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Published on May 4th, 2016 | by Nevin Gussack


RT’s Bryan McDonald Attacks Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival and J.R. Nyquist

A Rebuttal from Nevin Gussack

RT’s Bryan McDonald Attacks Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival and J.R. Nyquist as “Conspiracy Theorists” for Their Book on Russian “Red Jihad”

Stalwart Kremlin propagandist Bryan McDonald lobs another missile at the work performed by Americas Survival and its founder Cliff Kincaid. Added to the mix was an intense yet silly criticism of the works of geopolitical analyst and author J.R. Nyquist.

The subject of McDonald’s piece was the disturbing, short book titled Red Jihad: Moscow’s Final Solution for America and Israel. Instead of refuting the facts laid out in the book, McDonald trivializes the material presented by Nyquist and Kincaid. He also utilizes the standard attack terms of the Soviets, Chinese, and their international left-wing network when describing the positions taken by Nyquist and Kincaid. This piece seems to be an example of gallows humor. When you can’t adequately refute the facts, then pull out all stops and employ smears in an act of desperation.

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McDonald’s underhanded tactics would make Yuri Andropov, Felix Dzerzhinsky, and Vladimir Putin proud. As the editorial staff of The Interpreter magazine noted in an article dated from October 29, 2014:

“A closer look into MacDonald’s online activity raises more questions than answers. He hides his electronic paper trail by deleting most of his tweets, entire blogs, and many of his comments. He appears in the media under multiple spellings of his name, a phenomenon which makes it more difficult to investigate his true identity and his online behavior. His job title at RT, on Western media outlets, and on Twitter, continues to change. Moreover, his biography and professional curriculum vitae is suspect, as is his sudden rise to online fame as a pro-Moscow manipulator of international media coverage of the Euromaidan Revolution.

MacDonald also resorts to threats and intimidation against those whom he fails to influence, and he is especially sensitive to any inquiries about his resume or his role as a pro-Kremlin mouthpiece.”

I attempted to post a rebuttal on the comments section of the Russia Today website without success. The number of attempts to post my rebuttal was four. My rebuttal includes the following points:

(I italicized McDonald’s points in his article for Russia Today)

MacDonald: "Nyquist is one of those “Senior Fellow” chaps who decorate various American lobby groups, or think tanks as they usually prefer to be called."

This is funny in light of the fact that Jeff Nyquist is not even on the Boards of the major conservative (let alone leftwing) think tanks in Washington DC. Nyquist’s arguments about the Cold War, free trade, the nature of Russia and China, and the nature of libertarian capitalism place him at odds with think tanks and “grassroots” organizations like the Heritage Foundation, the Club for Growth, the Cato Institute, etc. Many of the conservative and libertarian organizations championed PNTR for Russia and China in 2012 and 2000, respectively. Many believed that communism and the threats from Moscow were long dead and initially supported elements of Obama’s “reset” with Putin.

Macdonald: "For Kincaid and Nyquist, the Cold War never ended."

The assertion of Nyquist and Kincaid on continuance of the Cold War after 1991 are backed up by the testimony of the following defectors from the SVR/KGB/FSB:

FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, GRU Colonel Stanislav Lunev, former CPSU International Department official Evgeny Novikov, KGB/SVR Lt. Colonel Viktor Kalashnikov, KGB/SVR Col. Sergei Tretyakov, KGB/SVR Alexander Kouzminov, Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy, and KGB Major Mikhail Butkov.

Other sources who reported hard data on Russia’s continuance of Cold War-type aggressive activities included veteran Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz, author and defector Andrei Navrozov, Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, and author/analyst J. Michael Waller.

Here is one example of defector testimony which confirms the assertions of Nyquist and Kincaid:

“I want to warn Americans…You believe because the Soviet Union no longer exists, Russia now is your friend. It isn’t, and I can show you how the SVR (i.e., KGB) is trying to destroy the U.S. even today and even more than the KGB did during the Cold War.” Defecting KGB/SVR Col. Sergei Tretyakov quoted in Earley, Pete. Comrade J

MacDonald: "They believe that Russians are still Communists and in league with the Chinese."

The majority of American and NATO policymakers and intelligence officials vastly exaggerated the significance of the Sino-Soviet “split.” In fact, as Professor David N. Rowe asserted:

“…when it comes down to facing up to a mutual enemy, the United States, they (USSR and China) don’t feud; they cooperate, and they will continue to do so in my opinion.”

Here is some evidence that China and Russia cooperated on the military and intelligence fronts since the “rupture” in 1960:

China continued its relationships with nuclear scientists in Eastern Europe after 1959. For example, Klaus Fuchs met with Qian Sanqiang in East Germany and gave him numerous documents which sped up Chinese atomic weapons research. Faligot, Roger. The Chinese Secret Service

It was reported in 1976 that the Chinese also utilized precision equipment from Czechoslovakia and East Germany to assist in the construction in their atomic bomb programs of the 1960s and 1970s. The Times (London) September 28, 1976 and Asian Survey June 1976 

When Swiss businessmen were being pursued for their illegal shipments of cobalt to China, they fled to Eastern European countries. The shipments of cobalt were destined for Beijing’s nuclear bomb program and the material was shipped through Germany and Czechoslovakia and then onto China. It should be noted that cobalt in atomic bombs would serve to greatly enhance the firepower and destructive capacity of such weapons. Despite the split, it is interesting to observe that such collaborators with China found it comfortably convenient to use Eastern European countries as conduits for the transferring of sensitive atomic bomb technology and materials to China. New York Times July 16, 1965

“…the Soviet Union has powerful missiles, that probably these missiles are also stationed in the Far East, but it would be better and quieter if the Soviet Union gave such missiles to the DPRK and to the Chinese.” Assertion of a North Korean Army Colonel as quoted in a conversation between Soviet Ambassador in North Korea Vasily Moskovsky and Czechoslovak Ambassador Moravec April 15, 1963

“(I) received the GDR Ambassador at his request. (The ambassador) said that the Koreans, apparently on Chinese instructions, are asking whether they could obtain any kind of information about nuclear weapons and the atomic industry from (East) German universities and research institutes.” Conversation between Soviet Ambassador in North Korea Vasily Moskovsky and the German Ambassador 26 August 1963

“…a senior Czech military intelligence officer who was undercover in China as a military attaché reported on a Chinese request to share information on continued medical test programs. The Chinese official complained to the Czech ‘attaché’ that even if there were developing antagonisms between their two countries, some cooperative activities should continue, for example, he suggested, the joint research on American POWs. We are continuing this research, he said, and asked, why don’t we continue to share results of this research? There is no reason to keep your program secret. We know the American POWs are being sent to the Soviet Union for research. Information exchange on these research programs would be of use to both our countries.” Douglass, Dr. Joseph D. “Malfeasance in the Search for American POW/MIAs”

“Given the complex world situation, I hope that the Soviet Union and China work things out. I believe that the development of relations with the US is not targeted against the Soviet Union. Mao Zedong and Zhou En-lai already told me that when they established relations with the US. They told us every time they met with Japan and the US. The only objective of these relations is to obtain developed technology and credit from Japan and the US. Deng Xiaoping is said to have stated in the US that the arms build-up in the US is good for peace. I don’t know if that’s so. This is the first time I have heard of Deng Xiaoping expressing a sentiment like that.” Memorandum of conversation between Erich Honecker and Kim Il Sung, 31 May 1984 on the meeting between Erich Honecker and Kim Il Sung on 31 May 1984

“People notice that although Sino-Soviet relations are steadily improving, the Soviet Press has not eased its attacks on China. Why? There are two reasons for this: (1) Diverting the attention of the United States from the improvement of Sino-Soviet relations; (2) Quelling the desires of the East European countries to improve their relations with China.” Cheng Ming June 6, 1984

The Bank of China was a lead participant in the disbursement of a loan of $50 million for the Soviet Narodny Bank in November 1984. The Globe and Mail (Canada) July 8, 1985

In 1985, the Soviets and Chinese signed a contract for the purchase of 17 Tu-154M jet airliners. Xinhua July 22, 1985 

In that same year, China also acquired Mi-8 helicopters ostensibly for “disaster relief.” BBC Summary of World Broadcasts May 28, 1985

The Soviets proposed in 1986 to export nuclear power plants to China. BBC Summary of World Broadcasts August 11, 1986

The US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency reported that China purchased $310 million of weapons from the Soviet Union in the period from 1982 to 1986. The Washington Post June 25, 1989

TODOR ZHIVKOV: Thus our attempts are directed at implementing the resolutions of the latest 13th Congress of our Party that was held last spring. We will be together in our common struggle side by side. 

DENG XIAOPING: We share a common aim. We must make efforts together.

TODOR ZHIVKOV: Despite all that happened to the relations between our two socialist countries, we are actually following the same path. This is what matters. All other problems can be solved by negotiating in a communist manner.” Talks with Zhao Ziyang and Deng Xiaoping in Beijing” May 7, 1987 

“While expressing his satisfaction with the development of relations between parties and nations, (Polish President Jaruzelski) stressed that one fundamental element which binds our countries is their political system and the common enemy.” Informational Note from the Official Visit in Poland of the PRC Foreign Minister, Comrade Wu Xueqian (March 10-13, 1987)

In 2001, Russian troops joined in a Chinese PLA nuclear attack exercise conducted against the United States for assistance rendered to Taiwan. The exercises involved strategic bombing runs conducted by Russian Air Force Tu-22 and Su-27 planes near Japan. The Tu-22s were equipped with nuclear cruise missiles. The details of this Sino-Russian exercise was contained in this report of the following sequence of events: “The Asia scenario began with a Chinese military attack on Taiwan that was followed by the use of U.S. ground troops on the island, said one official. Next, China escalated the conflict by firing tactical nuclear missiles on the U.S. troops in Taiwan, prompting U.S. nuclear strikes on Chinese forces. Russian nuclear forces then threatened to use nuclear missile strikes on U.S. forces in the region, including strikes on troops in South Korea and Japan.” Russia also fired ICBMs from land launchers and SLBMs from submarines in this exercise. Washington Times April 30, 2001

In August 2005, another Sino-Russian military exercise was conducted called “Peace Mission 2005.” The exercise will take place in Vladivostok, Russia, and on the Shandong Peninsula and nearby waters in China. Ten thousand army, navy, air force, marines, and support personnel were involved in “Peace Mission 2005.” The Hong Kong news agency Zhongguo Tongxun She noted that “Russian Army Deputy Commander Moltenskoy indicated on the 2nd that the Russian army will sent 1,800 officers and soldiers to participate in the joint military exercise. Participating Russian units include the Russian Pacific Fleet’s large antisubmarine vessel Marshal Shaposhnikov, a large amphibious landing ship, a destroyer, and a company of marines, as well as 17 long-range military transport planes and fighter planes and one company of the Pskov 76th Airborne Division…Participating Chinese and Russian forces will move to China’s Jiaodong Peninsula and an area of the Yellow Sea. According to the scenario, a company of Russian paratroops will board transport planes and execute an airborne landing somewhere on the Jiaodong Peninsula, directly ‘into the enemy’s rear area,’ in coordination with units of the Chinese army, navy, and air force. Meanwhile, a company of Russian marines will board a large amphibious landing ship and seize a beachhead in a sea area on the Jiaodong Peninsula. Phase three of the exercise will begin on 23 August. Russian frontline air forces will mobilize an Su-27SM fighter element to provide cover for two Russian long-range air forces Tu-95MS ‘Bear’ strategic bombers and four Tu-22M3 ‘Backfire’ long-range bombers as they fly over the Yellow Sea and use cruise missiles to attack targets on the sea surface. Because of misgivings on the part of certain countries about this joint military exercise, Russian Defence Minister Ivanov, who is in Vladivostok to inspect, indicated the other day that no third country has any reason whatsoever to worry about the joint military exercise which Russia and China will conduct in August. Russia and China are neighbours and strategic partners.” Zhongguo Tongxun She August 2, 2005 

“For the Chinese and the Russians, this is a message to the United States. They want to see our bases in Central Asia and presence in Asia cut back.” Bush Administration official, commenting on the Russian-Chinese military exercises, quoted in the Washington Times August 17, 2005

The Red Chinese and Russian Navies conducted five days of joint live-fire military exercises codenamed “Maritime Cooperation-2012” in the Yellow Sea. The joint exercises focused on submarine and airborne threats. AFPC China Reform Monitor May 2012

MacDonald: "Nyquist alleges: “Russian officials still consider themselves members of the international Marxist movement.” 

Once again, the assertions of Nyquist and Kincaid are backed up by reports which appeared even in the mainstream and conservative analysts and journalists and press organs. For example:

Visitors to Putin’s Deputy Chief of Staff Igor Sechin’s office recalled rows and rows of books and documents recounting the minutes and policies of the various Soviet Communist Party Congresses from 1898 to 1990. Sechin was also an open ideological admirer of Marxism-Leninism and viewed the regimes of Chavez in Venezuela, Castro’s Cuba, and Che Guevara as positive models. Seattle Times March 5, 2014

In December 2000, a Cuban journalist asked Vladimir Putin whether he was right wing or left wing. The Russian president replied: “Call me a pot but heat me not.” JRN Blog March 7, 2005

In 1999, Yavlinsky of the liberal Yabloko Party remarked that Putin was a “secret communist” and that Russia “was still a Soviet country.” WorldNetDaily July 10, 2000

“The plans for the resurrection of the USSR are well known to Putin and the present regime and are outlined in the documents of the UCP-CPSU and Communist Party of the Union.” “On the 12th Anniversary of the 1991 Referendum” Northstar Compass: Organ of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People Accessed From:

“I liked Communist and socialist ideas very much and I like them still.” Vladimir Putin, 2016 quoted in Newsweek, January 25, 2016

MacDonald: “I’m also pretty sure that Lenin never drove a Porsche Cayenne.”

In actuality, Lenin and his comrades enjoyed the luxurious trappings of exercising totalitarian, monopolistic control over the vast territory of Russia and its adjoining territories. While Soviet citizens shivered in the cold and starved, Lenin drove in a Rolls Royce and resided in luxurious dachas. His fellow Bolshevik comrades followed suit.

The RT attack on Cliff Kincaid and America’s Survival, Inc.

In conclusion, the observations of Nyquist and Kincaid are closer to the tragic reality of the Russian and Chinese leadership’s intentions towards the United States. Putin’s propaganda organs within the United States need to be aggressively investigated by Congress, instead of being treated as legitimate press sources. Patriotic Americans need to be alert to the facts of the Russian and Chinese threats to America and rebut the lies and half-truths perpetuated by Moscow’s agents at Russia Today.

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