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Published on September 15th, 2017 | by Vic Biorseth


Review of Red Star Rising

Review of Red Star Rising: Does President Trump know he succeeded a Red President?

Of course he knows. Black is the New Red. And Green is the New Red. Even Islam is the New Red. Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, is a Communist.

Would you believe, even Catholic is the New Red?

Of course the President knows that Barack Obama is an anti-American, Islam favoring, Communist. If I know it, how could he not know it? 

We have had a Red President for the last eight years, doing everything he could do to harm America’s economy, her middle class, her Constitution, her unique citizen rights, her national defense, her border integrity, her internal peace and tranquility, her race relations, her morality, her history, her word and her honor. 

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Saying Black is the New Red is not to say that all blacks are Communists; but I would go so far as to say, at the very least, that most blacks are not particularly bothered by Communist ideology. 

Saying that Green is the New Red is not to say that all environmentalists are Communists; but I would go so far as to say, at the very least, that most environmentalists are not particularly bothered by Communist ideology. 

It’s the same with Islam.

And it’s the same with Catholicism. 

And that’s a real problem in America, and in Western Civilization. Because Communism is the mortal enemy of America, the mortal enemy of Western Civilization and the mortal enemy of Christianity. And Communism is the mortal enemy of simple economics. 

And of Truth.

Communism is deceit and deception before it is anything else. 

It is coming at us from all angles. Fomenting internal chaos; Identity Politics; Racial Animosity; Increasing Citizen Dependency; Destroying Citizen Independence; Weakening Defense; Strengthening Enemies; Weakening Currency; Fraudulent Science; Indoctrination in Education; Propaganda as News; Frightening the Population; Destroying Moral Norms; Celebrating Sexual Licentiousness; Promoting Perversion; and more; much more. Practically all popular art and entertainment attacks true history, tears down civility, promotes evil as good and actually promotes violence in the name of peace. 

The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism. –Karl Marx.

All violence against anti-Communism is justified; all opposition to Communism is falsely labeled "Fascism" and violence against Fascism is always justified and encouraged. 

The evil of Communism began to infiltrate civilized consciousness and dominate academic discussion in the 1848 European and eventually world-wide Springtime of Revolution, with massive violence and failed Revolutions, all born of the publication of Marx’s Communist Manifesto

Through its acceptance by academics, it morphed into the insidious socially parasitic Cultural Marxism that is now making more social "progress" in the world for Marxism, and more rapidly, than did the conquering armies of Stalin’s Russian forces and Mao’s Chinese forces during WWII. 

The goal of Marxism is to unseat and take over government(s) through devious means. The Hegelian Dialectic is used to foment a false "popular" Revolution or Civil War, setting up the opportunity for a Machiavellian crack-down, restoration of civil order, and establishment of a new dictatorship. Leading historical Communist figures themselves described the strategy, as described in the Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism

Led and fed by largely Communist academia, "Cultural Marxism" would slowly destroy national morality, all cultural sense of right-versus-wrong and turn citizens against their own governments. And even against themselves. Social chaos and a sense of crisis is always the goal. 

American politics began to lose its own sense of purely Constitutional American government with the election of our first "Progressive" Socialist President Woodrow Wilson. Who managed to pass two anti-American amendments to the Constitution – establishing a previously unconstitutional Graduated Income Tax, and turning the Senate into just another popularly elected body, no different than the House – and he established the previously unconstitutional Federal Reserve system. 

America was made more Socialist and less of a Constitutional Republic with its first Socialist President, FDR, who created mountains of new and huge (and unconstitutional) federal bureaucracies and began making more and more citizens dependent upon government for benefits, rather than independent citizens who took care of their own. All growing government, exponentially, and all at the expense of citizen liberty. 

The American citizenry began to be lost to American Constitutional commitment and recruited into anti-American Marxist ideology with the very public and highly publicized political, editorial and popular entertainment defeat of Joe McCarthy and the demonization of the McCarthy anti-Communist hearings themselves. This allowed the birth of the anti-anti-Communist banner, which would be picked up by so many anti-American Communists, including the anti-American Communist TV star journalist Walter Cronkite. He could call himself, not a Communist, but an anti-anti-Communist. (Which is a cleverly hidden Communist.)

This is why, in most quarters, Communism is seen as "not so bad". 

While it destroys us, and destroys the very fabric of civil society. 

I have elsewhere in this website recommended ending federal legal prohibitions on dope, with the view that the illegality of it is what makes it so incredibly profitable for the criminals who produce it, transport it and sell it. I thought that if it were made a legal substance, it would become available and cheap, economically killing the drug cartels. But that was before I read Cliff Kincaid’s Comrade Obama Unmasked

I had not seen a connection between Cultural Marxism and dope until then. It’s part of the Marxist plan to destroy Western Culture. Destroying minds falls right into the greater plan to create social chaos. Making drugs available and cheap does not help the addict, but perhaps only multiplies their numbers and makes their situation worse, and a growing number of mind-blown citizens is not what America needs. 

Now, all of this, and more, is solidly documented in Cliff Kincaid’s new book, Red Star Rising. The depth and breadth and global scope of the Marxist deception revealed in this little book is breathtaking. It’s almost a set of reference notes backing up everything said about Obama in Comrade Obama Unmasked

Red Star Rising was written to be juxtaposed against another book extolling Obama’s virtues and playing down his demonstrable anti-American, pro-Marxist and pro-Islam sympathies: Rising Star; David J. Garrow. Which treats Obama heroically, rather than as a Communist traitor to his own country. 

Against this Marxist disinformation describing Obama, what Kincaid’s Red Star Rising documents: 

  • Marxist invented Liberation Theology, Marxist infected Social Justice and Marxist invented Environmentalism (Spirit of Gaia?) all enjoy new prominence under Pope Francis. 
  • The Vatican now works with the Russian Orthodox Church, which is owned and operated by Russian President Putin. 
  • The Vatican is defending Islam as a peaceful religion. 
  • Marxism and Islam are now tightly linked in global strategy. 
  • Mandela was always a Communist. 
  • Obama was always a Communist.
  • The UN is a Communist Front Organization, with the infamous Communist spy Alger Hiss playing a major role in its original foundation. 
  • The Catholic Church is largely Red. On a global level it is solidly leftist, with heavy links between the highest officials and the Communist World Social Forum (WSF). 
  • The Vatican’s top Social Justice organization, Caritas International, actually provides leadership to the Communist WSF. 
  • The Communist effort to destroy the Trump Presidency is actually aimed at starting an American Civil War

The widespread belief that the fall of the USSR marked the death of Communism is the product of Communist disinformation. Communism is not only alive and well, but it is winning, everywhere

Except here. Communism didn’t expect Trump to win the Presidency. 

If you love America, you need to read this book. 

All Trump voters need to find ways to take America back. 

All Traditional Catholics need to find ways to take our Church back. 

This is serious. I’m not saying the barbarians are at the gates. I’m saying the barbarians are right in here, among us. 

The last thing any true American or true Catholic should be trying to do is to "bring us all together". America cannot stand, as America, with a heavy population of anti-Americans in her borders, and even voting, and even holding office. The Church cannot stand and preach the unvarnished Gospel with anti-Catholics among the clergy, high up in the hierarchy of Bishops, and even holding the Papacy itself. 

It is a time of dividing. A time of faithful uniting in order to divide. 

We need to get behind Trump, and the Dubia Cardinals, and push

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