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Published on August 8th, 2017 | by Admin


CIA Must Reject “Diversity and Inclusion”

Editor’s Note: A new book, Diversity and Inclusion: What You Don’t Know and Why You Don’t Know It, explains how the forces of “diversity and inclusion” are used to marginalize and destroy the influence of conservative Christians in U.S. society, along with the traditional values they uphold. What’s more, says author George W. Draper, “The harsh reality is that literally none of President Trump’s objectives can be accomplished on an enduring basis until the policy of diversity and inclusion (DI) is rescinded as an unlawful attempt to usurp the ‘rule of law’ and the Constitution.” What follows is one of several letters Draper has sent to top Trump Administration officials.


George W. Draper
July 5, 2017

Mr. Mike Pompeo
Central Intelligence Agency
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505

Re: The Requirement to Reject Diversity and Inclusion

Dear Mr. Pompeo,

If there was ever any doubt as to the true meaning and intent of the phrase "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" then there is no need to look any further than Diversity and Inclusion.  Diversity and Inclusion is highly-organized and is the secret and definitive centerpiece of the premeditated strategy for the devolution of the United States.  Diversity and Inclusion is the family-tree and serves as the basis and platform from which all other vicious political agendas and anti-American activities are expertly and expeditiously carried out against this Nation.  "Presidential Executive Order 13583 – Establishing a Coordinated Government-Wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce" serves as proof of this claim. 

The purpose of this letter is to dispel the disguised, devious, and fictitious myth of the goodness of Diversity and Inclusion and "rings the alarm bell" to expose the subterfuge of Diversity and Inclusion as clearly the most subversive and deadly of all enemies of the United States – for Diversity and Inclusion is truly "the enemy from within."  This grave reality is not based upon academic or speculative theoretics but rather is based upon extensive long-term front-line experience and witnessing first-hand the insidious destruction incited by Diversity and Inclusion. 

Diversity and Inclusion is deceitfully portrayed as essential for the United States to be vibrant and successful.  Within this, Diversity and Inclusion is cleverly depicted as a benevolent community movement focused upon social justice, corporate responsibility, and civil unity.  It is nether and is instead a United Nations (U.N.) Trojan Horse (by way of the U.N. "Social Inclusion" strategy) designed to relegate the United States to that of third-world corruption and chaos.  In this way, Diversity and Inclusion "professionals" and "practitioners" are disloyal to the Constitution and have no allegiance to the United States. 

Diversity and Inclusion is dishonestly represented as a necessity for federal government agencies and contractors to remain strong, innovative, and competitive.  Diversity and Inclusion is an anti-American political agenda that is designed to change the culture of the federal government and contractors so that the culture of each is the same – including adjacent cities and towns.  Diversity and Inclusion, as a derivative of the U.N. Social Inclusion political agenda, is designed to clandestinely destroy the United States from the inside out by the “transformation" of government and contractor workforces and nearby municipalities into a communal globalist workforce thus greatly contributing to forming the U.N. "a society for all."

Diversity and Inclusion is a stealthy anti-American political agenda that is the root cause of literally every internal and external threat that this Nation faces yet is completely unrecognized and altogether not understood.  Diversity and Inclusion is diabolically hidden in plain view and is at the core of this Nation’s accelerated decline over the last decade.  As such, there is a critical requirement to rapidly remove the strangling tentacles of Diversity and Inclusion from this Nation’s religious, private-sector, government, academic, news media, marketing and advertising, and entertainment bodies if there is true desire to stop the current irreversible course to national disaster.

The Diversity and Inclusion statement published on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) website demonstrates gleeful disdain for the Constitution and unbridled commitment to discriminate against white men.  This statement publicly articulates biased employment practices that are enacted and enforced by costly government and contractor Diversity and Inclusion programs at the expense of taxpayers.  Furthermore, these statements demonstrate the CIA intention to negatively alter CIA and contractor cultures by collectively "lowering the bar" and refusing the EEO requirement to hire qualified employees in unlawful exchange for hiring multicultural employees to satisfy minority employment quotas.  (Please note that employment "quotas" are not legal.) 

The CIA Diversity and Inclusion statement offers indication of CIA adoption of an anti-assimilation posture.  Instilling Inclusive Work Practices negates the ability to learn workplace cooperation which contributes to the internal national security threat caused by Diversity and Inclusion.  Assimilation is required for cultural continuity and to carry forward an integrous, safe, and secure American society.  To the contrary, Diversity and Inclusion promulgates segregation and hostility which is corrosive to the social harmony of the United States – and this is by design.  Diversity and Inclusion is the most diabolical of all federal government programs with purpose to cause transference of a weakened United States to third-world mayhem.

The CIA Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (2016-2019) demonstrates that loyalty to the United States and to be qualified to successfully perform a job are not requirements.  It is not possible that "CIA’s success in achieving its national security mission depends on its ability to create a diverse and inclusive environment where all perspectives are heard, respected, and valued." whereby time-proven American virtues and job qualification are not requisite for employment.  This impossibility is solidified with the injection of incongruent and questionable loyalties of multicultural and gender employees in to the workplace resulting in the profound inability for a unified workforce that aspires to adhere (not interpret for political expedience) to the Constitution and is desirous to be faithful to the United States.  Moreover, "The Practice of Intelligence is a multi-phased program to instill the “intelligence officer first” mind set and culture into all officers that includes a broad and deep appreciation of the Agency’s integrated mission, values, activities history, and authorities" is injurious to national security when a "value" of the CIA is that of anti-American Diversity and Inclusion activities.

Concurrently, the oftentimes advertised concept of "high-performance workplace" is little more than fraudulent Diversity and Inclusion marketing jargon.  This is yet another unsubstantiated Diversity and Inclusion claim.  This unfounded assertion is not attainable due to the exorbitant costs of Diversity and Inclusion programs and the debilitated productivity of downgraded workforces comprised of lowest common denominator employees to satisfy government enforced minority and female employment quotas.

Most government agencies and contractors have sinisterly similar Diversity and Inclusion statements.  These misleading statements and associated Diversity and Inclusion training are dedicated fully to unwarranted favoritism and preferential treatment given to minorities and females.  Diversity and Inclusion statements, all ridiculously alike, seemingly originate from a single source offering added indication that Diversity and Inclusion programs:

  • are forced and not voluntarily adopted by government agencies and contractors;
  • are calculated and orchestrate the changing of government agency and contractor cultures to all be the same;
  • so that surrounding municipalities are infiltrated and corrupted in the same way;
  • and to strive for a globalized third-world: "a society for all."


There are no sustained metrics or generally-accepted quantifications that support the return-on-investment or the value of Diversity and Inclusion in federal government or contractor workplaces.  Advertising hearsay and multicultural double-speak are the basis for the meritless and oftentimes fanciful claims pertaining to the non-existent benefits of Diversity and Inclusion.  In fact, there is evidence to suggest that government and contractor Diversity and Inclusion programs are a result of unrelenting coercion from within the federal government.  Diversity and Inclusion programs instigate abject political correctness and wholesale discrimination against white men.  These are evidenced by:

  • discriminatory "outreach" programs where minorities and females are the predominate focus;
  • discriminatory Diversity and Inclusion advertising and training material whereby white men are consistently portrayed as obtuse, inept, or dishonest;
  • the intended and evident population of government agencies and contractors with remarkably unaccomplished and unqualified employees;
  • and the designed decrease of American standard of living and quality of life resulting from the lethal third-world "new normal" currently being installed by the choreographed implementation of Diversity and Inclusion programs.


Proponents and implementers of Diversity and Inclusion serve as subversive agents for the destructive Diversity and Inclusion political agenda, aid and abet internal and external enemies of the United States, and violate the Civil Rights of thousands of Americans. 

Diversity and Inclusion is not the same as Equal Employment Opportunity.  Diversity and Inclusion does not enhance Equal Employment Opportunity.  Diversity and Inclusion is antithetical to Equal Employment Opportunity.  Diversity and Inclusion is predicated upon and prejudiced to instigate the hiring of employees based upon preferred race, color, culture, or gender to satisfy minority quotas and is not based upon qualification.  Equal Employment Opportunity commands hiring based upon qualification without prejudice to race, color, culture, or gender.  Preferential treatment for the benefit of those in privileged demographic employment categories promotes race, culture, and gender separation and discards the requirement for workplace equality and adaptation.  Resultantly, Diversity and Inclusion is causal to workplace (and societal) segregation.  An antonym of "unity" is "diversity."  Genuine "integration" cannot be accomplished without authentic "assimilation."

The goal of Diversity and Inclusion can only be accomplished by:

  • reducing employment standards;
  • waiving job qualifications;
  • ignoring the dangers of incompatible cultural behaviors and ideas;
  • and rejecting American morals which inescapably disrupts workplace effectiveness and societal harmony – and this is a principal objective of the seditious Diversity and Inclusion political agenda. 


In this regard, there is harsh reality that the CIA has abandoned past values and proud heritage in lieu of pandering to an anti-American political strategy.  Supporting this act of desertion would seem to be in violation of the oath previously taken as a member of the United States House of Representatives and the oath recently taken as CIA Director to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States"  In this light, perhaps you might consider the illegalities and unconstitutionality of Diversity and Inclusion with the courageous goal of rejecting the CIA Diversity and Inclusion program and returning the CIA to the previous proud legacy of undeniable ethics and unbounded integrity.

Supplemental supporting information is available and can be provided should you deem necessary.

Thank you for taking time to read.


George W. Draper

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