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Published on September 3rd, 2017 | by Vic Biorseth


Review of Comrade Obama Unmasked

Confirming what we strongly suspected


New Book documents the Deep Communism and Global conspiratorial aspirations of Comrade President Obama, encompassing even the Catholic Church.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this book in the mail. Then, I was surprised to find all the solid confirmation of all the suspicions and the clearly obvious favoring of Marxism and Islam over America on the part of Comrade Obama, peace be upon him. The documentation cannot be denied. Then I was surprised to find myself quoted in the book, in things stated in this website. 


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But for me, the biggest surprise this book brings forth is the global scope of the ongoing conspiracy of evil, still-alive, never-really-dead, perhaps bigger-than-ever, globally-dangerous, old-time Communism. How many Americans now think there is no such thing as Communism anymore? How many think it always was a boogeyman story, conjured up by McCarthyite conspiracy theorists to scare people? 

How many write it off as a long dead historical oddity? 

Well don’t look now, but it not only ain’t dead, it’s stronger than ever. 

Communist aggression was morphing from Soviet-style military aggression to treacherous infiltration and political take-over in my lifetime. I watched it happen. My first real awareness of it came with Castro’s takeover of Cuba. He was portrayed in the already Fake News Media as a Democratic Hero opposing the corrupt dictator Batista and all of his gangster associates. 

All the photo-heavy, text-light magazines of the day – Life, Look, Saturday Evening Post, Time – the magazines for illiterates, my mother used to say, because they were all pictures and no real in-depth literary content – always showed Castro in a most heroic light. And I believed them. 

And after he took over, and announced that he was a Marxist-Leninist, and that his government would be Communist, none of these publications, and none of the rest of the already Fake News Media, changed their coverage of Fidel’s Cuba one iota. He was still portrayed in the press as a great Democratic hero on the world stage. And he still is. That was when I knew that our own American news media was, predominantly, Communist.

Anti-American, and Pro-Communist. 

And we didn’t have to be conquered by the USSR for that to happen. 

Then, all through the Vietnam War, Communism was popularly portrayed as just another, perhaps preferable, superior in many ways, political opinion. Posing no real threat to anyone. McCarthyites were ridiculed as frightened Right-wing conspiracy theorists seeing a Communist under every bed in America. 

In point of fact, what I observed, was American Marxists who were predominantly frightened Left-wing conspiracy theorists seeing a Military-Industrial-Complex under every bed in America. 

But the breadth of the deception and the conspiracy shown in this book is beyond even my earlier suspicions. It goes straight to the Vatican, no less. There was actually a Soros-Clinton-Obama "regime-change" conspiracy aimed at the Vatican. It involved the abdication of Benedict XVI and the rise of Francis. 

What the hell do George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have to do with Catholicism, you might ask. 

Control, is the answer. Marxism always seeks to gain control. 

Once upon a time, young Obama was paid by CCHD and CRS to learn and do his Alinskyite Community Organizing for Revolution in America. 

Today, Pope Francis promotes every agenda pushed by Communism, from Climate Change to Social Justice and Liberation Theology to Sustainability to Open Borders to Globalism to Redistribution, etc., from the Vatican.  

And if you think the Democrat-Party – Fake News Media sponsored, Soros-funded, violent RESISTANCE movement aimed at opposing President Trump is just an American political movement, you’ve got another think coming. It is Global; it is directed by Obama. It is aimed at turning the whole world against President Trump, including especially the Catholic Church. 

If you still think our only problems are involved in Republican versus Democrat politics, you need to get this book. The scope is broad; a lot of divergent topics are covered, but all tied together with the Communism of Obama. 

After today I will be gone for a few days, attending the Strength and Honor Catholic Men’s Conference in Michigan. 

You need to get this book. 

Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life; please God, and live forever.

Addendum Friday August 4 2017:

Yesterday was a very busy day and I haven’t finished the book yet, but I did read a little more and wanted to get thoughts down on it before leaving for Michigan. 

The most chilling thing about the Communist strategic move from mostly guerrilla war initially to Cultural Marxism leading to the same thing, is how Communism is advancing in nations so much more than it ever did in the aftermath of WWII. The global reach and the global infection is shocking.

The very idea that, all of the nations lost to Communism by the fall of the old USSR are more than made up for by the Communization of nations in South American, African and the Middle-East is chilling.

Especially the connection between so many hostile Islamic nations that are also Marxist by government. Islam and Marxism ought to hate each other, and they do, but over the top of that is an insidious alliance of conquest. All these hostile-to-us African and Middle Eastern countries that are Islamic are as much Communist in ideology and intention as they are Moslem. Their governments are Marxist-Moslem or Moslem-Marxist mixtures.

And we have the growing ambitions of the new (to me) Globalist Coalition of the Big Four Globalist-aiming nations of Russia, China, India and South Africa. 

Communism has quietly conquered more since the demise of the USSR than Communism ever lost with the actual collapse of the old USSR. 

And all of these now mostly Communist nations align against the USAUniversally. And against President Trump and his policies. 

We’re in trouble.

All we have going for us is President Trump, and our Constitution. 

Even our Political Parties are against us.

The purely political claim that the Republicrat Party is "Conservative" is a flagrant lie. What are they conserving, other than their own jobs, and their own secure membership in the Washington Establishment Club? Certainly not our Constitution. Certainly not American Culture. Certainly not our faith and morals, or our property, or our decency as a nation, or our Citizen Constitutional Rights. 

Get behind President Trump, protect him, and pray for him. Surround him with prayer. 

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