Best Survival Headlamps in 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A headlamp is a stable source of light that is intended to be worn on the head to get proper visibility of things that are present ahead or in front of us. A headlamp is also known as a headlight, head flashlight, or a head torch. No matter what you call it, it is of vital importance in many outdoor activities as well as in dark conditions. Some instances where a headlamp can be quite useful are hiking, caving, backpacking, mining, mountain climbing, biking and for people who needs a hands-free approach of lighting. They are vastly used in search and rescue operations.

A good headlamp needs to be comfortable to put on, lighter in weight, have a good battery life, and should give the best light possible. You can strap it to your head or helmet using an elastic strap. The lighter headlamps are strapped around your head with a single strap, however, heavier headlamps may come with an additional band to provide support to the headlamp.

These headlamps usually require around 3 to 4 batteries – either AA or AAA. Earlier the conventional bulbs were used but now the white LEDs have replaced them due to their better power consumption and smaller size. You may find many new headlamps with 1 watt (or more) of power LEDs.

Best 10 Headlamps for Survival Situation

A headlamp can come in quite handy in survival situations. A good headlamp will provide you with the much-needed visibility, making sure you can see your way or locate an object in extreme conditions. With constant threats to mankind in the form of natural disasters, pandemics, terrorism, and other unprecedented situations, it is a wise choice to invest in a good quality headlamp.

Here are our 10 best headlamps for you that could help you in any survival situation:

GearLight Headlamp Flashlight S500

Whether you are looking for a headlamp for survival situations, or you plan to take it with you on your hunting, backpacking, running, camping, hiking, or cycling adventures, the GearLight Headlamp Flashlight S500 is the best headlamp you can get. It can be used in power outages and emergencies, as well as a backup light if your electricity goes out.

The GearLight Headlamp Flashlight pack comes with two headlamps, their warranty card as well as a user-guide on how to operate it and get the max out of it. The headlamp comes with American LED technology that requires 3 AAA batteries (batteries are not included in the pack) and 45-degrees pivotable head adjustment. The elastic headband can be adjusted to fit both kids and adults. The headband can also be removed and washed. The headlamp is also shock and water-resistant so whether you are using it in weather conditions like snow and rain, or you are sweating during your running/ jogging – the headlamp remains undamaged.

The GearLight Headlamp Flashlight S500 is made with a good quality polymer material and is black and white. Weighing just 4.8 ounces, this lightweight LED headlamp is easy to move around with, and with 7 lighting modes, it is a great item for survival situations.

With a runtime of 45 hours on low beam and 3 hours on high beam, this headlamp is great for all kinds of indoors and outdoors usage. It comes with a year’s warranty and with an excellent price for two head flashlights, the GearLight Headlamp Flashlight S500 is worth buying.

  • Super Bright - These powerful hands-free LED camping lights generate a brilliant, long-lasting beam with daylight color and definition. They even have a runtime of up to 10+ hours (on the low setting).
  • Adjustable Comfort - The removable, washable, and adjustable headband on this LED headlamp comfortably fits adults and children alike. Weighing only 3 oz with batteries, it is the ideal head light for outdoor adventurers …

Elmchee Rechargeable Headlamp

The quality, practicality, and convenience that Elmchee Rechargeable Headlamp provides are unmatchable. Whether you want a headlamp for outdoor activities, reading, or survival situations, this hands-free headlamp will assist you in all situations. It has 8 working modes to cater to all ranges of your lighting needs including high, low, SOS strobe and red light. You can select the light by pressing the mode button and you will get the option to choose from these 8 options: high beam (key light), high beam (auxiliary light), low beam (key light), low beam (auxiliary light), all bright, red light, strobe, and SOS red strobe.

The feature that sets the Elmchee Headlamp apart is its rechargeable option. You can recharge its AAA batteries using a power source, power bank or your computer. With a total weight of 10.4 ounces and a dimension of 10.7 x 10.7 x 2.4 inches, the headlamp is easy to carry and store. The headband is ergonomically designed keeping your comfort and practicality in mind. It is supported by an adjustable and stretchable vertical strap to make sure the headlamp is comfortable to put on even for long durations. The 6 bright LED lights powered by the long-lasting 1500 mAh Li-polymer battery make sure you get 100,000 hours of light. How great is that?

And extreme survival situations require extremely good products, which the Elmchee Rechargeable Headlamp is. With its weather-resistant feature, you do not have to worry about the rain, snow, wind, heat, or sweat ruining its functionality. The headlamp can be adjusted by tilting it by 90 degrees, making sure you have full coverage of whatever is around you.

Your Elmchee Rechargeable Headlamp comes with a two-year warranty, and a full refund or exchange if you are not satisfied with your product. So whether you want to keep it as a backup in survival situations, or in times of need such as car repairing, camping or outdoor work, the Elmchee Rechargeable Headlamp is all you need.

  • 【Hands Free】With Elmchee rechargeable headlamp you can have a reliable, hands-free led headlight to brighten up your environment, leaving you free to work, read, and explore whenever and wherever you want.
  • 【8 WORKING MODES】 this movable brightest LED head light is prepared to adjust to a full range of lighting needs. You can set up the color mode via pressing the key light.High,low,all and SOS strobe 4 modes.When key light working, press 3 seconds mode button to enter the auxiliary light mode,and you can choose high, low, red light, and SOS strobe …

OUTERDO Rechargeable Headlamp

If you are looking for a super bright headlamp, look no farther than the Outredo Rechargeable Headlamp. You will be amazed at how bright its light options are, and how long the battery life is. The headlamp carries 8 LED lights which promises a whopping 13000 lumens of bright light. Even in the darkest of situations, you can get the visibility up to 600 meters.

The headband is intelligently designed with a sponge pad to give you the maximum comfort possible. It is flexible to fit head circumference up to 58 cms. Weighing around 315 gms, the Outredo Rechargeable Headlamp can be easily carried around for a long duration of time without its weight bothering you.

Once your headlamp is fully charged, it can work for 7 to 9 hours. You can use it on low white light for up to 9 hours, high white light for up to 4 hours, and red light for as long as 9 hours. Just make sure you don’t overcharge it, which means don’t charge it all night. Just charge it for 6 hours before using it for the first time, and enjoy your outdoor activities or engage in essential repair work that needs a good light at night. This headlamp works great in survival and rescue situations.

The Outredo Headlamp comes with two removable and rechargeable lithium batteries, along with a USB cable to charge them. With 8 versatile lighting options to choose from, you can set the light mode that you require and use it for long hours. The headlamp can be swiveled at a 90-degree angle giving you the flexibility that you need.

This is one of the best rechargeable headlamps that you can get, and is made from Aluminum alloy and ABS materials. The headlamp’s dimensions are 4.7 x 3.7 x 3.5 inches. With its purchase, you will get one rechargeable headlamp (with LEDs), two rechargeable batteries, a USB charging cable, and a storage box to keep your items safe.

The headlamp comes with waterproof components including the headband, lights, cables, and battery bin, so even when the weather is getting extreme, your headlamp will continue to give its full performance. This feature makes it of great use in emergency and survival situations when the environment may get unfavorable. The Outredo Rechargeable Headlamp is shock-proof, dust-proof, and snow-resistant, and ideal for all kinds of indoors as well as outdoor situations.

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

A good headlamp can be of many uses both in indoor as well as outdoor circumstances. Even if you are not an outdoor activity buff, you must still keep one with you for emergency and survival situations which don’t announce when coming. The Black Diamond Storm Headlamp is one such sturdy gear that will help you in all such situations with its super bright light. And who says you cannot look chic when wearing a headlamp! The Diamond Storm Headlamp comes in three stylish colors: Black, Dark Olive, and Octane. Its elegant design makes it very convenient to put on and carry around even for a long duration of hours.

The headlamp offers a varying degree of brightness for close-ranged as well as far objects, so you can switch to whatever brightness settings you want. Its one quad power LED along with a double power white LED produce 350 lumens of light power. It has 3 single power LED colored modes for night vision: red, blue and green. The Brightness Memory feature lets you turn the headlight on and off at your selected brightness option without switching it to full power, as many other headlamps do. The Power Tap Technology feature enables you to adjust the brightness instantly and switch between full and dim light modes.

Whether you are reading a book or going on a rescue and search operation, you need the different intensity of the light to carry out your task. The versatile Diamond Storm Headlamp comes with 8 flexible lighting modes. This allows you to customize the light according to your needs. It is dust-proof and fully waterproof (it can be immersed in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes) which makes it great for all kinds of outdoor sports, repair work, and emergency as well as survival situations.

The Diamond Storm Headlamp requires four AAA batteries. The headlamp can be tilted to adjust to your visibility requirements. The super secure latch system is of great quality and ensures your headlamp stays safe even when accidentally dropped. With a 3 year warranty, the Diamond Storm Headlamp will assist you for many years to come.

  • Emits up to 400 lumens on max setting
  • PowerTap Technology allows instant transitioning between full and dimmed power
  • Brightness Memory allows you to turn the light on and off at a chosen brightness without reverting back to full power
  • Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red, green and blue night-vision, and lock mode …

JLANG Headlamp Flashlight

The thing about some of the best rechargeable headlamps is that they give you the hands-free satisfaction that you need when walking, running, hiking, cycling, hunting, fishing, or other outdoor adventures. It is also great for repair work, maintenance activities, emergency as well as survival situations. It is quite versatile and adjustable as it can be used as a waist-lamp and bike’s headlight. You can also fix it over your helmet to be used in caves and rescue operations.

The headlight is elegantly designed using aluminum alloy and plastic casing. This makes it light and comfortable to use and carry around for hours. The headlight is recharged through a USB cable which is extremely convenient when you want to recharge your headlamp with any USB device. Its two rechargeable batteries can last for up to 6 hours. On high light mode, the light can last for 2 to 4 hours; on the low light mode it can go up to 3 to 5 hours; about 4 hours in induction function; and around 4 hours in flashing mode.

There are 4 light modes that you can choose between: super bright, bright, SOS and induction bright. The headlight has a range of 300 to 500 meters. The headlamp can be lilted for up to 90 degrees making it ideal for all situations. It has a red taillight which only turns on when the headlight is in use and guarantees your visibility to people behind you.

The JLANG Rechargeable Headlamp is waterproof and designed to work in different weather conditions, whether it is snow or rain. The product comes with a headlamp, two lithium-ion batteries, a USB charging cable, and a user manual to help you understand all its features. It weighs 8.8 ounces and package dimensions of 4.5 x 4.4 x 3.9 inches. Its after-sales service provides you with a risk-free satisfaction, and you can have a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the product, which won’t be the case, thanks to this amazingly practical JLANG headlamp.

Vekkia Ultra Bright CREE LED Headlamp

Whether it’s your first time using a headlamp, or you have had one in the past, the issue with most of the average quality headlamps is either their strap is too tight, too wobbly, or the headlamp (and hence your head) gets heated up when prolong used. The Vekkia Ultra Bright CREE LED Headlamp has all the solutions for you with its great quality headlamp, elastic headband, and ideal weight. It works great for both adults and kids, and its washable headband is super comfortable and secure at the same time – which means no headaches even after using it for long hours. It is so light and comfortable, you will barely notice that something is on your head!

The Ultra Bright LED Headlamp offers 160 lumens of full brightness with other lighting modes including dim, SOS, strobe and red LEDs. Two switches independently operate the red and white LEDs. You can easily tilt the headlamp in an upwards or downwards position for up to 45 degrees to get the perfect light angle you want.

The package contains one great quality headlamp, an instructional manual to guide you through all the amazing functionalities, and three AAA Alkaline batteries. With its battery life lasting for days (average 30 hours of battery life), you do not need to worry about constantly changing its batteries. Your Vekkia Ultra Bright CREE LED Headlamp has 2.3 x 1.4 x 1.7 inches dimensions and has a super lightweight of 1.6 ounces. With the three batteries, your headlamp will weigh around 2.6 ounces which is easy to carry around and go hands-free.

It is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities such as camping, biking, jogging, backpacking, hunting, fishing, and so much more. This reliable head flashlight can come in handy in emergency and survivor situations. This multipurpose headlamp can be gifted to a friend. It comes with a year warranty, along with 30 days money-back guarantee if you do not find the product up to the mark. And that can never be the case! With its amazing price and practicality, the Vekkia Ultra Bright CREE LED Headlamp is a must-have.

  • 【Versatile Design & Super Lightweight】 Adjust the Beam Angle up to 45 degrees with an easy up or down movement. Light Up The Night - 262 FT Range. Lightweight design weighs just 2.6 oz with Batteries .
  • 【Five settings for you need】White XPE LED: Offers Full Brightness (160 Lumens), Dim and Strobe Modes. Red LEDs: Constant Mode - Perfect for Saving Your Night Vision, and Flashing/SOS Mode …

Energizer High-Powered LED Headlamp

If you are looking for a great quality headlamp that is intelligent enough to switch between 10% to 100% of its lighting intensity to suit your needs, there is nothing better than the Energizer High-Powered LED Headlamp/ Flashlight. It offers you 7 different light modes making it ideal for all kinds of outdoor as well as emergencies.

It comes in different colors and styles, so you have the luxury to choose the one that fits your personality the most. The Forest Green headlamp with 260 lumens beam, Rust Red with 315 lumens of LED light, Midnight Black with 360 lumens, and even the older version of the super bright headlamp is also available. The Energizer LED Headlamp can light up around 80 meters with its 260 lumens LED light, which is more than enough for all kinds of survival situations, as well as for lighting up a campsite, your room, or for car repair and other maintenance work.

The seven light modes provide the versatility of high light, low light, red light, spot high, spot low, wide high and wide low. The intelligently designed dimming light technology controls the light intensity so you can use your headlamp in any situation you want. In low mode, your headlamp battery can last for up to 35 hours which is enough to be used in multiple nights without having to worry about its battery life. The headlamp comes with 3 AAA Energizer Max batteries, so you can start using your headlamp as soon as you receive it!

What makes the Energizer High-Powered LED Headlamp truly durable is its construction. It has been drop-tested to withstand a one-meter drop. It has a shatterproof lens, along with a dustproof and waterproof exterior. The headband is adjustable, and it snugs wit perfectly. Since the headlamp has been powered by one of the most trusted brands, Energizer, you do not have to worry about its performance or quality.

  • ✅ [SUPER BRIGHT LED]: Illuminates up to 85 meters with a 360-lumen beam of LED light in high mode - This head lamp can light up the room, or the campsite, with ease.
  • ✅ [MAXIMUM DURABILITY]: Features a durable construction that withstands 1-meter drop test, a shatterproof lens, and a water-resistant IPX4 rated body - making this head light the perfect rugged companion both indoors and outdoors …

Soft Digits Headlamp Flashlight

What is better than having a head flashlight for your indoor and outdoor needs? The answer is having two of them! The Soft Digits Headlamp comes in a pack of two. You can either keep one as a backup for emergency and survival situations and use the other in your outdoor activities, or you can give one to a friend or partner and enjoy your indoor as well as outdoor activities together. Whatever you have in mind, rest assured that the Soft Digits Headlamp is of great quality, practicality, and is super reliable.

With its 45 degrees of tilting, you can use your headlamp accurately to the place you want to put light on – no need to adjust your head or neck to look at the stuff lying ahead of you. The waterproof headband is adjustable and comfortable. With the lightweight of the headlamp itself, this guarantees no headache or neckache even after prolonged use.

With its purchase, you will receive two headlamps, two USB charging cables, and an instructional manual to guide you on how to use this amazing headlamp. It also comes with two powerful rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a running time of 6 hours and can be charged using any micro-USB device charger, which means you do not have to worry about changing batteries and buying new ones. The headlamps weigh around 6.6 ounces with a package dimension of 4.1 x 3.2 x 2.7 inches.

The Soft Digits Headlamp Flashlight has 8 modes of lighting and you can easily switch from one mode to the other. The two induction modes, high brightness, low brightness, COB auxiliary low light, COB auxiliary high light, red light, red SOS light, and the intelligently designed motion detection function are some of the highlights of this headlamp. The headlamp produces from 300 to 800 lumens of varying LED light modes, reaching from 200 meters to as far as 500 meters.

The battery level display comes in handy, so you do not need to guess about the battery life, nor does the light of the headlamp goes off unannounced. This multifunctional headlamp can be used in rain, snow and dusty environments. The hands-free Soft Digits Headlamp is what you need to have in all kinds of situations.

  • 【Hands-Free Headlamp】 - If your job requires both hands free headlamps and a bright flashlight with a wide beam, reach for the soft digit headlamp. It produces maximum brightness of 1100 lumens in various light modes up to 200–500 meters, with high-performance LED lights. The headlamp weighs only 1.8 OZ, NO overheating after hours of use and tilted 45 degrees to reduce neck fatigue. The adjustable strap ensures that your head is in the best possible condition, fits both adults and children …

Vont Spark LED Headlamp

If you are looking for great quality and super reliable and practical set of headlamps, flexible enough to fit on adults and kids, the Vont Spark LED Headlamp could be the one you are looking for. The headlamp is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, backpacking, camping, jogging, biking – anything you can think of! And not only that, the Vont Headlamps can come in very handy during emergency and survival situations. It comes in a pack of two so you can either keep one as a backup or give it to your family member to enjoy the outdoors with you.

This super bright head flashlight emits 200 lumens of light and uses three AAA batteries. The batteries are not included in the package. With a battery life of 8 hours in low mode and 3 hours in high mode, this hands-free headlamp gives you up to 90 hours of total light which is far less than any other headlamp provides you with. This multifunctional and ultra-versatile headlamp weighs around 1.6 ounces and the pack of two weighs around 3.2 ounces, with a package dimension of 5 x 2.8 x 2.1 inches.

The Vont Spark LED Headlamp has 7 useful modes, giving you a light for all kinds of situations. The main light has low, medium, strobe, and SOS options. The sidelights have low, SOS, and strobe options. This battery-powered headlamp gives you extremely bright and long-lasting light even in the darkest of places.

The headlamp is designed to keep ergonomics in mind and can be tiled to an angle of 45 degrees. It is waterproof and dustproof which makes it perfect to be used in rain, snow, and extreme conditions. One of the best features about the Vont Spark LED Headlamp is that it fits perfectly in your pocket or your backpack’s side pocket, making it very practical and portable. The headlamp comes with a lifetime warranty which is a rare factor to beat. If you are looking for great quality and super handy headlamp, this is the one for you.

  • ULTRA BRIGHT & LONG LASTING - Featuring super bright Proprietary VLEDS that can vividly light up your immediate vicinity, even in total darkness. Unbeatable battery life of up to 90 hours (2X of our competitors’). Easily light up an entire tent, road or even a mountain. (Batteries are included for your convenience) …

GOFORWILD 2 Packs of Rechargeable Headlamp

Emergencies and survival scenarios always come unannounced. For this reason, you need to have a headlamp that you can use both indoors when there is no electricity, as well as outdoors when its pitch black. One great option is the GOFORWILD Rechargeable Headlamps. The package comes with two bright headlamps, 2 headbands, 2 USB cables, and an instruction manual.

The headlamp provides up to 500 lumens of light with 5 illuminating modes to select from. With the three display modes (white mode, sensor mode (white light), and red mode), you can trigger a strong or a weak SOS signal, red light, and red light strobes, and switch to blue light’s automatic feature to turn the light on or off the light. It can be rotated to a 45-degree angle to give you proper focus that you may need. The intelligently designed motion sensor operates in a completely hands-free manner. Just wave your hand under the motion sensor and it will trigger the sensor turning it on or off.

The GOFORWILD Rechargeable Headlamp is perfect for running, hiking, and backpacking as it is very light in weight and easy to carry around for long intervals. With a weight of fewer than 3.5 ounces, it is easy to put on. The headband is comfortable and adjustable. It is waterproof making it ideal for extreme outdoor conditions such as rain, sweating, snow, and dust. Charging your headlamp is also a breeze. You can charge it directly from the USB cable (which is provided with the headlamp). Its built-in rechargeable battery can last for 2.5 hours and cover a distance of 200 meters.

The pack of two has an overall weight of 9.6 ounces with a package dimension of 7.9 x 4.3 x 2.1 inches. If you are not satisfied with this headlamp, you can ask for a full refund within 3 months of your purchase. And to make things even better for you, GOFORWILD offers you a lifetime technical support for your headlamps. With all the features and functionalities provided by this great quality rechargeable headlamp, you don’t need any other kind of light for your outdoor activities.

  • ULTRA BRIGHT- Class-leading illumination with our 500 lumens LED, providing five lighting modes. Intense white and red lights encompassed in a 45° rotating enclosure ensures clear vision in the dark. The inbuilt SOS and strobe modes are designed for safety.
  • MOTION SENSOR- Operate the headlamp by simply waving your hand under the motion sensor mode to turn it on or off. Designed with convenience in mind to avoid accidental eye contact with another person …

Features to Consider While Buying a Headlamp

A headlamp is a multifunctional piece of equipment that can be of great use. Whether you plan to go backpacking, camping, running, jogging, hiking, fishing, or hunting, a good headlamp can be your best friend during nights. But the functionality and importance of a headlamp are not limited to outdoor sports and recreational activities. You may want to get a headlamp when walking your dog at night. What if you need to go out in a storm on a night? What if you need to head to your basement after the electricity goes out, or if your car breaks down on your way home? In emergency and survival situations, a headlamp can be of vital importance.

Before buying the headlamp that is perfect for you, you need to check out these important features that make a headlamp better than the rest.


The battery is one of the most important components of a headlamp as it decides for how long you can get the light. The longer the battery life is, the more number of hours you can use and the better the brightness of the light will be.

There is a variety of battery and power options in headlamps. A large number of headlamps use AAA or AA batteries. Some use rechargeable Alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries can be easily found and hence they are famously used in headlamps. Having an option for AAA or AA batteries can be great as you can keep some extra batteries in your backpack when heading outdoors. However, a single battery cannot produce much light. For this reason, the more powerful rechargeable lithium batteries are used which are compact but store enough power to produce a good amount of light.

Many headlamps have a mini-USB charging option. This lets you charge the headlamp between your trips or whenever it is convenient for you. If you do not have access to direct electricity, you can take your power bank (or solar power source) along to recharge these headlamps when need be. If you are keeping a headlamp for emergencies, you can charge it using the USB cable so that you can use the headlamp without worrying about purchasing the AAA or AA batteries.

Some headlamps come with external battery packs (which can be bought separately as well). The main purpose of these external battery packs is for using the headlamp for an extensive period, or in a cold climate. These external power sources are large which adds on to the weight you need to carry in your outdoor excursions.


The weight and size of the headlamps are generally more or less the same. However, you need to keep this factor in mind that whatever the weight of your headlamp is going to be, you will be carrying it over your head for a long duration of time. And even if you are not wearing the headlamp, the headlamp will be carried in your pocket. For this reason, you need something compact that can be easily carried and stored. And rightly so, you cannot just carry a 10 kg gadget on your head. It is neither practical nor logical. But some headlamps come with external power sources or batteries, which could add to their weight.

The weight of a headlamp can also depend upon the number of LED lights it has. The more lights a headlamp has, the more is the weight going to be – in normal scenarios.

A relatively heavier headlamp can result in you getting a headache and neck strain, and you would not want that. It is always a good idea to check the weight of the headlamp you plan to purchase and see what it feels like.

LED Types

The quantity, quality, and intensity of LED lights vary from headlamp to headlamp. The amount of light being emitted by the headlamp is quantified in the form of lumens. A headlamp can have a lumen range from 15 to higher than 500. If you need a headlamp to be used in a group activity, it is advisable to go for a headlamp with a lower range of lumens. This will ensure your other group members are not blinded by the light you head emits! On the other hand, if you are purchasing a headlamp for emergencies, survival scenarios, rescue operations or individual expeditions where bright light is crucial (such as caving, hiking, running, etc.), you must go for a higher lumen count, ideally at least 200 lumens to as high as 500 lumens or even more.

The headlamps normally have two types of beams. A floodlight (wide beam) and a spotlight (where the beam is more focused towards the front). An ideal headlamp could be a combination of both these beams.

Some of the lighting modes that some of the best headlamps provide are:

  • Strobe or flashlight – to signal for emergencies, and also to save battery life.
  • Red light – to be used in scenarios when you do not want high-intensity beam, or do not want to disturb others in your camp.
  • Zoom mode or a boost mode – to provide a high-intensity beam for shorter durations of time.
  • Varying brightness levels – from high to low, and some brightness settings in between.


Comfort is of vital importance when buying your headlamp. Whether you plan to use your headlamp in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and biking, etc. or want to keep it as a backup for emergency and critical situations, your headlamp needs to be comfortable.

Adjustable Headband

What does it mean to have a comfortable headlamp? A comfortable headlamp is the one that has elastic headband comfortable enough to be properly snug fit an adult or child without wobbling around your head.


It also means that the headlamp needs to have a tilting or swiveling mechanism so that when you want to look at a closer angle, the headlamp has the flexibility to quickly adjust to your lighting needs. Most of the headlamps provide 45 degrees to 90 degrees of the rotating mechanism.

Multiple Modes of Light

You also need to have full control over the amount of light the headlamp generates, which means that a good headlamp needs to give you options of varying levels of lighting modes (bright light, dimmer, SOS, strobe, red light, etc.).

Accessibility of Buttons

The position and size of the buttons are also of crucial importance. You may need to use these headlamps in emergency and survival situations, and you must have quick access to the intensity of light you want to use in that scenario. Moreover, many head flashlights come with a lockout feature which is quite handy when you are carrying your headlamp in your backpack.

Power Level Indication

Another important feature is the power level indicator that many advanced headlamps have. It is always great to have an idea about the remaining battery life so that you are left in the middle of nowhere.

Detachable Headlights

Many headlamps have detachable lights. This gives you the comfort to detach them from your headband and use it as a flashlight or put in on a bike.

Adjustable on Helmets

Many headlamps are specially designed to be adjusted on helmets, so if you plan to use your headlamp while mining or biking, make sure the headlamp you select is compatible with your helmet.

All these features make any headlamp one of the best headlamps that could be purchased for your use and convenience. However, some people may not need certain features (for instance, if you do not wear a helmet, you would not care whether your headlamp is compatible with one or not). Note what your requirements are, and what are the deal-breakers (the must-have features that you cannot accept a headlamp without). After all, a headlamp that provides you with the needed comfort will go a long way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Headlamp Should I Buy?

Purchasing a good headlamp is a wise decision. Even if you are not into outdoor sports and camping, a headlamp can come in real handy in rescue operations, survivor situations, and emergency scenarios. There are many good headlamps out there in the market that provide good functionality, are reliable, and offer a good value for money. One of the best rechargeable headlamp that possesses all these features is the GOFORWILD Rechargeable Headlamp.

The GOFORWILD Headlamp is perfect for outdoor sports and activities such as fishing, hunting running, hiking, and backpacking as it is very light in weight and easy to carry around for long intervals. With a weight of fewer than 3.5 ounces, it is easy to carry. The headband is comfortable and adjustable. The headlamp is waterproof making it perfect for outdoor conditions such as rain, snow, and dust.

You can charge it directly from the USB cable that comes with the headlamp. Its rechargeable battery can last for almost 2.5 hours and the flight covers a distance of 200 meters. The headlamp provides up to 500 lumens of light with 5 modes to select from. With the 3 display modes (white light, sensor, and red modes), you can trigger a strong or a weak SOS signal, red light, and red light strobes. It can be rotated to a 45-degree to give you the rotation you need. The intelligently designed motion sensor operates in a completely hands-free manner. You only have to wave your hand under the motion sensor and it will trigger the sensor turning it on or off.

The package comes with two bright headlamps, two headbands, two USB cables, and a user manual. If you are not satisfied with this headlamp, you can ask for a full refund within 3 months of your purchase. In addition to this, the company offers lifetime technical support for your head flashlights making this a great item to buy.

Which Headlamp Has The Most Long-lasting Battery?

Some of the best rechargeable headlamps come with long-lasting battery lives. Whether you need a headlamp for adventure sports or for keeping it with you for emergencies, it is very comforting to have a battery that will go a long way. The Princeton Apex Extreme is one such headlamp with one of the best battery life of 200 hours, as compared to its competitors. The Princeton Tec Snap also has an impressive battery life of 162 hours; whereas Princeton Tec Remix is not far behind with 150 hours of battery life.

While many factors add hours to your headlamp battery’s life, one important aspect is the number of batteries the headlamp requires. The Princeton Tec Apex Extreme uses 8 AA Lithium or Alkaline batteries which is a humongous amount of battery power for a single headlamp (most of the headlamps require 2 to 3 AA or AAA batteries). Different light settings result in burning a varying amount of battery life. The high spotlight setting that lightens up an area to 393 feet can need for a battery switch after 100 hours of use. The low spotlight setting which covers 203 feet of distance can use this battery for 130 hours. Similarly, the high floodlight settings (covering a distance of 141 feet) will have a burn time of 160 hours, and the low floodlight settings (85 feet of distance) will glow for solid 200 hours.

Which Batteries Are Best?

The rechargeable batteries are more environment friendly as there is less battery waste as compared to the non-rechargeable ones. However, these rechargeable batteries have a relatively shorter burn time.

The non-rechargeable batteries last for a longer time but are more expensive in usage. Also, they can be used for one time only, and if you run out, you will have to run to the supermarket for your AA or AAA battery or look for a backup battery.

Which battery works best for you depends upon your headlamp usage. If you plan to go on a route where charging your rechargeable battery is possible, then go for a rechargeable battery. Lithium batteries are lighter and relatively more efficient than Alkaline batteries.

Where You Can Use A Headlamp?

A headlamp can be used in numerous indoor as well as outdoor activities. You may need a headlamp for fixing your car or a switch in the basement. In case of a storm, a headlamp can come in handy to provide you with the light when the power is down. It can provide you with ample light to read. It is also widely used in rescue operations and emergencies. In this day and era when the world is coming across critical situations like pandemics and life-threatening scenarios, a headlamp can be the difference between life and death. You may have to look for your medicines or your car keys in case of an emergency exit at night or when there is no electricity. You also need to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenarios and a headlamp can be a lifesaver. Light is a crucial component for our survival, and we need to examine our surroundings, which can only be done through the presence of proper light.

Apart from this, you can use your headlamp in normal exercise and outdoor situations like running, hiking, dog-walking, fishing, hunting, camping, caving, mountain-climbing – the sky is the limit!

Having a headlamp is a great idea as it provides you with the practicality and value for money factors that not many gadgets do. In fact, with the infinite benefits a headlamp has, it should be in every household. You never know when you will have to need a headlamp.

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