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Published on December 12th, 2017 | by Vic Biorseth


How Identity Politics Destroy Original Identity

We recently wrote about what we call Impositional  Rights, which are actually illegal impositions on the citizenry, largely unrecognized for what they are, pushed by an evil socially-destructive political agenda. They are "Rights" of various odd minorities that have not been established in the Natural Law of God or in the Legislated Law of man. Thus, they are not "Representative" of the population. Quite the opposite. 

A paragraph from the Separateness page highlights the obsession of the "Inclusiveness" and "Multiculturalism" of the prevailing agenda of the elites of the world and of America: 

The least important and most trivial human characteristics, such as race, gender and ethnicity, are literal obsessions with them, and elevated to top status, above God and above Nation, both of which are held in the lowest esteem by them. But not by us, and not by Trump. Quite the reverse. For the most part, they don’t believe in God and they despise the nation. They may pay political lip-service to God and to America, but their actions betray their purely political words. 

To impose a legal "right" for some minority on a population is to simultaneously impose a legal "duty" on someone else, and if it is done illegally – i.e., not through representative legislation – it is a violation of Constitutional Law. (The Constitution is a Law.) Note that even representative legislation cannot violate standing Constitutional Law. 

"Affirmative Action" and "Equal Opportunity" laws, for instance, violate the Constitutional civil right of the citizenry to Equality. It is not equal treatment, but preferential treatment. Usually based on race, and therefore doing the opposite of what it purports to do, which is to end unequal treatment before the law. Preferential treatment is not equal treatment. Don’t look now, but preferential treatment based on race is racist. 

The illegal right to abort someone, under the false title of the right to Choose to abort someone, is not only unlegislated and unrepresentative, but also a direct violation of the Constitutional civil right to Life. What these "laws" highlight is the corruption of our government, to allow these unconstitutional things to come to be. Our whole court system, up to and including the Supreme Court, demonstrates this corruption. 

Homosexual "Marriage" proves the point. Christians are now being forced, by law, against their will, to cooperate in many, many ways with the advancement of the general cultural normalizing and acceptance of open homosexuality. In direct violation of the Constitutional civil right to Freedom of Religion. 
Men who today imagine themselves to be women, or who so claim, may now enter and use public ladies rooms, by law. It has become a "right", however illegal and unconstitutional that "right" may be. 

The First Amendment Constitutional civil rights have been and are being so corrupted as to be used against themselves.

Speech, for instance, is now used to promote not only restrictions on free speech of a particular political alignment, but to allow speech calling for the end of free speech, as in Islam.

Religion, for instance, is now used to restrict Christian belief and practice, while promoting anti-Christian religions, and even direct opposition to freedom of religion, as in Islam. 

Press, for instance, is now used, by the Press, to restrict competitive press and social-media information flow, to keep all "mainstream" reporting and commentary favorable to anti-American Marxism, favorable to anti-American Islam, and opposed to simple American Constitutionalism. 
The proof of this rampant, seemingly mainstream anti-Americanism is how close avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders came to wining the Marxocrat Party nomination for President. If Madame Hillary and her Party had not cheated, he most certainly would have won. 

And he’s a Socialist. An anti-American. With a huge following of voters. 

All of whom are quite ready and willing to turn America from her Declared Founding and her Constitution, to Socialism. And the Republicrat Party doesn’t seem to see that as any particular Problem, let alone as the precursor of a national disaster of epic proportions. 

For the record, Socialism doesn’t work. It’s been proved every time it’s been tried.

The American Pilgrims tried it, in their experiment with Colonial Communism. On the brink of death by starvation, they gave up on it and tried every-man-for-himself sustainability (Capitalism, in other words) and voila! They began to prosper. 

The Paris Commune lasted, what, a month

No Israeli "Kibutz" ever became self-sustaining. All required (or still require) government subsidies just to stay economically alive. 

No Hippy Commune ever lasted any length of time. 

None of Dorothy Day’s Catholic Worker Farm Communes ever became self-sustaining. 
The problem: Socialism only eats; Socialism does not produce

There is no incentive for anyone to continuously work hard just to see someone else eat his produce. Sooner or later, everyone slacks off. 

It’s an Identity Problem, stupid. 

The Identity Politics of the Left are fracturing us into confused factions, each with its own particular identity problem. Homosexuality, all by itself, is, primarily, a psychological identity problem. The whole "gender" proliferation is a politically-induced social identity-problem on steroids

Generations are being increasingly "educated" in anti-white racism, anti-man sexism, anti-Christian "moral norms", and even anti-Americanism. Imagine a white Christian male who has been educated to hate the white race, men, Christianity and America, all as somehow "evil", with characteristics in need of being "overcome". To strive to be less white, less male, less Christian, less American, and thereby become more socially "good". 

There is only one question at the root of all of this:

Who are we?

And there is only one question at the root of that question: 

Who are you? 

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