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Published on December 12th, 2016 | by Admin


Progressives Try to Overturn Trump Victory in Electoral College

Editor’s note: The following is taken from a emailing on Monday, December 12:

This news makes the Electoral College protests happening in every state capital on Dec. 19 even more necessary to urge electors to respect the will of the people and vote for the winner of the national popular vote. With Russia’s tampering, it’s more apparent than ever that Trump has no “mandate” for an authoritarian, anti-unionist, right-wing agenda.


It’s seriously unbelievable…yet in a Trump world, so believable…

New York Times: Russian Hackers Acted to Aid Trump in Election, U.S. Says

Washington Post: Secret CIA Assessment Says Russia Was Trying to Help Trump Win White House

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and John McCain (R-AZ) joined Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in calling for a bipartisan investigation.

What can we do about this? It’s now irresponsible NOT to support the Electoral College protests on Dec. 19 in every state capitol. The bigger the crowds and media attention, the more seriously politicians will feel the need to investigate — and the more we’ll debunk Trump’s claim of a “mandate” after he lost the popular vote and was helped by Russia…

Progressive Congressman David Cicilline said this weekend: “To the extent that foreign interference in the United States presidential elections may have influenced the final result, I believe the electors have the right to consider that.”

Longtime Executive Director of the American Security Project, Jim Ludes, tweeted: “Intel community must brief electoral college about Russia before vote. EC exists to protect republic from candidate under foreign influence.”

To be clear, we go into this with sober expectations. Barring an extraordinary event, the Electoral College will likely elect Donald Trump as president. However, in our survey of PCCC members, 91% supported these actions because massive protest and news coverage can impact on what happens next.

These protests will stiffen Democratic spine to fight. They will increase the pressure for a real investigation into Russians helping Trump. And by drawing attention to the hacking and Trump losing the popular vote, we can make headlines like this one in Politico last week seem ridiculous: “Pence talks up Trump having biggest mandate since Reagan.”

— Adam Green, PCCC co-founder

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