12 Best Survival Knives with a Compass Included

Any survival kit is incomplete without a good prepper knife. These small tools come in very handy for a lot of different purposes, both indoors and outdoors. There are also models where a survival knife may be complemented with other useful tools like a torch or a compass. It’s more appropriate to say that the choices are limitless.

In this article, we will review some of the best available survival knives that also have a built-in compass. Read on to find out more.

Prepper Knives

Now that we know what to look for in a survival knife, let’s see what the market has to offer. There are numerous options available. We will review 12 of the best prepper knives with a compass included.

1. Morpilot Tactical Knife & Emergency Fire Starter Set

This survival kit includes a prepper knife that has a magnetic compass and an emergency whistle. It is assembled by Morpilot, which is a USA-based company. Morpilot is known for its competent R&D and a product design team that strives to provide the best customer care. There is also a magnesium fire starter included. The knife is made up of stainless steel and is 7.87” long. It has a 3.14” long stainless steel blade that folds to fit in the handle. The knife is capable of breaking glass, cutting seat belts, and other outdoor/emergency uses.

The anti-skid design of the handle makes it easier to hold and prevents slipping. Additionally, there is a manual safety lock to make sure that the blade does not bend during operation. An emergency whistle and a magnetic compass further enhance the usability of the knife. Morpilot Fire Starter is reusable, withstands falls, and is very effective for starting a fire, even in wet conditions. It is composed of a waterproof material that keeps it dry.

  • 【5 IN 1 FOLDING KNIFE】: Combined with Glass breaker, Seat belt cutter, Knife, bottle opener, saw, total length-7.87inch (20cm), closed length-4.3inch (11cm), the length of the blade-3.14inch (8cm), 5.64ounces(160g) in weight, this pocket knife with clip can be widely used in Camping, Outdoor Survival, Hiking, Hunting, Picnic, Car escape and so on. Can also be tied to the branch with rope to catch fish …

2. Maxam Mossberg Survival Knife

The survival knife by Maxam is a part of a kit that is very well-supplied and contains various other elements. All the tools in this 12-piece kit are military-grade and fit for many events other than prepping. The knife itself is 14” long with a 7¾” stainless steel blade. In thickness, the spine of the blade measures 1/8”. A zinc alloy is used to form the handle of the knife. The handle is hollow from the inside, but the blade is fixed and does not fold.

In addition to the hunting knife, there is a second knife as well. This one is a gutting knife and is only 1½” long with a string attached to it. For fishing, it comes in very handy. Completing the knife set is a knife sharpener and a sheath.

Other than the knives, the kit also includes a usable fishing kit and Firestarter kit. The hooks, weights, fishing line, and the razor blade are extremely useful for when one may have to fish in the wilderness. Other than that, a fire starter kit and matches make it possible to easily light a fire. Tweezers, pencils, and safety pins are also included.

With the Maxam Mossberg kit, you have almost everything you need if you are prepping for emergencies or going out on adventures in the wilderness.

3. Whetstone Cutlery The Vermillion Survival Knife and Kit

Featuring a double-sided stainless steel blade with a serrated saw back, the Whetstone knife is one of its kind. Its rugged and strong layout is designed for all sorts of cutting tasks. The blade is forged with stainless steel so that it can saw through materials easily.

Attached to the blade is a metallic handle. The handle is hollow from the inside and houses other components of the survival kit. This way, you have the most important of your things in the palm of your hand at all times.

The survival kit includes a fixed blade knife with compass, matches, fishing line, hooks, etc. All these fit inside the hollow knife handle. The holding compartment inside the handle is watertight and keeps all tools dry. The surface of the circular handle is textured for a better grip.

There is a sharpening Whetstone also included for the knife. This stone goes into a pocket on the sheath. Manufactured from low-profile nylon, the sheath prevents the blade from scratching and dulling as well as protects the users from cutting their hands against the knives when retrieving it.

  • Blade Style: double sided with serrated saw back
  • Sharpening Whetstone
  • urvival Kit in Handle Compartment * Compass * Matches * Bandage * Fishing line & Hook
  • Low-profile nylon sheath ; Handle designed for added grip
  • The survival kit is present in the handle
  • Fixed blade knife with survival kit in handle compartment and low profile nylon sheath …

4. USA Defenders Military Survival Knife Bundle with Fire Starter & Compass

Another military survival knife on our list is one by the USA-based company Defender. This knife features an overall black appearance. The blade is made with stainless steel, making it sturdy enough to cut through wood as well. With a razor-sharp and serrated back, the capabilities of this knife are second to none. The serrated design has double teeth that are considered one of the best in the industry. The handle has an engraved texture on it to avoid slippage and strengthen the hold.

This, too, is a fixed blade knife with full metal construction. All these factors combine to make it a solid and tough knife.

The knife is suitable for tasks that one may encounter during camping or outdoor adventure trips. These might include cutting wood and food, skinning animals, cutting cords, etc. The knife is also useful in situations where one needs to defend himself against animals or humans.

Other than the multi-purpose knife, the kit includes a compass, a fishing line, and a basic fire starter kit with a few matches. The knife is placed inside a high-quality sheath.

  • High Quality Heavy, rugged sawback blade design
  • Razor-sharp Black stainless steel blade
  • High durable handle with built-in compass including Survival kit
  • Industry Best Double Teeth Blade
  • Includes High Quality Sheath

5. SE 14″ Stainless Steel Survival Knife with Compass, Survival Kit, and Nylon Sheath

This knife is entirely composed of stainless steel, which enables it to withstand falls and hard hits that are unavoidable, especially in outdoor activities. The whole knife is 14” long and fits comfortably in the hand. The blade measures 8” in length. It is sharp and strong enough to perform all cutting and sawing tasks that might come your way all thanks to its 4.5mm thick spine.

The handle has a rough and textured surface for a better hold and to avoid slippage. It measures 6” in length. The inside of the handle is hollow to accommodate a basic survival kit. Since all parts of the knife are made with stainless steel, the knife is very lightweight and easy to carry.

A compass is also added to the screw lid of the handle. Attached to the knife with compass is a wrist strap, which further enhances the hold on the knife if the strap is wrapped around the wrist. The sheath securely houses the knife when not in use, keeping the blades sharp and the user out of harm’s way.

The sheath has a belt loop that allows the user to attach it to the belt. This way, you won’t have to carry the knife in hand at all times. All you need to do is strap it to your belt and move about.

  • 14" hunting survival knife with compass and survival kit with nylon pouch
  • Entire knife is made of durable lightweight stainless steel, allowing for easy handling
  • Dimensions: overall 14", blade: 8", blade thickness: 4.5 mm, handle: 6"
  • Storage compartment that contains survival kit
  • Includes wrist strap and sheath with belt loop …

6. Whetstone Frontiersman Survival Knife & Kit w/Sheath

Another incredible knife from whetstone Cutlery is this Vermillion Survival knife. It has a stainless steel blade that is double-sided. One of the edges is serrated, and the second one is smooth. Since it is double-sided, you can make the most use of it. This feature enables your knife to be as good at slicing food as it would be at skinning an animal.

The knife’s tang goes half into the handle to impart some more strength to the overall body. This knife is fully silver.

The handle is designed for extra grip and for holding other components of the kit inside it. Inside the hollow and watertight handle are matchsticks, fishing lines, hooks, and a bandage. A compass is also included with a string tied to it so that you can wear it around your neck.

The sheath is made of nylon and fits right on the blade. Inside a snap pocket on the sheath is a whetstone that is used to sharpen the knife. This fixed blade knife by Whetstone Cutlery is a fine option for survivalists, outdoor adventurers, and wilderness enthusiasts.

  • Overall Dimensions: 12 x 2. 125 x 1. 375 inches, Blade Length: 6. 75 inches, Blade Style: double sided with serrated saw back, and Blade Material: stainless steel.
  • Handle Length: 4. 5 inches. Handle designed for added grip
  • Low-profile nylon sheath
  • Survival Kit in Handle Compartment
  • Survival Kit includes compass, matches, bandage, fishing line, and hook …

7. Morpilot Pocket Tactical Knife with Compass for Men

This one is a foldable Morpilot knife. It is small and easy to hold without tiring out the hand. Moreover, it is lighter and easier to carry around and store. The knife is 7.8” long out of which 3.1” is the blade. Constructed with 420B stainless steel, the knife weighs only 5.6 pounds, but that does not mean it is not up to par. It can cut through leather, rope, carpet, wood, and even skin animals.

The knife is designed so that it could be opened with two hands to satisfy national and international regulations, but it is also possible to flip it open using one hand. The dual-sided thumb studs help to position your hands in a way that they are not cut when the blade opens.

The blade is a diamond conical V-shaped one so that no compromises are made on its sharpness. Half of the blade is smooth, and the other half is serrated. To close the knife, the liner lock needs to be pushed manually. The manual lock prevents any accidental folding of the knife under pressure during work, which might result in injuries.

Along with this hunting knife comes a smaller thinner knife that could be used to gut fish, etc. To this smaller knife, a compass and an emergency whistle are also attached. This knife is backed by a 12-month worry-free warranty from Morpilot so that your experience with them is fully satisfactory.

  • POWERFUL & RELIABLE LED FLASHLIGHTS-Powerful 500 lumens instantly illuminate your vision, with beam distances up to 800 feet. Flashlights can be used continuously for 10 hours in low illumination mode. LED has a more than 50,000-hour battery lifespan(1*18650 rechargeable battery not included) Whether you use it at home or in outdoor activities, Cheflaud flashlights will provide an even and brilliant beam to get the job done …

8. Snake Eye Tactical Fixed Blade Hunting Knife w/Survival Kit & Sheath

Snake Eye tactical is a company that specializes in all sorts of knives, axes, and swords. This hunting knife from the company is simple and very practical. It is constructed entirely with stainless steel. Not only does this make it strong and solid, but also robust.

This hunting knife has a fixed blade that measures 5.5” in length. A 4” handle totals the overall length to 9” which is easy to manage and carry around. The blade has a smooth and sharp edge that would cut through leather, rope, nylon, cords, polymers, etc.

The back of the blade is serrated. The serrated back has two types of teeth. Most of it is covered with wide teeth, but smaller teeth are also present near the tip of the blade. These two types of serrations on the blade make it fully equipped with strong and thick material.

The survival kit includes a knife with compass and some very basic fishing and fire starter supplies. The knife is enclosed in a protective sheath that comes with it.

  • SNAKE EYE TACTICAL COMBAT KNIFE - This combat knife is made of pure hand forging and quenching process, which makes the blade extremely sharp and durable.This combat knife is suitable for slicing and dicing.
  • FULL TANG BLACK METAL HANDLE - Carefully polished Full Tang Wooden Handle, feel comfortable, smooth and labor-saving.This knife is a great beauty, great performance this strong design with a good strength, durability …

9. SE 8″ Survival Knife with Compass and Survival Kit in a Nylon Pouch

This is yet another one of SE survival knives. This one is also sharp, sturdy, and dependable, but it is smaller in size. It measures 8” in length, making the knife much easier to hold, carry around in the luggage, and store.

The knife has a 4¾” long blade and a 3¼” long handle. Like most other handles, this one is also hollow and contains the survival kit. The shiny silver knife is all stainless steel construction and comes with a very accurate compass and a basic fire starter and fishing kit.

The sheath is a nylon pouch that protects users from the sharp edge and the serrated back. With a 3mm spine on a 4¾” blade, there is no question regarding the strength and durability of this knife. It has all the power of larger fixed blade knives gathered in a smaller, easier to handle version.

  • Includes compass and survival kit with nylon pouch
  • Entire knife is made of durable and lightweight stainless steel, allowing for easy handling
  • Dimensions: overall 8", blade: 4-3/4", blade thickness: 3 mm, handle: 3-1/4"
  • Storage compartment contains survival kit
  • Great to have for multiple uses for camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, or any outdoor adventure …

10. Survivor HK-56142 Series Fixed Blade Survival Knife

survivor fixed blade

This knife by Survivor is a strong and sharp one. It is 12” long with a 6.5” fixed stainless steel blade. This means it is not foldable. The fixed blade is not prone to bending accidents and is stronger than the one you would find in a foldable knife. The body of the blade is made of stainless steel that measures 6mm in thickness. The edge of the blade is serrated and cuts through wood almost effortlessly.

Survivor HK-56142 features a textured handle. It is made in the M9 Bayonet style, which offers more stability. As a result, there is a very minimal chance of the knife slipping out of your hand during labor, even if your hands are wet or if you are wearing gloves.

The knife is covered with a nylon sheath. The sheath does not scratch the blade and houses it securely when the knife is not in use. The survival kit includes a sharpening stone and a wire cutter as well. The fact that the knife is made to resemble military-grade knives is a testament to its durability. All in all, this is a pretty reasonable knife for emergencies and for going camping, fishing, etc.

11. Ruko 163 11.75″ Survival Knife with Black Nylon Sheath

ruko survival knife

The next prepper knife on our list by a Chinese company, Ruko. They excel in making survival knives, both retractable and fixed. This survival knife is a fixed one. It has a stainless steel blade that is finished with a 420J2 oxide coating to protect it against water and general wear and tear.

The back of the blade is serrated and saw-like, making it easier to use against thick and hard objects. The 6” long blade is black. It is mounted on a hollow handle. Like most other survival knives, the surface of this handle is also textured and rough for a better hold. Overall, the knife measures 11.75” in length.

On top of the handle is a pommel compass that gives accurate directions. Inside the handle, there is a magnesium ferrite fire starter and a wire cutter. The knife is kept secured inside a 1680D Nylon sheath. The sheath also holds a whetstone for sharpening the knife wherever needed.

To top it all of, Ruko provides a lifetime warranty for the whole kit. In case of any faulty, damaged, broken, or non-functional parts, the company will compensate for it.

12. Maxam 12-Piece Survival Knife Set with Zinc Alloy Handles

maxam survival knife set

Another one from Maxam’s 12 piece kit is this survival knife with compass. It is 14” long with a 7¾” long stainless steel blade. The spine on this blade is 1/8” thick, giving it support for demanding work that requires heavy and strong strokes. Along with this hunting knife is a smaller skeleton knife. The skeleton knife is 7” long and has a 1½” thick spine. It features a gutting hook and is usually used for fishing or when skinning an animal.

When it comes to the handle, Maxam uses Zinc alloy to convey a lightweight and long-lasting handle. This handle, too, acts as a capsule for the rest of the very basic survival kit and the compass.

The sheath for the knife has a slingshot attached to it complete with a missile pouch and tubing. This knife and the additional components make for a great kit for all sorts of emergencies and outdoor adventures.

Considerations for Choosing a Prepper Knife

A prepper knife is one of the most crucial elements of your emergency survival kit or your outdoor bag. Preppers need many different tools and gadgets, such as a knife sharpener and a compass. Manufacturers now combine these tools with the knife to make for a more useful tool. These knives prove more practical both in usage and storage.

Before buying a prepper knife, it is good to know what a good knife entails. There are a few considerations that, if remained mindful of, will help you make a better choice.

Blade Type

For a survival knife, a pointed blade is considered to be the most suitable. It is not only useful for cutting wood and other objects, but the long belly of the point blade makes skinning very easy. When it comes to self-defense, these blades are sharp and effective. The edge of the blade is either smooth or serrated. With a serrated blade, it is easier to cut the wood, but maintaining and sharpening a smooth blade is easier.

Length of The Blade

A blade that is too long is neither easy to handle nor very practical. As far as prepper knives go, a length of 4-7 inches is ideal. This length is easy to carry, pack, and also use. It fits in the hand nicely.

The Tang

Tang is the part of the knife that is enclosed in the handle. A full-length tang imparts incredible strength to the survival knife and holds the blade in place. Some knives lack the tang and often break when used with some force. Hence, having a tang on your knife is very good, especially if you are to use it regularly and forcefully.

The Handle

The handle of the knife is either thick or thin. A thin handle is lighter and easy to carry around. It is also easier to conceal. However, in survival situations where concealment is not an issue, a thicker handle is not only more comfortable to hold but is also stronger. The handle should be textured for a sound grip and to avoid slipping from the hand. The survival knife should be usable if your hands are cold, wet, or when you are wearing gloves. Moreover, the handle should be long enough to fit your hand.


Prepper knives are a very important tool, not only for preppers and survivalists but also for outdoor adventure lovers. A high quality prepper knife with compass might prove to be live-saving under various conditions; hence, it is crucial to make an informed decision and choose a knife that would serve well and long.

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