Best Survival Axes 2022: Reviews & Buyers Guide

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An axe has become the ultimate tool for adventure seekers and camping enthusiasts. From thousands of years back in history to the present, it has evolved as per specific design, material, and utility. It is perhaps the most ancient and handy tool widely used even today. It is no longer used to only chop down unwanted trees or lumber for sawmills.

Zombie apocalyptic movies and games have popularized this timeless survival tool. The functions, however, come in handy in the real world too. It’s always a wise decision to carry an axe on every camping, trekking, hunting, and fishing trip.

The best survival axe will help you with the following:

  • Chop firewood
  • Harvest timber
  • Clear your trekking path
  • Use as a weapon
  • Break car’s glass after an accident
  • Setup Tents
  • Play woodsman sport

With multiple utilities, you can’t afford to keep it at home while setting off to an explorer’s quest. Don’t start your adventure right away, hold your horses, and relax a little. This article is going to provide you information about the various types of axes available in the market and also buying tips. Read on to know how the best survival axe helps to take your adventure to the next level.

Top 25 Best Survival Axes 2022

1. Stainless Steel 13 Inch Survival Tactical Hatchet Axe Tomahawk By Promithi

Forged with a double-ended blade using high carbon double steel, this survival axe has received more than four-star ratings from satisfied customers on Amazon, praising its quality and artistry. The well-designed sleek axe has a hardness of HRC 56, which makes it one of the toughest axes in the market. You can use its curved head for splitting wood and the chiseled head for picking the wood.

The 13” x 6.5” sturdy axe is also easy to carry as it comes with a nylon sheath that has a reinforced snap closure. There is also a hole at the end of the handle that can be used to attach a lanyard or hook for hanging the axe. It’s ideal as a survival axe for camping, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities. It can also be used as a fire rescue tool if needed.

What makes it different from others is the beautiful wolf head that is etched, not painted (making it long-lasting) on top of the axe blade. It flaunts a stylish and creative look, adding to its overall beauty. Also, one cannot help but compliment an ergonomically-designed handle made from sanded wood. The axe head is anti-corrosive and built for long-lasting performance.

  • [Easy Carry] Approx 13 inch * 6.6 inch * 2lbs(L*W*Gross weight). A nylon head sheath with snap closure reinforced and a hole at the end of the handle for lanyard attachment or hang-up hook.
  • [Double-ended Blade]Forged with high carbon alloyed steel, hardness up to HRC 56, its curved side could be used for splitting and chiseled side for picking …

2. Ultimate Survival Equipment Set For Outdoors Lovers By Pathway North

Survival in the wild gets easy with this multi-purpose well-designed kit by Pathway North. Be it a camping holiday or a fishing trip, this kit has all the tools you need to make sure you have a whale of your time. Weighing just 4.4 lbs, this is a collapsible kit that you can carry comfortably or simply store in your car for any time usage.

The versatile survival axe has a 3CR13 stainless steel blade made of chromium and carbon making it ultra-strong and rustproof. Use it to cut wood for bonfire or to cut branches that come in your way while trekking. As a survival tool, it can be used to get you out of the most in several tricky situations, including breaking your car windows in an emergency.

The kit also has a multi-purpose shovel that is ergonomically designed to be slip-proof. You can use the serrated side of the shovel for sawing through the hard stuff. The sharp edge can be used to dig the ground and toss away rocks and mud for a fireplace or latrine. When faced with adverse weather conditions such as snow, you can even use it as a pickaxe to break through snow and ice.

The survival kit also comes with a knife blade, fire starter, screwdriver, and a handy compass that you can use when lost in the woods. Separate sheaths help you cover the axe and shovel so that they don’t cause any harm accidentally. The whole kit is beautifully packed in a camouflage design canvas waist bag that you can easily carry conveniently.

Adventure lovers will surely love this kit, which can be used in every situation, be it a fun adventure or an emergency.

  • 🪓 𝗨𝗟𝗧𝗜𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗘 𝗦𝗨𝗥𝗩𝗜𝗩𝗔𝗟𝗜𝗦𝗧 𝗧𝗢𝗢𝗟𝗦 - Not just for the outdoorsman or woman, this survival set makes a solid addition to off-roader vehicles, RV, UTV, ATV, truckers, or the trunk of your car. Whether you call yourself a prepper or explorer - this fast-hacking log splitter and compact foldable shovel are two of the most useful tools needed for survival …

3. Camping & Outdoor Adventures Special Versatile Axe

If you are looking for a compact all-in-one tool to carry on your next camping trip, then you should give this axe a chance. It is one of the best survival axes and hammer combos you can buy.

The detachable handle has in-built safety features: a flashlight, light strobe, saw-toothed knife, fire starter, window breaker, whistle, and compass. This is a perfect all in one product to help you cope easily with most of the outdoor emergencies.

The blade of this unique folding axe is made up of stainless steel for superb strength and durability. It features a hammer on the other side to assist you in breaking small things and driving your camping tent nails in the ground. It also has a beautiful wolf design etched on it, making it an excellent gift for your camping friends.

The handle is made of high-quality thick aluminum alloy for durability. It also has a rough circular design for easy grip and handling during usage. Not only can you adjust the handle easily as per your comfort and specific requirements, but it can be folded, making it convenient to carry.

It comes with a well-designed sheath that covers the entire axe blade to ensure your safety so that you can prevent an injury while carrying it on a camping trip.

  • 【COMPLETE SURVIVAL AXE KIT】This survival axe includes the functions of chop, cut, split, chip, trim, open, scale, make fire, hammer, whistle, compass, etc. It can also be used as a tactical axe, it is a military portable folding axe with sharp blade, adjustable handles and a sheath. Great for anyone to use, survivalists, hunters, hikers, campers, first responder, gardeners …

4. Compact Hatchet Camping Axe

Those who have a habit of keeping their camping gear neatly packed, this beautiful brown/black color compact hatchet camping axe is a perfect choice. It is just 9.5” in length with a blade length of 2.5”. This axe is a must for most of your camping needs. It comes with a nylon sheath that you can mount on your bag or belt and carry it easily and safely.

Whiling holding it in your hand, a full tang construction keeps it steady and also ensures full power when you are swinging it. Its stainless-steel blade has a tall grind for tearing sharpness that will help you cut through almost anything.

It’s specially designed finger grooves give you a very steady grip on the knife and help you get the precise cuts you want. It also features a rubber cover on the handle. For all the campers, hunters, and survivalists out there, this camping axe is the best survival axe. If you are hungry for intense adventure, consider this sharp cutting tool your best friend through the experience.

  • Gerber Hatchet has a full Tang Construction Means Steadiness In Hand And The Strength To Power Through Swinging Chores
  • A tall blade grind retains optimal sharpness for survival hatchet
  • Camping hatchet handle is wrapped in a rubber over mold for added grip And comfort
  • Nylon Sheath Can Be Mounted On Pack Or Belt …

5. The Sportsmen’s 14” Hatchet By Estwing

When trustworthiness meets quality and forged in one piece, you get this wonderful axe. It is made up of the highest grade steel, making it strong and durable for all your requirements. While the leather grip on the handle has been sanded and lacquered for a beautiful smooth finish, the head of this axe has been sharpened manually to give it an outstanding shine.

This axe is fourteen inches long that can be used for chopping logs, small trees, and branches. You can even use it for splitting wood for your fireplace. It’s handy to carry, thanks to its rugged nylon sheath with a belt loop.

This axe has been made in the USA for generations and has received more than 1000 positive reviews on Amazon for its quality, strength, and durability. It is easily the most reliable cutting tool.

  • FORGED IN ONE PIECE – The most durable, longest lasting striking tools available
  • OUTDOOR VERSITILITY – Perfect for chopping logs, small trees & branches or splitting firewood & kindling
  • HEAVY DUTY SHEATH – Includes ballistic nylon sheath to protect hand sharpened cutting edge. 2.75 or 3.25 inches edge …

6. Hatchet Axe Plus Survival Kit For Camping Lovers

Look no further if you are a backpacking and camping lover! It’s because this survival kit covers up all of the needs that are required for the lovers of nature. Designed especially for camping lovers, it has multiple tools that will assure you a comfortable and safe outdoor experience.

The entire kit can be used for various purposes right from chopping and splitting wood for campfires to lighting fires using the flint, building shelters, breaking the glass of car windows in an emergency, and even finding one’s way out of the woods, thanks to its built-in compass. It even has a fish scaling tool that you can use on your fishing trips. Hardly another kit comes close to this a truly multi-purpose tool kit.

The 17″ axe is made up of high carbon steel and aluminum alloy for strength and durability, the weight is only 2.05 lbs. What makes it special is it’s easy to assemble handles so that you can adjust it big or small as per convenience. The back of the axe has a hammer shape iron so that you can drive in your camping tent pegs without any extra effort.

This amazing axe comes in a protective sheath for keeping the blade safe and also ensures your safety while carrying it on camping trips. The included camo wraps make it useful when it comes to holding the axe tightly, better the handle, better the grip.

  • A Multi-Tool Survival hatchet - Several uses in one camp axe that can be used for splitting small logs, preparing kindling as well as extracting yourself or others from vehicles, hammer breaking glass/windows, wilderness navigation, building shelters, starting fires and engraving, Boy Scout and wilderness survival training and tactical tool use more. You do not need to be an expert survivalist to benefit from the multiple uses of this survival axe gear set …

7. 3.1” Edge Lightweight Axe By SOG

When style meets substance, you would have this aesthetically designed axe, not only to impress with looks but performance and longevity. This axe is small in size but quite significant when it comes to performance. 11.5” long, with a 3.1” blade, it can be used for splitting wood for campfires, as well as hammering your tents stakes into the ground. It doesn’t get any better as an ideal camping companion.

It comes in a stylish, attractive glass-reinforced nylon sheath for the safety of your axe blade and ensures that you can carry it safely while traveling. It has a textured GRN handle that allows you to hold the handle comfortably while chopping or splitting wood.

SOG even offers free repairs or replacement if the axe is well maintained. Moreover, the compact design of this axe makes it an ideal choice for either home use or when you are out camping.

  • STAINLESS STEEL CHOPPING AXE BLADE: Small forest axe, camping hatchet and backpacking hatchet features a 3.1-inch blade; small hatchet measures 11.5 inches in total length
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CAMPING AXES AND HATCHETS: This light but heavy duty camp hatchet and survival hatchet also serves as a handy backpacking axe; hand axe includes textured GRN handle for comfortable use …

8. Survival Camping Axe Backpacking Toolkit

A tasteful choice if you want a multi-purpose survival kit. It is equipped to meet your camping and emergency requirements. The buyers will get a beautifully packed axe and shovel combo with an attractive backpack so that you don’t have to use up energy to carry. It can be adjusted in your car during your jungle adventure or say if an emergency crop up.

Different tool heads help you cope with diverse situations, such as firefighting, gardening, hunting, camping, fishing, on-road, car emergencies, and so on. You can pick any of the included heads, such as a shovel, axe, pickaxe, ice pick, and even a trekking pole. Now you can go ahead with your managing of the multiple tasks. The handles can easily be adjusted to whatever size the situation demands to help you work efficiently.

The tools and molle bags are made cautiously to meet the highest quality standard. So, you don’t have to worry about the durability. Every tool comes in its own customized sheath and can be placed in separate pockets in the bag.

It’s a perfect choice for all campers, adventure enthusiasts, backpackers, hunters, off-road enthusiasts, and emergency rescue workers, who face diverse situations every day in their life. This survival kit has earned an amazing five-star rating on Amazon for the strength of the tools, multiple usage and durability.

  • Multi-tool kit combo gets the job done! iunio tool heads with iunio extension tubes match the needs of a variety of outdoor jobs including firefighting, gardening, camping, hiking, off-road, disaster clean up, maintenance, camping, backpacking and more. Great outdoor gear with so many uses and every component serves as high quality equipment. No matter the outside conditions or task, get out there and conquer the mission with these tools and extensions! …

9. The USMC Officially Licensed Tomahawk Survival Axe

If you combine toughness and reliability, you would have this axe. Having it will be a great addition to your personal survival kit, no matter where you go. You can easily use it for chopping wood, hunting, camping, and even as an emergency tool. The US marines have licensed this axe, so you can rely on its strength, usability, and durability.

The axe is 15” in length, providing you with enough safety to use it. The stainless steel dual sharp edge blade is just 7mm and has a pickaxe shape on the other end, which is useful for digging through mud, breaking ice, and so on. It’s a heavy-duty axe that has been designed to face challenging situations when you are out in the wild.

This beautiful axe comes with a compass, a nylon sheath for safety to protect the blade along with a lanyard to carry it easily.

  • United Cutlery
  • United M48 usmc tactical tomahawk w/sheath
  • United Cutlery United M48 usmc tactical tomahawk w/sheath hatchet

10. The Compact Extreme Survival Axe By Mtech USA

At 8.25′ in length, this is one survival axe that can fit inside your backpack without compromising the strength of a longer axe. It is a sharp-looking axe with a water wash color blade and a beautiful black G10 handle with full tang construction that makes it steady and easy to use.

The stainless-steel blade has been crafted for durability and chopping small things with ease. Also, say thanks to its sharp dual-edge 5.2 mm thickness blade. The axe comes with a 1680D Nylon sheath for ease and safety when you are carrying it in your survival kit bag.

The small size of this axe is what makes it an attractive buy. You can rely on the positive reviews this tool has received on Amazon.


11. The Multi-tool Survival Kit For Outdoor Camping By Suruid

If you are looking to buy a kit to manage all your outdoor camping tasks, then this is ideal for you. Make this multi-tool survival kit your first choice. This attractive combo tool has an axe, hammer, knife, nail puller, fail, bottle and can opener and an in-built screwdriver. Enhance your experience when you are camping outdoors, fishing, hunting, backpacking and so on.

The axe blade and other sharp tools are made of stainless steel with double black oxidation to ensure it is rustproof and long lasting. All the tools and axe are housed in a PVC wood camo coating aluminum handle, 6.7” in length, and 407g in weight, making it very easy to take along on your trips.

This multi-kit comes in a specially designed nylon pouch for safety and convenience while carrying it. The axe head has a separate rubber sheath for added protection. It is ideal for those who love going on camping in the wild.

  • Compact Multi Tools Hatchet: Contains 12 different tools including Axe, Hammer, Knife, Nail puller, Hex Wrench, Fail, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Phillips Screwdriver and Slotted screwdriver so that it could work on different situations. It's made of high-grade stainless steel, this makes them durable, service life is extended perfectly. Definitely super cool dad presents and gadgets for men …

12. The Sleek & Stylish Ranger Tomahawk Axe By M48

This is a dual-purpose axe that has a sharp dual-edge on one side of the blade and a more pointed spike on the other side. You can use it in different situations. You will love its 2CR13 stainless steel axe head that has been precision cut for sharpness and efficiency making it a great tool to use outdoors.

The axe comes in a beautiful black color with the bottom part of the handle covered with nylon rope for a better grip and comfort while using it. The overall length of the axe is 15.5” making it very handy and easy to use. It also has a snap button sheath that protects and covers the axe blade when you are not using it or while transporting it. The axe comes along with a compass to guide you on your outdoor trips.

  • Cast stainless steel axe head with spike
  • 30% nylon reinforced handle
  • Nylon cord wrapping on handle
  • Includes snap button sheath
  • Includes handy directional compass

13. The 17” Professional Tomahawk Axe for Camping by NewBBKnife

NewBBKnife offers you a professionally designed axe that offers excellent utility while camping, traveling outdoors, and even in emergencies. Its sleek and flat design makes it easy to transport anywhere. This Tomahawk axe has a very sharp blade made of stainless steel and fortified with added alloys for long-term usage in the harshest conditions.

The sleekly designed axe can be used as a spearhead to make pegs for camping tents and even split wood for your campfires. It comes in a great looking black color, with a nylon rope bound around the handle for a stronger and comfortable grip whenever you use it. A free ProTactical US ebook is mailed to all buyers to know about multiple usages of this axe.

  • A great tool to carry with you when you’re camping, to keep in your vehicle for emergencies or to include in your bugout bag
  • The head has a stainless steel construction with a black coating and has an axe blade on one side and a hammer on the other
  • The axe head is 6 3/4” from textured hammer head to 7” razor-sharp blade edge and it features a variety of hex wrench slots …

14. 17” Paracord Wrapped Survival Axe With A Functional Hammer Head By ASR Tactical

A tremendous tactical axe designed especially for survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and all those who love camping outdoors. It has a 6 ¾ blade that can easily cut through small and medium logs and also help cut wood for building a fire while camping.

The hammerhead on the other side of the blade can also be used for constructing shelters when you are on an outdoor adventure. Multiple wrench slots that have been cut into the axe blade are an added advantage. The handle is wrapped in paracord for a firm grip while using it in rough conditions. The rope can also be detached and used in emergencies.

Weighing less than 2lbs, this sleek and stylishly designed axe comes in black color that will add to your style quotient when camping with friends.

  • 17" Survivalist Axe with 6 3/4" Blade
  • Nut Wrench Slots for Construction
  • Functional Hammer Head
  • Heavy Gauge Paracord Wrapped Handle
  • 6cm Ruler on Blade for Cut Precision

15. The Outdoor Camping Axe & Accessories Combo By Wakeman

Outdoor enthusiasts will love this easy to carry traveling combo set that also has a magnesium fire starter, to help you build a camping fire. This well-designed kit has an axe with a 3” blade that is useful for chopping small pieces of wood and even saplings, while the attached saw can easily be used for other tasks.

The axe handle has been textured for easy grip while using it and also stores the saw when it’s not being used. The handle has been made using composite plastic that has been molded around the axe head for stability and durability.

You can safely store the axe while traveling in the robustly designed sheath that comes with this axe. The sheath also has a belt clip and hand loops so that you can carry the axe conveniently.

  • CAMPING AXE WITH SURVIVAL GEAR - Each camp axe includes a serrated wood saw within the axe's handle, as well as a magnesium fire starter attached to the tomahawk axe's blade sheath. A useful tool to have on hand whether going hiking, camping, or hunting.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - The survival axe and saw blades are constructed of steel to withstand continuous outdoor use. The wood axe's composite handle is contoured around the tool's head for optimal stability and strength when chopping small tree limbs …

16. The Full Tang Tactical Outdoor Survival Axe By Schrade

Manufactured using SK-5 High Carbon Steel, this axe is just a perfect tool to take on your camping and outdoor adventure trips. The black nylon handle is strong and perfect to hold, not to discard its use of chopping wood, timber and so on. The handle also has a palm-shaped grip design for added comfort and safety while wielding the axe.

The other end of the axe has a spike head that you can use for digging through dirt or ice when needed. A convenient nail puller has also been cut into the end of the handle, making it a very handy tool to have around the house. You can safely store the axe in the black nylon sheath with a belt loop that is included with the package.

  • DIMENSIONS: 12.8 inch (32.5 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) and a weight of 1 lb 9 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable SK-5 High Carbon Steel with a black, nylon fiber handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient black nylon belt sheath with belt loop …

17. Portable Multi-Purpose Axe With A Cord Wrapped Handle By MTech USA

This 17.5” axe is great to use whenever you are on an outdoor trip, camping, hunting, fishing, and so on. Its perfect size makes it easy to carry or keep in your car always. It also has a lanyard cord attached to it for your safety and comfort.

The axe blade is a one-piece black coated stainless construction of 6.5” with a 3.5 mm to 4mm edge that is strong and durable for everyday use. Its handle has been bound with a nylon cord for a strong and comfortable grip when you are wielding the axe. The cord can also be unwounded and used in any emergency.

  • Easily portable tactical axe great for camping and rugged outdoor expeditions
  • 6.5-inch axe head with a 3.5mm to 4mm thick cutting edge; stainless steel
  • Cord-wrapped handle provides superior grip, plus handy cording when needed in a pinch
  • Includes lanyard cord
  • 17.5-inch overall length

18. 14 In 1 Compact Survival Tool With An Axe By Rovertac

Why opt for different tools and increase the weight of your camping bag, when you can use this wonderful 14 in 1 compact tool that has everything to help you survive the great outdoors? With this tool, you can go fishing, camping, hunting, trekking, or backpacking.

This compact tool has 14 different tools built-in for your comfort and safety. It includes an axe, hammer, pliers, knife, saw, hex wrenches of various sizes, a Philips screwdriver, bottle opener, filer, fish descale, and so on. All bound together with a safety lock. All the blades and tools are made with top quality stainless steel with black oxide finish for durability and rustproof.

The handle is oxidized and sports a bright red color for easy visibility. This amazing multi-purpose tool comes in a reinforced nylon sheath that can easily be attached to your belt making it easy and comfortable to carry along wherever you go.

This solidly built tool can be used for multiple purposes i.e. cutting wood, hammering nails or tent pegs, sawing wood, opening screws, bottles and cans, and faucets. All these usages make this tool an ideal travel companion. Also, you can consider it as a gift.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS AND WARRANTY. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship and no reason return policy to guarantee you the BEST purchase experience.
  • Compact Toolkit: Contains 14 different tools including Hammer, Axe, Pliers, Knife Blade, Saw, Assorted Hex Wrenches, Phillips screwdriver, Bottle Opener, File, Fish Descaler and more with a Safety Lock …

19. The Fiberglass Handle Tomahawk Axe By M48

If you are looking for the best survival axe that is durable, long-lasting and has great wood cutting potential, then this model will meet all of your requirements. Its specifications and utility have gained hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, making it a popular choice among outdoor and adventure enthusiasts who always tend to buy a sleek axe to carry while camping.

The axe blade is 3 7/8” and made using stainless steel, which provides precision in cut with sharpness. The other end of the head features an equally sharp and tough spiked head that can be used for cutting through different types of materials. Three separate bolts attach the 30% nylon reinforced fiberglass handle to the axe head for extra-strong stability and durability.

This axe comes with an attractive push-button nylon sheath for added convenience in storing and transporting. Plan your next adventure with this amazing axe. What are you waiting for?

  • Precision cast 2cr13 stainless steel blade
  • 30% fiberglass nylon reinforced handle
  • Attached to handle with 3 separate bolts
  • Includes durable nylon sheath
  • 15" overall length

20. The Coleman Specialized Camping Axe

Designed and created by camping experts, this well-built axe is a perfect companion to carry on your camping trips. The axe’s head is made of top quality drop forged steel known for its strength and longevity. With this axe in hand, chopping logs and wood for a fire when camping will be a cakewalk. The other end of the axe can be used as a hammer to drive tents’ stakes into the ground.

The strong steel handle is ergonomically-designed and has a sturdy rubber grip that ensures the axe does not slip from your hands while using it. The axe also has a notch on its head that can be used for removing the tents stakes from the ground and easily packing the tent.

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping knives & tools axes
  • Another quality Coleman product

21. 12-In-1, Multi-Tool With Axe For Camping By Bravedge

If you are looking for the best survival axe along with other camping tools, then this 12-in-1 multi-purpose tool is the one you can’t afford to look away. The beautiful and aesthetic looking sleek tool has an axe, hammer, knife, nail puller, hex wrench, fail, bottle and can opener along with an in-built screwdriver kit. Hardly any other product comes close to this incredible camping tool.

The main parts of the tool are made of top quality stainless steel that is not only strong but durable, so rest assured that the steel will not rust for a long time. These tools are packed inside a sleek PVC woodgrain handle that gives the entire tool a very attractive look. The axe is sharp enough to be used for your cutting needs when you are out camping.

The multi-purpose kit is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used for cutting small logs for a bonfire or BBQ, open cans, drive tent stakes into the ground and even descale fish on your fishing trips. Its portability makes it perfect for carrying and keeping in your bag while traveling.

The axe comes with an attractive nylon pouch that safely stores it when not in use, with a separate rubber cover for the axe head.

  • 🎁【12-in-1 Multi Tool & Perfect Gift Choice】- This all-in-one multitool includes Axe, Hammer, Knife, Nail puller, Hex Wrench, Fail, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Phillips Screwdriver and Slotted screwdriver so that it could work on different situations. Our multitool is the best gift for Birthday, Father's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day …

22. The Fireman’s Special Survival Axe

Designed as per the needs of a fireman, this axe has some features that a fireman would find vital at the time of a fire emergency. Fifteen inches in length and 8 ¾” in size with a 3” cutting edge, it is an easy to handle tool. The axe head is bright red for easy visibility and made of high-quality carbon steel.

This axe comes in a well-designed and sturdy sheath that covers the axe head completely. It also has a belt loop to carry the axe conveniently whenever needed. A sharpening stone to keep the axe’s head sharp always is available in the package.

In case of an emergency, the axe’s head also has a unique cutout that can be used to open fire hydrants and oxygen tanks. It sports a comfortable wooden handle that has a red painted trim and a lanyard hole.

  • Axe measures 15" overall. 8 3/4" red finish carbon steel axe head with 3" cutting edge. Majority of head is also sharpened. Cutout opens fire hydrants and oxygen tanks. Natural wood handle with red painted trim. Lanyard hole. Axe head will show rust.
  • Sheath is made with Heavy black nylon construction with orange embroidered Marble's logo and belt loop. Features a pouch with included sharpening stone …

23. 14” Outdoor Survival Axe Hatchet By Efficere

14” Survival Axe Hatchet

Not only a beautiful axe with a 3.5″ blade but polished and sharpened precisely to help you chop wood for a campfire. While hiking on your favorite trail, you can also use it to remove bushes and thorns from your way.

The steel alloy head is drop forged and polished for durability. The axe is 14″ long with a 20 oz head weight for the perfect balance while you are holding it and adding extra power to your swings when chopping wood. The blade edge has also been treated with high-frequency heat to give it a fantastic sharpness only to add the overall performance.

What makes the axe comfortable to use is its ergonomically designed non-slip handle made of using unbreakable fiberglass and a soft rubber coating. Both the head and handle are joined together using an industry quality epoxy.

This axe is an amazing buy for those who are looking for the best survival axe with stylish looks. It comes in an attractive red & black color combination that stands out and compliments the beauty of this amazing product.

24. The Bear Grylls Survival Axe By Gerber

Survival Axe

This is a 3.5” Razor sharp edge axe that is inspired by Bear Grylls jungle survival adventures. One can undoubtedly expect the legendary survivalist’s seal of approval when it comes to the quality of this axe. It has been built by Gerber, who has decades of experience in building blades and survival tools. It is made up of high-quality carbon steel so you can rest assured that edges will be durable.

It has full-tang construction to ensure a steady hold while dealing with the toughest of tasks. An ergonomically-designed rubber handle that allows you to hold it comfortably in a tight grip, no matter how wet it is. Specially designed finger grooves, at the top of the axe will enable you to have a precise striking angle.

The compact size makes it easy to carry. Now about the sheath, it can be ranked as military-grade with mild dew resistant and belt loops. The handle even has a hole at the base so that you can attach a lanyard to it for additional safety.

What also makes this beautiful axe unique is the cross-hatched striking surface on the back of its head that can be used for varied tasks, such as driving tent pegs into the ground and pounding raw meat. It also includes a Bear Grylls “Priorities of Survival” pocket guide for your reference when you are at the outdoor adventures.

25. Unique Outdoors 14” Axe plus Saw Combination By Workpro

Outdoors 14” Axe plus Saw

Workpro is coming up with a handy multi-utility combo pack for those who love spending their time outdoors camping, hunting, hiking and so on. The pack contains a beautiful dual-edge axe plus a 12″ saw stored in its handle. You can use it for sawing wood and branches with its 8TPI, triple cut blades for smooth cutting and removal of wood chips.

The axe’s blade is built by using fully forged CR steel. The blade has also been tempered and hardened for better sharpness and durability. You can easily swing it for chopping wood by holding its comfortable and textured handle that offers a great grip while using it. With this axe, you can easily chop wood, small and medium-sized logs and even shave branches of the trees.

The handle has been specially designed with power-balance to ensure you can keep using it without having much strain on your wrist. What also makes this combo special is the molded plastic case to store the axe when not in use. The handle also has a red rope, with which you can fasten the saw inside the handle for added safety.

Why Is A Survival Axe Necessary During Camping?

Imagine you are on a camping trip and have forgotten to carry firewood. How in the world are you going to cut wood for your BBQ or the cozy campfire? While this scenario must not discourage you, you must be prepared for such situations when you go camping or on an outdoor trip.

  • To tackle them, a survival axe can help. So always carry one to enjoy without any hassle and create memories for a lifetime. A survival axe can provide you with some of the rewarding benefits as discussed below.
  • Lighting a fire: This fun activity will give you the experience of how humans used to live in the stone age. With a survival axe on hand, all you need to carry is a firelighter. Just chop down wood as much as you need from dried out trees and get a fire going whenever you want one. Some axes, also come with a built-in magnesium fire igniter that can help you start a fire in no time. You can use the fire for cooking a roasted meal or to keep your body warm during winter season camping nights.
  • Building a shelter in an emergency: This is the most crucial need in case it starts raining suddenly while camping, and you don’t have any camping gear around. Not only can the axe be used to cut tree branches and foliage to build a temporary shelter; but during a massive storm, one can drive the stakes firmly into the ground for stability if your tent is not strong enough to resist. Some axes even have a sharp pickaxe at the end so that it can be used for constructing temporary latrines and bonfire pits, if required.
  • Defense against unexpected predators: You never know what you may encounter in the wild, so a survival axe is your best tool to protect you from unforeseen predators till professional help arrives.
  • Hunting & Collecting Food: In case of prolonged stays or emergencies, the best survival axe can help you to fill your belly so that you don’t have to starve. Skillful work of an axe can also be used for a woodsman sports game, a fun activity. As you can see, a survival axe can be used in many different ways, based on the circumstances and scenarios one may face while camping or in our daily lives. Whatever the usage, there are many different options available online based on their design, style, construction material, utility, and even shape and size.

Different Types Of Axes

Axes come in different models as per the shape of their head, the styling, the overall length, and utility. The following are various models of axes one can select as an adventure companion.

1. The Splitting Axe

While slicing wooden logs vertically, the long handle of this axe can be proved the most useful. Undoubtedly, one of the massive axes available in the market, the sharp head and wedge-shape of this axe can cut down a plank of wood into two effortlessly. Its weight, however, does not make it a simple cutting axe—a tool more than seven pounds is not easy for any user to handle. Experienced users find this axe easy to handle as compared to the beginners.

2. The Shaping Axe

If you are looking for an axe to make elegant and accurate cuts on beams and logs, then this is the best survival axe for you. The head of this axe is a flat curve, which makes it ideal for shaping wood the way you want. It cannot be used for deep cuts or splitting wood, this axe is made for personal use and one can even wield it with one hand.

3. The Cutting Axe

This axe has a thin sharp blade, a perfect thing to cut through wood. You can easily use it to cut tree branches because of its lightweight and even for deep cutting if required. It has a medium-sized handle around thirty inches and weighs just around three pounds making it easy to handle for both professionals and beginners.

4. The Single Blade Axe

Designed to be sturdy and easy to use, this single blade axe is a popular choice for cutting trees due to the shape of its head. The back of the head of this axe can also be used as a hammering tool to get some handy work done around the house or even drive tent stakes into the ground.

5. The Double-Bladed Axe

This axe is also popularly called the double-headed axe since it has two heads. It is well-balanced and symmetrical due to the two different bits that make up the head. While one of the heads can be used for cutting, the other head can be used for splitting the wood. It is a perfect axe one cannot forget to take for camping, the best one for dual purpose and other utility.

6. The Hatchet

One of the most commonly used axes, it is quite popular among the campers as one can easily carry it for camping and outdoors. Since they are smaller in size, just around eighteen inches, so people also find it very convenient to use.
The hatchets are usually light and weigh around two pounds, so you can also use it effortlessly just with one hand. It can ideally be used for cutting branches from trees, splitting wood for campfires, etc.

7. The Tactical Axe

This axe is more like a multi-tasker tool than a traditional axe. As its name suggests, this axe is designed to get you out of tough situations, say locked car or apartment. Survivalists consider it the best survival axe not only because of the multiple features but dual heads.

This axe is usually made up of forged steel and fiberglass handle for strength and durability making it a popular choice for camping and outdoor trips. It is typically more substantial and more massive, thus can be burdensome to carry.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Survival Axe

The features of axes differ from each other as they are designed with a specific utility in mind. Some of these elements that you must consider before you go ahead and buy a survival axe are discussed below.

1. The Core Functions

Axes are primarily used for splitting and cutting wood. While most axes can perform both the features, you can select a specific one as per your preference. Splitting axes have a wider wedge-shaped edge that enables the user to split the log into two pieces by a single strike. Cutting axes, on the other hand, have a thinner edge that directs the user’s power into a small area, chopping the wood into a particular shape.

2. Size & Weight

Since you are going to be using the axe pretty often, you need to be comfortable with its size and weight, or else you may end up not using it regularly. You can opt for a small, lightweight axe if you are not a big fan of chopping down big trees or logs.

If you need to use the axe for a lot of chopping or cutting then go for a big sized model with a long handle and comfortable grip. Such an axe will ensure that you need to use less energy and don’t exhaust yourself while chopping the wood.

The weight of the axe is also quite significant, it should not be too heavy for you to wield while cutting wood or performing other chores.

3. Balance

The axe should have a perfect balance from top to end without compromising performance and handiness. To test its stability, try placing the head of the axe between your thumb and forefinger. The handle of the axe should ideally be straight in this position.

4. Blade Quality

Look for stainless steel blades that have been tempered for strength and durability. Good quality sharp blades will make your tasks easier and ensure you don’t get too tired while chopping, cutting or splitting wood.

5. Multi-Utility

A multi-utility axe means you have lesser tools to pack and carry around in your camping bag. Some of the models available also have an in-built saw in them. Some have a dual head that can be used as a cutting axe and even a pick, for digging through mud, breaking the ice, and so on. The basic models also have a hammer on the other side of the head, making them a very handy tool to carry around.

Some of the advanced model shave cutouts in the blade that act as a wrench to remove nuts and bolts and even fire igniters to help you start your camping fire. A magnetic compass is also attached to some axes that come with detachable handles that you can resize the length of the axe as required.

6. The Sheath

Make sure your axe comes along with a safety sheath that completely covers the axe blade for your safety while transporting it. Some of the sheaths even have a belt loop so that you can attach the axe to your belt for carrying it around easily. Most of the sheaths are made of reinforced nylon for extra strength and durability.

7. Handle Length

While wielding the axe, the handle length determines your flexibility. It ensures that you need to apply minimum force and make the maximum impact. The handle is customized in all sizes right from seven to thirty inches as per specifications.

The long handle enables the user to make an impactful swing, generating extra strength for cutting. It is best suitable for chopping massive logs or trees. You can opt for a smaller handle if you want an axe to increase handiness and comfort level.

8. Handle Material

The wooden handle has the element of a boarding impact whenever the heavy blow falls upon the wood. It is not only easy to hold and durable but add an aesthetic look to the axe. Moreover, the best part is, the wood can be replaced if cracked or damaged.

For the smaller axes, metal or fiberglass handles are usually used making them strong and long-lasting. Some of them even have a rubber or nylon rope attached for a better grip and comfort while using. So you must check out the handle material.

9. Cutting Edge

The cutting edge’s shape makes a difference during the chopping procedure so you surely need to consider this before buying. A rounded cutting edge is the best option when it comes to buying a survival axe as it penetrates the wood for better cut or split. The shaping axe, on the other hand, has a flatter cutting edge to chop the wood in clean flat section out of the wood.

If you still find it challenging to decide the best one, here is a list of some of the best survival axes of 2022.



After going through the list of the best survival axes on the market along with their utilities and features, now it’s time for you to select the best one based on your needs. Various axes offer different comfort levels and functions to suit the varied needs of campers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Buying an axe is a wise decision. Make it a one-time investment, something that you will use and be proud of. So it would be a good idea to think about your needs and study the essential features before buying one.

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