coming under threat, it’s not because they are paranoid,” she added. “It’s because they are paying attention.”

This is a match made in hell. Why is the Holy See blessing this union?

*Elizabeth Yore is an Attorney and International Child Rights Advocate. She served as one of the members of the Heartland Institute delegation to protest the Vatican exclusion of all scientific opinions and reliance on population control experts.  She was the General Counsel of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. She served as Special Counsel at Harpo, Inc. until 2012.   She received her B.A. from Georgetown University and her J.D. from Loyola University Law School in Chicago.

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