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Published on September 7th, 2017 | by Vic Biorseth


The Predominant Anti-Americanism in America and Everywhere Else

Anti-Americanism in American Government is just like the Anti-Catholicism in the Catholic Hierarchy, and the Anti-Nation-Globalism in the UN.

If you researched the history of rabid anti-Americanism in the American Government itself, you wouldn’t need to go back much farther than the Obamunism years, under Comrade Obama (peace be upon him) and all of his appointees. And if you researched the history of anti-Catholicism in the Catholic Hierarchy, you wouldn’t need to go back much farther than Pope Francis and all of his appointees. 

But America has had bad Presidents before, and survived them. And the Holy Catholic Church has had multiple bad Popes, and survived them, too. 

But there’s a new Sheriff in town in the person of President Trump, who, in the political realm, appears to be a man without guile. Business and entrepreneurial guile, yes; political guile and even political ambition, no. He has already achieved all or much of what he hoped to achieve in business life; he is President out of love of America rather than personal ambition, any ideology or any political agenda, other than to restore American greatness.

He just loves America. Very simple, nothing to it. 

If you don’t think 90+ years of creeping Cultural Marxism, followed by eight years of Obamunism, have not left us with a predominantly

  • anti-American American Congress, 
  • an anti-American Supreme Court and whole Court System, 
  • an anti-American academia and education system, 
  • an anti-American News Media
  • an anti-American Entertainment Industry, 

then you need to go through the Anti-Americanism Pages, one by one. 

President Trump has a whole lot more aligned against him and against America than the fake news media and the “Deep State” implants all over government and government bureaucracy. Just look through The Infiltration Of Evil Pages. Or look through the Treachery and Treason Pages. Or look through all the Impeachable Offenses Pages

When we’ve got a majority Supreme Court sufficient to uphold clearly and obviously unconstitutional law, such as Obamacare, and sufficient to create out of thin air such unconstitutional abominations as Abortion Rights and Homosexual Marriage rights, then we’ve got an anti-Constitution majority in control of the Supreme Court.

An anti-Constitution Court, falsely sworn to uphold the Constitution. 

When we’ve got a Congress that can pass such a glaringly and blatantly unconstitutional law as Obamacare, then we’ve got a predominantly anti-Constitution Congress.

An anti-Constitution Congress, falsely sworn to uphold the Constitution. 

We’ve got one Political Party adamantly opposed to the Constitution, and another Political Party unwilling to undo the unconstitutional actions of the other Party when they have the clear opportunity to do so. Which tells us that both Parties are anti-American in their majority makeup. 

When we have lower Courts that order Sheriffs to not uphold the law, and who seek to put Sheriffs in prison for doing their sworn duty to uphold the law, then we’ve got a Court system that is anti-American. 

We have had American Attorneys General who have stopped law enforcement from enforcing the law, and supported rioters in the streets of America. 

We have had, and still have, on the part of Congress and the Courts, blatant, in-your-face, clear violations of all kinds of law by a sitting President, by a Presidential Candidate and by their appointees and Political Party operatives, not investigated, and not prosecuted, and allowed to get away with it, right in front of all of our faces. 

And, we have all of these same anti-American forces acting together to trump up false charges against President Trump, without letup. 

This anti-American Congress is not going to fix the DACA mess that Trump just handed it. It was an unconstitutional executive action taken by a President, not a Congress. The Congress, if it produces anything at all, is going to produce something anti-American and unacceptable, such as “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” which will include amnesty for all illegal aliens and a path to citizenship for all of them. And Obama would get his wish, and the Marxocrats would get all their new dependent voters.

Regarding DACA, President Trump is just going to have to use his prerogative as a President sworn to uphold the Constitution, and just Declare It Null, go back to enforcing standing law, which means to begin mass deportations, and let the Congress scramble to try to stop him. 

(We might then see for sure whether or not Congress could ever actually act quickly on anything at all.)

Similarly, this anti-American Congress is not ever going to repeal or replace Obamacare. Period. They’re not going to do it. They are, predominantly, and as a body, liars

Regarding the blatantly unconstitutional Obamacare law, President Trump is just going to have to use his prerogative as a President sworn to uphold the Constitution, and just Declare It Null, and let the Congress scramble to try to try to help the insurance industry get free of government regulations and provide private sector resolutions.  

Regarding majorities controlling Congress and the Court, They are never going to cooperate to make America great again, for the simple reason that they are anti-American. 

It’s gotten that bad. A Constitutionalist President, at this point, has no real option other than to use a hammer. And begin indictments of Justices, Congressmen and Senators who have committed the crime of violating their oaths of office. They are never going to impeach each other for that offense, but it is still an offense, and a crime. And the President is the enforcer of law in America, by the Constitution. 

His will be done. 

Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life; please God and live forever.

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