Short Bio of Ethan Logan

Ethan Logan is 33 years old and grew up in Eugene, Oregon, USA. From a very early age, he developed a liking for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing. He used to be a regular to the Fern Ridge Lake and used to accompany his father to all these expeditions since he was an 8-year-old inquisitive boy.

He was fortunate enough to have tried different outdoor sports and activities from a very early age that made him knowledgeable and passionate about life in general and keeping himself gainfully busy by learning the ‘tricks of the trade’. It is during these times that he realized that hiking was what got him up in the morning (and excited) every day.

He would spend long hours every week discovering and testing the different terrains of trails (Brice Creek Trail being one of them). He took a lot of joy and interest in experimenting with the easy and difficult paths that would come his way, and the challenges they would pose for him that he would willingly encounter and overcome.
Soon after Ethan finished his high school, he took a keen interest in reading and exploring more about biology as a subject, and decided to pursue a degree in it at the University of Seattle.

All of this pointed to the fact that he always felt a strong connection with Mother Nature and everything around it that inspired and attracted him towards it.
From that point onwards, the writing was on the wall for him and everyone else to see. He started enjoying and cherishing the outdoors more than ever. He developed a strong liking for higher mountains in Oregon and wanted to climb them or just spend as much time as he possibly could. It was like the mountains were his calling!

As luck would have it, he found it difficult to continue funding his studies at the University. This, along with the fact that he hardly used to get time to leave the city and explore the mountains that he loved, led him to decide that he should part ways with his higher studies.

This was an important turning point in Ethan’s life, as he immediately realized that he is destined for something very specific, for which he feels very strongly about, and used to do a lot of, during his younger years – hiking!


Two of the most favorite places that Ethan likes to visit regularly include Williamette National Forest in the central portion of the Cascade Range as well as the Umpqua National Forest, in southern Oregon’s Cascade Range. You just need to do a simple internet search on these and you’d know why he is fond of these forests. He is particularly smitten with the diversified flora and habitat (wildflowers) that these forests are surrounded by as well as the breath-taking waterfalls that can refresh and recharge your batteries at any given day or time of the year. He also enjoys the regular activities available such as mountain biking, camping, and of course, hiking.

Ethan collects edible plants as a past time during his hiking trips and find it to be therapeutic.

Ethan also loves exploring nature generally, and what better way to do this than on a bicycle. This led him to discover other aspects of his personality – pragmatism, and constructiveness. He loved getting his hands messy in fitting, adjusting, repairing, or even simply refurbishing mountain bicycles (MTB) that are ‘fit for purpose’ when exposed to those tough and uneven mountainous terrains. He converted this passion and habit into a livelihood, and he has been in the MTB business since 2007 – helping people explore the beautiful terrains with optimum comfort, security, and traveling pleasure.

He is a thoughtful person who likes to live his life prepared for the worst-case scenarios. He can also be labeled as a survivalist, and can often be found trying out different life-saving skills (in real life) – such as filtering water for safe drinking or creating a shelter from scratch with the assistance of some basic tools that are at his disposal.

He has taken his passion and love for hiking to a whole new level as he now wants his dog Buster (a Shepherd) to have the same level of fitness and fun outdoors and often accompanies him on his hiking trips.

Ethan has all the traits and signs of a good family man. He intends to start a family soon with his girlfriend Sarah.
He would love to connect with you all on info @ You can also follow him on [insert social media websites as appropriate] where he routinely posts about hiking, biking, and everything else that relates to it.