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Published on November 19th, 2015 | by Admin


Russian “dezinformatsiya” in the Middle East

Senator Tom Cotton schools CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Russian Strategy in the Middle East

BLITZER: President Hollande of France, he is going to be in Washington on Tuesday to meet with President Obama. And then he’s going to Moscow to meet with President Putin. He wants a worldwide global attack force basically to try to kill ISIS. Should the U.S. be part of that?

COTTON: We shouldn’t be part of a coalition with Russia, because Russia…

BLITZER: Why not? If the Russians want to destroy ISIS, what is wrong with aligning with them in that narrow area?

COTTON: Unfortunately, Wolf, Russia’s actions speak for themselves.

Even after that aircraft was blown out of the sky two weeks ago, Russia’s bombing raids in Syria still predominantly are striking coalition-backed opponent forces of Bashar al-Assad, not the Islamic State. Russia has aligned itself with the Shiite axis of Bashar al- Assad and Iran.

That is the catalyst for the Islamic State. To expect Russia and Iran to fight the Islamic State is like expecting gasoline to douse a fire.

BLITZER: But they have increased their assaults on various ISIS targets as well, right?


COTTON: They have, but, remember, Vladimir Putin is a former KGB spy. This is what the Russians called dezinformatsiya. Information operations distract from what their real objective is, which is to be a power player in the Middle East, keep Assad and his regime in power and to humiliate the United States and to frustrate us at every turn.

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