Best Survival Books 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. 3rd Edition Of SAS2. Bushcraft 1013. Prepper’s Longterm
3rd Edition Of SAS Best Survival BooksBushcraft 101Prepper's Longterm

Human life is all about surviving in different situations. Some situations require your mental skills, while others require more of physical skills. No matter in what kind of situation you are, only your survival skills can help you out from it.

While talking about the physical skills, you can refer to some of the best survival books in the market or on the internet that will teach you how to deal with any kind of tough survival situation in your life. There are going to be different tricks and techniques in these books for your survival, no matter where you are. You just need to pick up the book wisely according to your requirements.


There are different types of survival books available in the market. So, you need to see which one will suit you the most. Now let us start guiding you on how to survive in simple and tough conditions by recommending you different survival books and some necessary skills you need to know.

What Are Survival Books?

Survival books are the books written by some of the best professionals, who are telling you how to survive in a specific situation. The information in these books make you aware of the skills you need to deal with a situation in front of you.

These books prepare you for different conditions by giving you some necessary information for your survival. For instance, these books guide you on how to arrange food for yourself, how to create a shelter for yourself, and how to protect yourself in any extreme situation.

If you are thinking that these books are not going to help you in the real world, as you will never be stuck in any such kind of situation, then you are wrong. According to a report, around 2000 people get lost in the forests every year, and many more go missing while going on adventure trips like hiking, trekking, yachting, etc.

The skills and tricks being taught to the readers in these books are really helpful. You don’t know when you might need to use the skills you learnt from these books. So, it is good to have at least on survival book with you, and learn some survival skills from it.

Why Do You Need Survival Books?

Human life is unpredictable. No one knows when they have to come across such situations, and so it is important for every human to learn survival skills to live. They need to be prepared with at least some basic survival skills, like arranging food, finding water, creating fire, building shelter, and finding directions with the help of the resources around them.

This piece of information has been written to help you learn some of the basic survival skills to fight any situation and tell you about the best survival books every human should read. The knowledge and the skills in these books have been mentioned carefully to help people face any situation, no matter where they are.

These are the books that will instill in you the best survival skills for different kinds of situation. No matter where you are stuck, these skills will help you out every time. Basically, these will help you arrange food, shelter, and protection for yourself, so that you can at least stay alive until some help arrives.

After reading such books, you will feel confident to deal with any kind of situation. If you are an adventure lover, you can chase your dreams with a peace of mind that you will not risk your life if an adverse situation arises. In case you get lost or stuck, you will know how you can come out of the condition with your knowledge gained from the best survival books.

Factors To Consider When Buying Survival Books

Here are some factors to look for when buying the best survival book:

1. Author

While you are in the market looking for the best books for survival, you need to do a little bit of research. You need to know the different types of survival books available in the market or online. Find names of the best authors in the genre and then compare them. Once you have found the best one, consider the book they have written for the purchase.

2. Subject

Now that you have researched well about different authors and different types of the survival books, you need to go through the subject of different survival books available. You need to analyze the kind of book you need. For instance, whether you want to go for a book with skills for wild situations or a book with basic survival skills, or some other.

You need to be very clear in your mind before you buy any survival book, because you need the information to be appropriate according to your specific requirements. So, check the subject of different books carefully.

3. Reader Reviews

Don’t forget to read the reviews of the books you have shortlisted for the purchase. Reading reviews helps you a lot in buying the right book according to your need. Those who have already read the book will be able to tell you whether the book is worth buying or not.

The reviews let you know if the book is going to satisfy your needs or not. If the reviews are good, you can be sure that you are going to spend on the right thing, but if the comments are not good enough, don’t waste your money on such a book.

4. Recommendations

You should go through the list of most recommended books or bestsellers on the internet. You will find various sites that can help you to pick the right book according to your requirement. Even if you are clueless about which book you should pick, you will know that through the information provided that which one will the best for you.

Picking up books after gaining the full information is always a good thing.

5. Description

If you are buying the book online, it is always good to read the description properly. The description tells you about everything you are going to find in the book. And this will help you know if the book you are going to buy is the right one for you or not.

If you are buying it from the market, read the description written on the back of the book and then proceed to buy it, only if you find it appropriate for your mission. You can also ask the shopkeeper about the books you should prefer buying for your needs.

6. Price

Once you have gone through the above-mentioned factors, the last thing to consider before buying a book is its price. Survival books can be found in different price ranges. So, it is better to look for the books according to your budget and need.

Keep all these factors in your mind while you are buying the best survival handbook. Every time you are buying a book, go through these factors so that you end up buying the most appropriate one that will fulfill your needs.

Enjoy your reading time with the best book and feed your mind with the best survival knowledge and skills.

We know that buying a book is not an easy task and that is why we have come up with the list of top 20 best books to buy for survival.

Top 20 Best Survival Books 2022

1. 3rd Edition Of SAS Survival Handbook, By John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman

3rd Edition Of SAS Best Survival Books

This is the 3rd edition book specially designed for readers wanting to learn some basic survival skills. The book helps you in reading the weather and tells you about the essential things you are going to need to deal with any disaster. Then it also guides you in preparing your camp, making tools, arranging the food, fighting tough climatic conditions, etc.

The book will help you in finding the best location for your camp, along with the instructions to construct an appropriate shelter to keep you stay warm and protected. Apart from this, the book mentions the food you should eat and what not to eat, where you can find it, and how you can prepare for it, because you don’t know which situation you can come across.

The best thing about this book is that it also guides you what to do when you are injured. It informs you about the medicines or treatments you might need in an emergency, how to arrange first aid when injured, and how to survive in different climates, especially when you are injured.

This book is good to teach you how to survive any disaster and how to protect yourself from any problem. You are going to love this book for its information on protecting your family and property from intrusion, theft, and break-ins.

Nearly 78% of the Amazon users have liked the book. John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman, the author of the book, was a trained fighter in the British Special Air Service for more than 25 years.


2. Bushcraft 101 By Dave Canterbury, A Guide To Survival In The Wilderness

Bushcraft 101

It is one of the best wilderness survival books written by Dave Canterbury and recommended by 75% of the Amazon users. The best-selling book prepares you for backcountry trips with the best of survival skills. The book has been designed with the 5Cs of survival: cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages.

The skills mentioned in this book will guide you to use the resources available in your surroundings for your survival. You will get detailed information on picking up the right items for your survival kit, tools for manufacturing basic things for survival, and arrange food and cook with minimal resources. Along with this, it also helps you staying protecting against the elements in the wilderness.

It is a complete guide to help you survive in any climate and condition. With this guide, you will also get the opportunity to connect with nature in a way you have never imagined. You can completely rely upon the information written in the book, as its author is the supervising instructor and co-owner of the Pathfinder School, one of the top survival schools in the US.


3. Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide By Jim Cobb

Prepper's Long-Term

Written by Jim Cobb, this is one of the best prepper books that guides you through the toughest of life-threatening situations. You will find this book full of skills, techniques, and strategies required to keep you protected under catastrophe.

The book is designed to help you in times when things don’t get back to normal for weeks, months, and even years. For instance, it helps you in collecting water, hunting, growing food, treating injuries when no medical help is available, etc.

With the instructions provided in this book, you can not only stay protected and survive, but even create a community of your own to thrive and prosper.


4. When The Grid Goes Down By Tony Nester

When The Grid Goes Down

This book will guide you through surviving disasters. It has been specifically written to prepare your mind with a self-reliant mindset, having essential survival gear, and possessing sufficient critical skills to enable you to survive in an urban crisis, such as water shortage, power outage, etc.

The author has tried to help people prepare for short-term survival ranging from 24 to 72 hours and also long-term situations resulting from a grid-down emergency or pandemic. The book will help you to make your home and lifestyle self-sufficient and will tell you about the critical gear needed in different situations.

The book includes the topics like how to make your home self-reliant, how to store and purify water, what kind of food you need to store, how to design your medical kit, how to defend yourself and your home, and how to keep your home warm or cool according to the weather. The book will also tell you how to arrange light when the power goes off, along with informing you about alternative sanitation and hygiene methods.

Tony Nester founded Ancient Pathways, a US based survival school, rated one of the best in the country.


5. The Bushcraft Boxed Set By Dave Canterbury

The Bushcraft Boxed Set By Dave Canterbury

This box set is the only thing you need for your survival guidance. It consists of 4 books- Bushcraft 101, Advanced Bushcraft, The Bushcraft Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild, and Bushcraft First Aid.

1. Bushcraft 101: It is the book that is based on the author’s 5Cs of surviving in any condition- covering, combustion devices, cutting tools, cordages, and containers.

2. Advanced Bushcraft: It is having more useful information than the 1st part. It will teach you about self-reliant skills and learn about surviving without or little equipment in any situation.

3. The Bushcraft Guide to Trapping, Gathering and Cooking in the Wild: The book has been designed to provide you all the necessary knowledge about packing, finding resources, and cooking food in any condition.

4. Bushcraft First Aid: The last book is written with Jason A. Hunt, Ph.D., and is the go-to first aid resource for anyone headed into the woods.

All these books have been stuffed into a box to give you complete knowledge about surviving in simple to tough situations. The set has been recommended by 79% of the Amazon users and is priced at a reasonable rate of less than $40.


6. Survival Hacks With Everyday Items By Creek Stewart

Survival Hacks With Everyday Items

Now, how about using your everyday stuff to deal with any wilderness situation you come across? This book by Creek Stewart will tell you around 200 ways to use your daily items to fight tough wild situations.

The tricks he has mentioned are practical and easy-to-follow to save your life by turning them into crucial gears. For instance, it will guide you how to make best use of soda tabs, plant leaves, sticks, rope, and plastic bottles when the time comes.

It will help you to survive most of the tough situations with some great tricks and hacks. So, buy this book to stay prepared all the time.


7. 100 Deadly Skills, To Survive Dangerous Situations By Clint Emerson

100 Deadly Skills

This guide by Clint Emerson will help you to survive any dangerous situation. This practical survival guide has been designed by the Navy SEAL to eluding pursuers, evading capture, and surviving any dangerous situation.

The book contains information on how to defend from evasion tactics and immobilizing maneuvers. It will prepare you for the worst cases like escaping from the locked trunks, making an improvised Taser, and tricking facial recognition software.

You will easily understand the tricks and techniques being taught by the author to help you when you are in danger. Around 67% of the amazon users have liked and recommended this book for its tricks to prevent situations like tracking, shooting, kidnapping, etc. It will also give you some tricks to immobilize someone, to rappel down a building, or to stay safe from cyber-crimes.

These are some of the different methods and techniques every person should know to escape dangers that come without informing you.


8. Advanced Bushcraft By Dave Canterbury

Advanced Bushcraft

This is the second part of Bushcraft 101, which is another best survival handbook written by Dave Canterbury. The author of the book has tried to guide the readers on how to completely stay protected wild conditions with advanced techniques.

Using his knowledge and writing skills, he tried to tell you about how to track to get closer to wildlife, preparing medicines from plants, and finding directions in the absence of any maps or compass.

With his guidance, you will be able to make use of your surroundings to fulfill your needs without the use of any specialized tools. The book will truly make you self-reliant under adverse situations.


9. Survival Wisdom & Know-How

Survival Wisdom & Know-How

While you are searching for the best survival books, this book by The Editors of Stackpole Books could be your best answer. The book will guide you about every single thing to survive in wilderness. The book with 480 pages will give you a long list of skills to survive out there, such as tying knots, building shelters, tracking and hunting animals, knowing what to eat and what not, catching fishes, etc.

The book has been liked by most of the readers, because the illustrations and photos present in it have made it easy for the readers to understand how to use the tricks and techniques. It is one of the books from Know-How series to guide people in different surviving situations.


10. Island Of The Lost By Joan Druett

Island Of The Lost

The author of the book has used an interesting story to instill the readers with the knowledge of using different tricks and hacks to survive tough situations. In the book, there is Captain Thomas Musgrave’s schooner, the Grafton who has wrecked on Auckland Island at the time when there is freezing rain and constant winds and getting stuck there will mean death.

Through the story, the author introduces you to the tricks of dealing with chaos and danger to escape the life-threatening situation.


11. 438 Days: A True Story Of Survival At Sea By Jonathan Franklin

438 Days

As you are willing to buy some best survival books, this is the one you must consider. It is a true story of 2 men who survived 438 days on a small boat drifting 7 thousand miles across the Pacific Ocean.

There were 2 friends who were in the mood to enjoy fishing and left coast of Mexico for it. But a violent storm at night ambushed them when they were fishing 80 miles offshore. The situations for them went on to become worse, but somehow, using their skills and knowledge, one of them survived deadly 14 months on sea.

This is one of the best books recommended by around 78% of the Amazon users. You are going to amaze yourself with this thrilling story spread across 288 pages.


12. The Boys’ Book Of Survival By Guy Campbell

The Boys' Book Of Survival

The reason for your worries has ended, as one of the best books for survival has been launched now. This book is filled with various survival hacks you can use anytime and anywhere. Whether you are lost in a desert, fighting a man-eating tiger, or trapped in a quicksand, this book will help you in escaping every imaginable situation.

In this book, you are going to learn tricks like treating a snake bite, sending an SOS message, tracking an animal, making a map, building a ladder, along with other things. You will also know how you can escape a school dance or shopping with your mother or even a shark attack.

This book is a complete guide for most of the people.


13. Survival Medicine & First Aid By Beau Griffin

Survival Medicine & First Aid

Medical problems are very common after disasters, and in such a situation, what a community needs the most is a person with some good knowledge of medical treatments and first aid. After a disaster, you come across many people who fail to survive due to illness or injuries. This book will turn out to be a big help to prepare you for those times.

It is one of the best prepper books you are going to find on the internet. It will guide you treat yourself or people around you in any tough situation for survival. It’s a great guide you can buy in less than $10.


14. Hatchet By Gary Paulsen


It is the story of a 13 year old boy, Brian Robeson, who was flying in a single-engine plane to visit his father. But on the way, the plane gets crashed and the pilot died, leaving him as the only survivor in the wilderness of Canada.

All he is left with is his clothes, a windbreaker, and a hatchet that his mother had gifted him. Stuck in such a situation, he slowly learns the art of creating a shelter for himself, along with skills like hunting, fishing, and cooking.

He also learns how to make a fire and even constructs his shelter again when a tornado destroyed his campsite. And finally, after 54 days in the wilderness, he was rescued as a matured and understanding person. You are going to learn different survival skills from Brian through this story, and so you must give this book a shot.


15. Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story Of The Dyatlov Pass Incident, By Donnie Eichar

Dead Mountain

Based on a true story, it is one of the best survival books you will find out there. The book talks about nine experienced Russian hikers who died in suspense on an elevation known as Dead Mountain. During the investigation, it was found that there were violent injuries on their bodies.

It was found that they cut open and fled the tent without proper clothing or shoes, and along with this, a strange final photo was found that was clicked by one of the hikers. There were also elevated levels of radiation found on some of their clothes.

Full of mystery, most of the readers have loved this book. You too should purchase this non-fiction and strange book.


16. Bushcraft: A Guide To Trapping, Gathering, And Cooking In The Wild


It is a book that has been written by Dave Canterbury to guide you about everything when you are surrounded by wilderness. The author has taught the readers about packing, trapping, and cooking food for their treks and wilderness travels.

No matter if you are out for a short period or a long time, this is going to be a complete guide for you. You will learn about hunting and gathering things for your survival through this book. And nearly 74% of the Amazon users have recommended this survival book.


17. Bushcraft Illustrated: A Visual Guide

Bushcraft Illustrated

Another book coming from the best author Dave Canterbury has been recommended by 76% of the Amazon users as a survival guide. Before you enter the wilderness, this book will tell you what all you need to carry with you along with other necessary information.

Designed with more than 300 illustrations, you will get to know about different survival skills, like constructing shelter, preparing food, and finding medical treatments. You are also going to learn about the things you need to pack and how to tie a knot for outdoor survival.

The book will teach about making fire and trapping skills, along with providing you a catalog for edible plants for your survival and many other things.


18. The U.S. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook

The U.S. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook

This is a book full of techniques and strategies to fight different situations coming from the US warriors, Navy SEAL. The members of the navy know that they can be deployed in any part of the world, so with time and experience, they have developed skills to survive any condition.

From this book, you are going to learn different things from constructing a camp to navigation and coping with different types of disasters. Coming with colorful pictures, this book has all the necessary information for survival in tough conditions.

For instance, you will learn about different skills like making weapons and tools, finding water, chasing wildlife for food, making shelters, signaling, sea survival, and much more.


19. Bushcraft First Aid By Dave Canterbury

Bushcraft First Aid

Dave Canterbury has written many books to teach survival skills to the people, and this is one of them. It doesn’t matter if you are out in the woods or on the top of a mountain, you are going to find every solution for every condition in this book.

The book has been designed to prepare the readers for emergency situations. For example, the book has mentioned different treatments for cuts, burns, broken bones, and head injuries among other issues.

With this book, you are going to learn making bandages and doing dressing. It will tell you about different plants you can use for the treatments. You will learn to keep yourself safe in any condition with this book.


20. Survive Anything, By Beau Griffin

Survive Anything

This book is going to be a guide for those who want to survive any condition and any disaster, no matter where they are. With all the useful skills and proper knowledge provided in this book, you can escape any adverse condition and remain safe.

This book is going to prepare the mind of the readers for any situation, and tell how to arrange water, food, and shelter for living. The readers will learn different strategies to be safe and secured in any situation.

You are going to find all the hacks in this book that are easy-to-follow as well. The author has used a language to make you understand all the necessary information for your survival, no matter where you are and what disaster you are facing.


So, these are some of the top best survival books you are going to find in the market or online. The authors have designed these books while keeping all the conditions and needs in mind. They have written the book to help you survive any situation you have come across.

You are going to enjoy the learning process of the tricks, strategies, and skills mentioned in this book. Once you read any of the above-mentioned books, you will realize that you have made the best decision of buying it. These books have been read and suggested by various readers, and so you too should give it a try and make yourself skilled enough to survive any situation.

Basic Survival Skills

At this point of time, you have come across some of the best survival books you should read. And here are some skills that every survival book has emphasized on:

1. Attitude

Your attitude is the first thing you need to keep in check when you come across any tough situation. You will be able to win half the situation just with your attitude to survive, no matter what.

For this, you need to keep in mind a few things, that any human can survive for 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without regulated body temperature, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. It is known as the ‘rule of threes’. Once you know that, you need to keep in mind SPEAR whenever you are struggling for survival- Stop, Plan, Execute, Assess, and Re-evaluate.

With these things in mind and positive attitude, you will be able to survive any situation you want. You just need to be calm and practical all the time to fight such situations.

2. Shelter

There are times when you have to face a tough situation for a longer time. For such time, you need to be prepared with the skills of constructing a shelter. While you construct a shelter, keep in mind the location, insulation, source of heat, and whether you are constructing a personal or group shelter.

There are various things you need to consider while constructing a shelter for your survival. You need to make sure that it can handle rain, storm, intrusion, sunlight, and other factors. To survive tough situations, you need to learn the skill of building a shelter with the resources available around you.

3. Water

Water is the most essential necessity, without which your survival is tough, because to keep your mind working right, your brain needs water. You should figure out the locations from where you can get water, you need to be prepared with the skills of finding water, and purifying it for your consumption.

Knowing about the water purification methods is necessary, because you can’t afford to get ill during such situations. So, prepare yourself with all the necessary skills to find water and purify it in tough situations.

4. Fire

Now, when you have created a shelter for yourself and have found water for your survival, it is the time to create fire for your warmth and protection. With fire, you will be able to boil your water and cook food, and even keep wild animals at bay.

If possible, try to keep a lighter or match sticks with you all the time, or you should know the technique of creating fire with stones around you.

5. Food

Just like water, food is also necessary for your survival. You should know how to search for food in tough situations, and you should have the knowledge about plants that can be consumed by humans if they are fighting to survive in the wilderness. Some of the plants that can be consumed by humans in emergency are cattail, oak, grass and conifers.

All these are the plants you can eat to survive for a longer time. And if you have guts, you can also rely on some insects and small wild animals for your survival, but make sure that you are cooking them well to avoid dangers with health.

6. Naturalist Skills

You need to have a complete knowledge about the nature if you want to survive tough conditions. For example, knowing the wildlife tracking skills helps you to effectively locate a wild animal for food, and knowledge of herbal medicine helps you to treat illnesses and injuries with wild plants.

You need to know the skills of hunting and gathering things for your safe survival. All such information and details help you to fight tough situations carefully and wisely.

7. Navigation

You must also have the knowledge about finding directions when you don’t have any map or compass. You need to know about how to find the directions to escape the tough situations when you are fighting for survival. This is also one of the reasons you need naturalist skills to find out exit doors.

You can learn all these skills from the internet, books, and films or series. You can read the above-mentioned survival books, go through several survival blogs, and watch entertaining and knowledgeable movies or series.

Now when you know the basic survival skills, you need to know that why is it necessary to know these skills?

There are varieties of books available in the market and on the internet, that help you to survive through tough situations when you have to fight for your survival. Such situations often arise after a disaster like earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, fire or others, or when you get lost in a forest, desert, sea or any other vast space. If you face any of these situations, you need to make arrangements for even the basic necessities of life, such as food, shelter and water.

In order to gain the required survival skills, you need to find the appropriate survival book for yourself. To help you find the right book according to your requirement, we have mentioned some of the factors to look for while buying a survival book. Keep those factors in mind, do proper research and find the one that best suits your needs, preferences and expectations.

But make sure that you are buying the book only from the best author who has proper understanding of such situations, or at least have some experience in dealing with such conditions. To be able to survive any situation, you just need to keep the basic survival skills in your mind, because you know that learning these skills is necessary to stay alive. The tough situations never come knocking on the door, so it is good to be prepared all the time.

Find the best book for yourself on the internet or in the market. Go through all the information, skills, strategies, and hacks carefully to fight any disaster, wilderness or any situation. And always be positive and never lose hope because your hope gives you strength to come out of any situation.

To keep you and your family safe all the time, keep the tips in mind and find the top survival book out there.

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