Best Survival Gear 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Emergencies can hit you out of nowhere. It can never hurt to be prepared for crisis conditions. A survival kit can go a long way in helping you survive life-threatening situations. However, it can be difficult to piece together the perfect survival kit.

It is primarily because of the variety of dangerous situations that you might come across and every situation might require the different kinds of equipment. This is where the survival gear comes in, which is a compilation of the best survival tools. Let’s first understand a little bit more about the concept of survival gear.


What Is Survival Gear?

Survival gear essentially includes certain tools that can help you in case of an emergency. Any survival kit should be able to provide basic human needs required to stay alive in difficult situations and in the wilderness. Survival gear that can provide shelter, procure food, keep you warm and tend to bodily injuries is said to be perfect one.

There are no pre-specified size or equipment constraints for the best survival gear package. You can build one according to your ability to carry, the space you have in your belongings and the surroundings you will be in. The American Red Cross lists ease of use and carrying as the two main factors while forming the correct survival kit.

Any well-equipped safety or survival kit should be able to keep its possessor alive for at least three days in extreme conditions. To make sure you have the best survival tools at your disposal, it is extremely important to keep updating your kit for each trip that you undertake and be informed about current market standards of safety equipment.

What Are The Different Types Of Survival Gear?

The best survival gear is one that can offer maximum comfort in all types of dangerous situations. Usually, survival kits can be of three types:

1. Every-Day-Carry Or EDC Survival Kit

As the name suggests, this type of survival gear is designed in a way that it can fit in a very small pouch or tin container that can be easily accommodated in your pocket or backpack. The EDC kit is designed to carry only the most basic survival gear such as a knife, safety matches, fish hooks, maps et cetera.

2. Bug Out Bag

The Bug Out Bag can be considered as a bigger and better version of the EDC. This can be the best survival gear and can enhance the chances of your survival in an extreme conditions. As a result, it contains a lot more items than your typical EDC Bag. It is advisable to keep your Bug Out Bag in a highly accessible spot so that you can quickly grab it during emergency evacuations or crisis situations.

3. Relocation Kit

A relocation survival kit comes in extremely handy when authorities issue rehabilitation orders during a natural or man-made emergency. Since you have to relocate to an area you have little or no idea about for your safety, keeping daily-use items in your relocation kit is advisable. Items like spare clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, non-perishable food items, toiletries, medicines, bottled water, tactical pen, and paper can be useful.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Survival Gear

When in a crisis, the basic instinct is to survive. To give yourself the highest probability of overcoming the adverse situation at hand, you must have the best survival tools with you. So how do you zero in on which equipment to include and which ones to leave out from your kit?

Mindlessly including every safety tool available can hinder the process of your survival rather than aid it. It can put an excessive burden on you while carrying it. More importantly, if the equipment is not judiciously chosen, it might turn out to be completely irrelevant in the situation you are stuck in.

To avoid such hassles, you need to be extremely vigilant while piecing together your survival gear. Once you have figured out the basic details such as the emergency situations you can possibly face, the appropriate tools to combat them and the amount of money you are willing to spend on procuring these tools, you can go ahead and buy yourself the best survival gear. To make your job a little easier, let us look at the factors you need to consider before purchasing a particular product for your survival kit:

1. Number Of Individuals

It is important to have a clear idea about the number of people who might be affected by the crisis situation. If it is an adventurous trip you are going on, you will know whether you are you going solo or are you traveling with a group? If a hurricane warning has been issued, how many members are there in the house with you?

Evaluating and determining the number of individuals who need to be provided for can help you choose the best survival gear. While some survival kits are designed to fulfill the basic needs of a single person, others come equipped with enough equipment to help a large group of people survive.

2. Shelf Life Of The Equipment

You can never predict ahead of time how long an emergency will last. Neither can you predict when you will find yourself in an emergency situation. Since you are preparing for an event that may occur at any point of time in the near or distant future, it is important to evaluate the shelf life of the survival tools that you procure.

In the case of products like food, medicines, water tablets, and fire starters, each product is accompanied with an expiry date. Make sure that you choose products that have a longer shelf life. Further, keeping an inventory of the expiry dates of products and updating them at regular intervals can help you stay better prepared for disaster situations.

3. Weather Conditions

Having an idea about the weather conditions that you might land in can be extremely helpful. This is because you will need different survival gear in dry or arid climates as compared to tropical climate. As a result, the weather conditions and temperature can play a significant role in shaping your survival kit.

In general, carrying your survival kit in waterproof backpacks or Ziploc pouches is always a good idea. This protects your gear against all kinds of weather. According to the weather you might face, you can choose the kind of food and the amount of water you need to carry with you. There are certain tools like barometer, anemometer or thermometer that can help you in finding the pressure in the weather, wind speed, temperature and direction. These tools can also help you in predicting rains and storms. There are some watches that have compilation of all such tools. You can add then in your kit.

4. Weight And Size Of The Kit

You must not forget that it is you who has to ultimately carry the prized survival kit that you design. So, it is desirable to make it as light as possible while including all important items. For this purpose, you can either buy pre-made survival kits or judiciously weight out individual items that you choose and reach the ideal weight you can carry.

The most amount of weight in a survival kit is often contributed by tools like knives and shovels. To avoid this, you can carry compact multi-purpose tools that can serve different functions by incorporating several tools into one. Light-weight paracords and tarps can also come in handy in reducing the weight of your survival gear.

Other than the weight the size of the kit should also be compact and easy to fit anywhere. Bulky and oddly designed kit will become a big time problem in carrying.

5. Customization As Per Needs

It is not always necessary that the kind of survival kit that has worked for someone else will work for you. Customization is the key to building the perfect survival gear for your own use. Evaluate the items that are most important to you and use this priority list to include items in your kit.

In case you are traveling with family or a group, joint consultation to form a common priority list can help. This customization not only helps the possessor be in charge of his or her own needs but also ensure that he or she is comfortable using the equipment chosen.

Now that you know the basics of forming and maintaining a top-notch survival gear kit, you have to get down to the most important decision of all: what to buy? The above five factors can considerably help you in choosing the right products for your trips and EDC survival kits. Always make sure that you put your safety and comfort first while deciding on the right products rather than paying heed to millions of different advice.

Currently, there are a lot of brands selling survival gear in the market. Each of them comes with certain pros and cons. Further, there are different pricing schemes for each of these products. Let us take a look at the most popular and top 15 survival gear for 2020.

6. Contents In Survival Kit

The contents of a survival kit can vary according to the situation it is built to counter. However, if you wish to design the best survival gear for your own safety and security, it should compulsorily contain items that can take care of hunger and thirst problems, provide shelter and warmth, protect you from wild animals (if any) and help you send out SOS signals.

You can always mix and match from among the best survival tools available in the market to build your customized kit. The following list contains a few items that must be a part of your survival gear:

  • Portable water filtration or purification system
  • Light-weight metal water bottle
  • Non-perishable food
  • Compass
  • Self-powered or battery-operated flashlight
  • Pocket knife
  • Survival tent or tarp
  • Lighter
  • Fire Starter
  • Survival blankets
  • Portable cookware kit
  • Sanitizers
  • Toiletries
  • Durable paracord
  • Sleeping bag
  • Survival whistle
  • Survival radio or walkie-talkie
  • Fish hooks
  • Compact binoculars
  • Basic First-Aid kit

7. Quantity Of Contents In Kit

You must pay attention to the quantity of the contents that are there in the kit and for how long will they survive. Survival kit must have enough water and food and should at least be sufficient for three days.

Top 15 Best Survival Gears 2020

1. Pack Of 2 Rechargeable LED Camping Lanterns By Ezrokas

No matter what crisis situation you are stuck in, the need for illumination is very important. As a result, EZROKAS’s multi-purpose LED Camping Lanterns are perfect to light your way into survival. It works as a collapsible COB lantern, flashlight as well as an SOS red flashlight.

The benefits of this product are plenty. It is durable, light weight and water-resistant and hence, perfect for survival in extreme outdoor conditions such as storms or hurricanes. Further, the product has two recharging options. It can be recharged via a USB cable or be powered via batteries.

The product also comes with a magnetic base and can even be hung on trees. Hence, you can keep your hands free while using the device. The company also guarantees to provide free servicing for 24 months. The portability and unique design of the lantern make it one of the best survival tools available in the market under $20.

  • Super Bright & Large Area Brightness. The latest COB bulbs offer ultra-bright lights.360 degree coverage lighting provide high visibility to meet large area brightness. 4 lighting modes.Collapsible COB LED Lantern.Flashlight. Red Warning Light(Strobe & SOS light). LED camping lantern is a vital filed survival tool and camping accessories …

2. Tactical Sling Bug Out Bag With Emergency Gear

If you are too cramped for time to piece together your survival kit, this product can be your best friend. The Tactical Sling Bug Out Bag comes pre-equipped with 28 pieces of crucial survival gear. It is extremely affordable and compact in size.

The product comes in the form of an EDC pack. It consists of indispensable survival tools such as flashlight, pocket saw, tactical pen, compass, needles, paper clips, and signal mirror. It comes in a sling bag which makes it extremely convenient to wear on your person and store away in the dashboard of your vehicle.

Customers favor this product owing to its sleek design, utility, variety of tools provided and affordability. It can also be purchased as a perfect gift item for an adventurous person. If you are looking for an all-in-one survival kit at a minimum pocket pinch, this sling survival kit should be your top choice.

  • ✅【Exclusive 72 Hours for 2 People, Emergency Survival Bag】Uniquely customized by US military veterans and designed to get you well prepared for emergency or disaster situation. The bag contains upgraded first aid supplies, must-have water & food, essential survival gears, and safety protection equipment …

3. Waterproof Sleeping Bags For Adults, Teens, And Kids By Farland

Comfortable shelter during crisis situations is much needed. For this purpose, FARLAND’s waterproof sleeping bag can be used by individuals of any age in any condition. It is fairly lightweight with a weight of 4.0 lbs. and can withstand temperature conditions ranging between -7 -17℃.

The sleeping bag is designed to protect you against extreme surroundings and cold weather. The outer layer is made out of durable nylon. It also employs double-filling technology to provide maximum space and comfort. The fabric is breathable and hence, you can get a good night’s sleep in the confines of this bag.

Customers have rated this product as one of the best mummy-shape, envelope sleeping bags in the market. With the added utility of being used as a double sleeping bag, this product is economically priced. So, if you want to remain safe, dry and protected on your trip or during emergencies, this should be your go-to product.

  • 1.FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - Farland Super Comfortable Sleeping Bags are designed to ensure that after a tiring day of trekking, hiking, travel or any other exploration you can get a good and relaxing night's sleep.Roll Control Design makes folding quick and easy ,Zip two together for double the room.
  • 2.DESIGNED FOR COOL/COLD WEATHER – Our sleeping bags are designed for 20-62℉/-7-17℃. Moreover, these bags also have a waterproof, weather-resistant design to keep you warm even in extreme conditions and prevent you from any dampness - this is achieved through double-filled technology …

4. 2-Person Ultra-Light Shelter Tube Tent And Paracord By Don’t Die In The Woods

One of the most trust survival tents in business is the ultra-light shelter tube tent from Don’t Die in the Woods. Equipped with a sturdy paracord, this tent can be easily set up on the ground or suspended in the air by attaching the 20 feet-long cord to two adjoining trees. Thus, this tent can provide you full safety in the wilderness.

The biggest advantage of this shelter tent is that it can accommodate two people. Hence, there are no space issues. It is made out of waterproof and tear-resistant material, making it one of the best survival tools to possess.

The tent material is light-reflective which keeps you sheltered from extreme weather conditions by reflecting away or absorbing heat as and when required. It can be easily fitted in any car dashboard, bug out bags, earthquake survival kits or camping backpacks. Overall, this tube tent is one of the best survival equipment to possess under $20.

  • TOUGHEST MYLAR EMERGENCY TENT ON EARTH – Designed for hiking and outdoor adventures, the DDITW Survival Tent packs away ultralight & compact and sets up quick with room for two adults. NASA-designed mylar is waterproof and reflects up to 90% of body heat for year-round protection for cold, wet, or hot weather survival …

5. Solar Chargeable Hand-Cranking LED Flashlight By Meco

In case of emergencies, it is very difficult to find a stable source of illumination that does not depend on electricity. Such situations can be perfectly dealt with by MECO’s high-quality LED flashlight. This product is powered by solar energy and hence, can be recharged easily irrespective of where you are.

This flashlight is perfect for use during uncertain situations. The cranking technology is highly convertible and efficient to illuminate a considerable span of area. A mere cranking of 6 minutes can offer light worth an hour for your use in crisis situations.

Measuring 125x45x23mm, the LED flashlight is portable and can be fitted anywhere in your backpack. It’s fit for children as it does not have batteries and can be operated easily. As a result, this is one of the best survival tools priced at just under $10.

  • Emergency flashlight With Built-In Rechargeable battery, store energy in for a long time, NO
  • High conversion efficiency, Cranking for 6 mins gives an hour light, Ready for the uncertain world
  • Classic Design, Durable, Army Green vs Dim Gray,Outdoor Survival Gear, Best Gift for Outdoor
  • Size: 124x45x32mm Weight: 86g With A Quick to Use Carabiner Clip, Clip it on your backpack and take …

6. Foldable Pocket Chainsaw With Paracord Handle

If you need to cut wood for building a fire or building a shelter or to make your way in the wilderness, a good chainsaw is a must-have. This foldable and portable chainsaw is your perfect partner for this purpose. To make it more attractive and easy to use, it comes with a paracord handle measuring 275 inches.

With a weight of 0.44 lbs. and a compact length of just 6 inches, this chainsaw feels like a regular smartphone in your pocket. It is easy to carry and use, even for inexperienced people caught in crisis situations. It can be effectively used in regular yard work, trekking, camping or emergency survival situations.

Further, the chainsaw is built from industry-grade heat-treated steel. It has sharp and safe cutting teeth for clean chopping of wood. It has 11 sharp cutting saw blades that can cut from small branches to large trees in no time. Last but not least, it can be stored away safely in the compact belt loop pouch that comes with the product for use at any time. Many users have given it 5 stars because of fast and sharp cutting.

  • ✔ PORTABLE CHAIN SAW WITH MULTIPURPOSE PARACORD HANDLE: The camp saw extremely light weight, versatile and flexible. 36 inches chain can be folded within 6 inches and total weight only 0.44bls, you take it just as convenient as taking a cell phone! More exciting is its cool paracod handle, it can be untied and extended to maximum 275 inches to reach high branches or other emergency satuations. Perfect for hiking, camping, emergencies, simple yard work and whenever you need to cut down wood …

7. Pack Of 2 Emergency Paracord Bracelets By X-Plore Gear

Multi-functional survival tools are blessings in disguise because they can help you in a variety of situations and also take up less space in your survival kits. The Emergency Paracord Bracelets from X-Plore Gear serves this purpose perfectly. It is ideal for both adults and kids and comes in different attractive colors as well as three different sizes: regular, medium and kid-size.

This bracelet is a powerhouse with 4 features wrapped in one. It has a sturdy paracord that can be extended for use for tying tents, securing belongings et cetera. Further, the bracelet comes equipped with a flint fire starter, a compass, a scraper, and a survival whistle. Thus, this bracelet can satisfy all your survival requirements in a jiffy.

  • THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL GEAR: The SA01 emergency paracord bracelet is a compact and tactical survival bracelet that comes packed with all the necessary features you need, in order to survive in the wilderness. Our paracord bracelet is the ideal choice for every camping, hiking, hunting, fishing enthusiast or simply anyone who likes going in the Great Outdoors and be prepared! …

8. Extendable Tree Saw With Sling And Wrist Lanyard By Hooyman

This product is unique for its variable dimensions and sturdy build. When completely collapsed, it measures just 12 inches and can be extended up to 5 feet in length. It comes with a curved blade sling and wrist lanyard. This makes it perfect for cutting, trimming, camping and hunting purposes.

A must-have in your survival gear, Hooyman’s tree saw can effectively dismantle trees and help you cut wood for a variety of uses. Apart from an attractive compact build, the saw has an I-beam aluminum construction and comes with a lock-back blade. In addition, it has the MegaBite XP 4-edge tooth design and comes at a steal deal of under $50.

  • DIMENSIONS: Extends to 10 feet and collapses to 28 inches, and weighs 4 lbs
  • BE PREPARED: With a compact design, lock back blade and I-beam aluminum construction, this hand powered pole saw is both durable and easy to maneuver for the best cut
  • DURABLE: Constructed from high carbon SK5 steel combined with impulse hardened 4-edge teeth, MegaBite XP design this blade offers unmatched cutting efficiency and longer cutting life …

9. Multi-tool Flashlight Survival Kit

Manufactured by Kibby Products, this multi-tool flashlight survival kit can be extremely helpful in emergency situations by acting as a reliable source of light. Since this device can be recharged using solar energy, it does not require batteries. Hence, this product is ecologically responsible and very handy in wilderness conditions. The flashlight has 5 different modes which include 3 brightness variations, SOS slight and a strobe light.

In addition, the kit comes with an ax multi-tool which has 12 different variations, including a knife and a can opener. There is an AC adapter as well a car charger in the survival kit which can help you recharge your flashlight beforehand. Finally, the kit comes packed in a compact and stylish case that you can carry around with you easily.

  • SOLAR IS BETTER ➤ At Kibby Products, we wanted to create a solution to all of those outdoor enthusiasts who worried about getting lost and not having power. No more outlets needed! All you need are the sun’s rays to recharge your flashlight. Fear no more!
  • MULTIPLE ACCESSORIES INCLUDED ➤ At Kibby, we are all about providing quality products at an affordable price. We've included not only an AC charger, but a car charger as well! So go ahead and pack this on your next trip! …

10. 13-in-1 Emergency Survival Gear Kit By XUANLAN

If you have been wishing for a perfectly put together survival kit for instant use, your prayers have finally been answered. XUANLAN has formed an emergency kit with the best survival gear; 13 tools in a single package, to be precise. Once you purchase, you can rest easy about successfully combating any emergency situation that comes your way.

This kit takes care of all illumination, cutting, shelter and signaling needs that you may have during crisis situations. It contains an emergency blanket, a survival whistle, a high-grade compass, a fire starter, flashlight, paracord bracelets, and a Swiss card, to name a few items. It is the perfect buddy for any travel enthusiast as well as anyone who might land in any unforeseen emergency.

Measuring only 4.1×1.8×6.3 inches, this survival kit comes enclosed in a waterproof and durable case built for rough-use. As a result, you can easily fit it in your backpack or stash it away for use at any time. Apart from catering to personal safety needs, this kit can also be the perfect gift for camping and trekking enthusiasts that you may know.

  • ➤【ALL IN ONE SURVIVAL KIT FOR EXTREME ADVENTURES】This all in one survival kit contains everything that any survivalist or outdoor enthusiast would need. Includes emergency blanket, fire starter, scraper, compass, swiss card, flashlight, whistle, Survival Bracelet and black box etc
  • ➤【UPGRADED - MORE SAFETY AND PRACTICAL】5-IN-1 paracord bracelet with embedded compass, fire starter, whistle; Luminous Compass of military grade: Features 360 degree rotating bezel; Thermal Blankets are essential for preventing hypothermia as they retain 90% of body heat; They can also be used as a signal, to make a shelter, or as an extra layer in cold weather …

11. 13-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit By COLSEN

An extremely light-weight and compact multi-purpose emergency survival kit from COLSEN ensures that you are never in a fish-out-of-water situation in perilous situations. This kit has everything you might possibly need to survive in extreme conditions. The kit comes packed with all basic survival equipment that can help you be self-sufficient in dangerous conditions.

The product contains necessary survival items such as a black box, thermal blankets, scraper, fire starter, flashlight, whistle et cetera. It can help you live through emergency situations and also efficiently send out a call for rescue, should you need it. Further, the military-grade compass of the product can help you figure out directions in situations where your day-to-day electronic maps or GPS does not work.

The major advantage offered by this kit is the host of tools available at a pocket pinch of under $30. It is extremely light-weight, weighing only 0.98 pounds. You can use it as the perfect starter kit for all your survival requirements.

  • 【13-in-1 Backpacking Gear】 - Each tactical gear bag contains 13 tools made for outdoor adventures! You’ll find our fire starter, wire saw, tactical knife, Survival blanket, multi tool card, compass, & other items handy for your camping trips.
  • 【Speeds up Rescues】 - Our survival kit comes with an aluminum alloy double-tube metal whistle that can produce sound as loud as 120db. This kit includes a tactical pen for breaking car glass for easy extraction …

12. Windproof And Waterproof Lighter By Icfun

Frustrated with how your safety matches go out every time there is the slightest gust of air? Icfun’s windproof and waterproof lighter is here to save the day! This compact and trendy lighter can be your ultimate savior in outdoor conditions.

The product has a stylish build and comes in a variety of spunky colors. It has a metal-ring sealed cover, waterproof and windproof. As a result, you can use it to light a fire or for basic illumination needs even in extreme weather conditions. The lighter comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and does not depend on gas or butane. With a weight of just 0.76 ounces, this lighter can be easily carried in your pocket or be a part of your extensive survival kit.

  • ❤️Waterproof Design ▶ waterproof lighter,metal-ring sealed lighter cover and locking clasp,IP56 WATERPROOF SYSTEM,water does not seep inside,no fear of rain,this waterproof lighter is your best choice when you go camping,travelling,survival tactical or hiking,arc lighter waterproof.
  • ❤️Multipurpose ▶ windproof and flameless,usb chargeable lighter,it is a perfect outdoor lighter,camping fire starter tool,emergency equipment,EDC Camping survival gear, gadgets for men and more …

13. Paracord And Carabineer By Gear AID

Paracords with high tensile strength are indispensable in building the best survival gear for all your outdoor activities. Gear AID comes to your aid by providing the perfect nylon-based paracord and carabineer for all your camping and trekking needs. The product comes in a host of colors and in two variants according to its length: 100 feet and 30 feet.

The multi-purpose 4 mm cord can be used to secure tents, tarps, back packs or even as a clothesline. The carabineer makes the tool even handier as it can be used to suspend bags, lighters, and bottles. It is economically priced and can be modified into a knife lanyard, handle wrap, survival bracelet or a Paracord dog collar.

  • Heavy-duty 550 Para cord made of 100% nylon featuring 7 strand construction that unravels and can be used as fishing line, fire starter, thread, or floss
  • Includes carabineer for easy attachment options to hang backpacks, lights and water bottles
  • Multipurpose 4 mm utility cord is great for camping, backpacking, emergencies and survival; use to secure tents and tarps, suspend a clothesline or hang a bear bag (100 ft. Para cord recommended) …

14. Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit By EMDMAK

Another leading survival kit package in the market is brought to you by EMDMAK. This product is extremely affordable for regular use. It comes with a host of important survival tools. Be it fire starters, emergency whistles, wire saws, a compass or an emergency blanket, the kit has it all.

Packaged in a waterproof case, this 6-in-1 toolbox is intended for rough use and can be stored in very small spaces. The practicality and durability of the kit make it a winner. The steel tool card is the highlight of this kit. It is multi-purpose and consists of a knife-edge, can opener, ruler, screwdriver, cap opener, butterfly wrench, 4 position wrench, saw blade, key ring hole, 2 position wrench, and direction ancillary indication.

  • [6 in 1 Waterproof Case]: Stainless Steel Versatile Tool Card, Fire Starter, Compass, Wire Saw, Emergency Whistle, Multifunctional Pliers,Emergency Blanket. One case can meet your different needs. The box size is 5''X 3.5''X1.6'', weight is 6.8oz.
  • [Practical & Durable Survival Kit]: Whistle is loud and has a key ring on one end. Compass is compact, flexible and high sensitivity. Wire saw has saw blades sharp and smooth, do not hurt hand and can cut stuff and pretty quickly. Fire starter is easy to use, simply draw the strike rod down the block to create sparks to light your kindling …

15. Double And Single Camping Hammock By Wise Owl

Another invaluable addition to your survival kit can be in the form of this stylish hammock from Wise Owl. The product is durable and can withstand rough weather conditions. It is constructed out of heavy-duty 210T parachute nylon.

The product has two variants. It can either accommodate 2 people and measures 10×6.5 ft. with a weight of only 26 oz. Otherwise, it can also be purchased for a single occupant with dimensions of 9×4.5 ft. weighing just 16 oz. Customers rate the product highly owing to its comfort, ease of carrying and stylish look.

  • Comfortable: Whether you're relaxing by the fire, sleeping under the stars, or just lounging around this winter camping season, our camping hammock has everything you need to stay comfy and covered throughout the night for your next camping, hiking, or beach trip -- even just lounging in your backyard & patio on a hammock stand! …

What Are The Different Situations That Require Survival Tools?

There can be a variety of emergency situations that you and your family can face on a daily basis. It can either be on a trip that you take or even in the vicinity of your residence. So first, you need to identify the different situations that require survival tools. Once you know the scenarios relevant to yourself, you can include the right kind of instruments to make up your best survival gear.

Lifeboat Emergencies

Lifeboats should always have an extensive survival present on board. This is primarily because lifeboats and life rafts are meant to be used as life-saving devices. If marooned in the ocean or on an island without any help in sight, a survival kit present on a lifeboat should help you stay alive until you are rescued.

Usually, the contents constituting the best survival gear aboard a life raft are specified by maritime or coastal regulations. In general, they can have inflatable life jackets, fresh drinking water, first-aid kit, compass or map, knives et cetera.

Travel Emergencies

Usually when you go camping, trekking, mountaineering or on some other adventure sport, the chances of getting into high-risk situations are high. For such travel emergencies, there are specially designed survival tools. Such equipment provides you with an opportunity to procure food, water and seek shelter in the wilderness.

Survival gear of this type is known by several names such as “Get out of dodge (GOOD)”, “Personal Emergency Relocation Kits (PERKs) or “Bug-out bags (BOBs).” They usually contain safety matches, first-aid medicines, tents, compact water filtration systems, and other necessary survival tools.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters do not always give us enough time to prepare ourselves against the impending emergencies. Hurricanes, bushfires, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, avalanches and landslides are some such disasters. If you live in or visit an area prone to such disasters or receive red-alert notifications from the authorities about the same, it is always better to have the best survival tools possible with you to save yourself and your loved ones.

Battery-operated torches, flares to signal for distress, sturdy ropes, safety matches, first-aid kits, dry food, and sleeping bags are certain items that must be there in your safety kit prepared to combat natural disasters. These can not only save your life in crucial situations but also help you survive in the few days of mayhem that follow the disaster.

Vehicular Emergencies

Encountering accidents while driving a car or the vehicle breaking down in the middle of a deserted road are not too unnatural. A well-prepared survival gear ensemble can help you get out of such pickles with little or no help. Such kits can be easily stored in the dashboard of your vehicle for easy access during emergencies.

A first-aid kit is a must-have in a vehicular emergency kit. Apart from that, durable ropes, non-perishable food, drinking water, lighter or safety matches, flashlights, pocket knives, maps, a camping stove, soap, toilet paper and so on can come in handy.

Hence, wracking your brains over obtaining the best survival tools is a thing of the past. You can always be prepared ahead of disasters. Even if you are going out on a simple camping trip, you can take maximum cautionary measures to ensure your safety by carrying a well-stocked survival kit.

Best Survival Gear – Get Them all!

Before you decide to go for a pre-organized survival kit or opt to put together the ensemble yourself, make sure you evaluate the necessary requirements that you may have. Reading reviews and talking to a few experienced campers or hikers about the right kind of survival tools can help you gain a proper insight into the art of gathering the right survival gear. Make it a point to keep the kit on your person at all times so that you are ready to face any challenging situation and emerge victorious.

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