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Published on April 27th, 2017 | by Vic Biorseth


On the Managed Decline of Catholicism in America

The Managed Decline of the Catholic Church in America, like the Managed Decline of American Constitutionalism, is being treacherously orchestrated FROM THE INSIDE.

In the age-old Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil three-monkey image, there should be a fourth monkey:  Admit No Evil.  Like Constitutional America, the Catholic Church in America is being taken down from the inside.  And the worst participants in this gigantic take-down are those silent clerics of all ranks who will not even address it, or admit that it is going on.  They, in my opinion, are worse than the actual perpetrators.  

It wasn’t that many years ago that I remember the local Archdiocesan program of combining Parishes, because of the "Priest Shortage".  We had one Pastor for two Parishes, and lots of explanations for the need to do it, and efforts to turn the problem around.  Well, either the efforts were not real efforts, or they were ineffective, because the problem persisted and got worse, not better.  

Then we had another round of Parish "Clustering" and we had one Pastor for four Parishes.  During the elaborate lay-cleric meetings with the Archdiocesan reorganization experts, the graphs and the statistics were presented showing the projected number of priests ten years out, twenty years out, etc., ending at some date with one priest for something like twelve Parishes.  And it was presented almost as if that were some sort of target, or as if the process would stop at that point, for some reason.  That point, one Priest per twelve Parishes, was what we were all supposed to be planning around, preparing for and organizing toward.  

And I asked the simple question, when counting backwards, after we reach the number "1" for twelve Parishes, while still counting backwards, what number comes after "1"?  And my question was brusquely brushed aside and the subject changed, as if that were a nonsensical question.  The situation would change, we would never hit zero, that’s nonsense, next question, anyone else?

Well, math doesn’t lie.  Michael Voris has shown that now, today, we have Ten Years To Go before the Catholic Church in America ceases to exist as any kind of viable, self-sustaining institution.  But nobody wants to even talk about it.  Nobody in the Church wants you to talk about it.  The don’t want you to see it, or hear of it, or know about it, until it is too late. 

You haven’t heard a single word about this crisis in the Church in America from the pulpit, have you?  That’s funny, neither have I.  

Look around at the disgusting architecture of the "modern" Catholic Churches in you neighborhood, as in the Ugly Monstrosity of Mahony’s Cathedral of Our Lady in Los Angeles and you’ll get an architectural clue as to direction of the post-VII Church in America.  Form follows Function.  This architcture has turned inward.  The People are the focus; not God.  In fact, God is out of the picture, inside and outside.  He is removed from the center of architectural design, and shuffled off to a closet somewhere. 

During and after the last Archdiocesan discussions on the reorganization of Parishes, in off-line discussions with lay people, especially but not exclusively ladies, I got what once would have been shocking revelations about lay belief or understanding of Catholic Doctrine.  And they provided a clue as to where the "experts", too, thought all this was going. 

First, since lots and lots of Catholics were now practicing artificial contraception and still living the full Sacramental Life, and lots and lots of ordained Catholic Clerics knew it, the practicality on the ground said that the Church now blessed artificial contraception, even though the Doctrine never changed. 

But it got worse.  Before the number of Priests per twelve Parishes, counting backward, hit zero, why, all sorts of things would happen to save the Priesthood from extinction. 

Why, to save the Priesthood, the Church would simply be forced to ordain Married Men.  Of course!  That’s the answer!  Why didn’t I think of that.  And, to reverse the declining numbers, the Church would be forced to ordain Women.  But of course! 

Following on the heels of those stratagems, would be, of course, the ordination of homosexuals, and the ordination of lesbians.  And then the pew (singular purposely used) of the Catholic Church in America would be full indeed.  All these stratagems need for their implementation is a Pope who might be positively disposed toward them.  

Click the images and learn of our Catholic faith going into ruin at the hands of those Pure Politicians masquerading as Catholic Clergymen who are purposely manipulating and managing the decline.  And under the noses of all those others who will do and say and speak not a single word about any of it until it is too late. 

Tick, Tock.  Tick, Tock.  Tick, Tock.  


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