Best Survival Rifles 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Ruger 10/222. Remington 24″3. Ruger 16″
Ruger Best Survival RifleRemington 700 Adl 24 Bolt Action RifleRuger 16 Adjustable Rapid Rifle

Spending time in the outdoors can be tricky, and sometimes you may have to face adverse conditions and wild animals. In such a case having a tool that can protect you is important. Here comes the role of survival rifle.

What is a survival rifle? Well, call them what you want, survival guns or rifles, you sure would be glad to have one if you ever need one. Today, there is a whole wide range of the best survival rifle out there.

Before you go ahead and start looking for the best survival gun, it is essential to know more about them, how they work, and why do people buy them.


What Is A Survival Rifle?

It is not uncommon to see wildlife enthusiasts and adventurous buffs explore great outdoors for endless adventure and games. The survival rifle is a lightweight, reliable firearm to fend off wild animals and predators. If you are a regular camper, a hiker, a kayaker, or a climber, you must be ready to face any kind of situation.

The survival rifle is a lightweight, reliable firearm to fend of wild animals and predators. It is very different from a truck gun or trunk gun and is a small and compact gun that is taken afield and in remote outdoors. The survival gun or rifle, as the name suggests, is meant for your safety and survival when outdoors.

In case you find yourself stranded in a remote stretch of land with the least possibility of finding any help, you can feel a lot more confident if you have one of the best survival rifles in your hand for your safety.

Here is what your survival gun needs to be able to do.

  • Hunt both small game and large games like antelope and deer
  • Be good at self-defence in close quarters, inside 200 yards. and beyond 200 yards

Different survival rifles come in many different configurations. A well-designed survival gun is very dependable and quite versatile.

It offers more range than the shotgun or the pistol and is more comfortable to shoot from and more accurately. The design makes them quite compact and creates less recoil than most guns.

Do You Really Need A Gun?

Before you buy a firearm or a gun or a rifle, ask yourself why you want it or if you really need it? And if you have no firearms background and are considering buying one as you are interested in gaming or are concerned about self-defence, it might be a good idea to buy a survival rifle.

However, before you do that, you need to learn how to shoot accurately.

Never take buying a firearm lightly, and if you really want to own a gun, consider investing the necessary time to practice the firearm and becoming proficient in it. The law prohibits any mentally unstable individual and a convicted felon from having a firearm.

It is advisable that those who are interested in buying a survival rifle must go for proper training and hold a licence. Possessing a gun might give you peace of mind but can destroy the peace around you if you are not careful.

Despite millions of privately-owned firearms and stronger demonstrations by anti-gun crowds, gun sales have skyrocketed yet again. The truth is that if we place more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, crime rates can go down.

To be honest, guns and rifles are not meant for everyone. It would not be a good idea for someone who has never taken a firearms safety course to buy a firearm and use it in a self-defence or survival situation.

So, before you buy any gun, you need to learn the significance of safety and training and take the gun laws seriously.

There are many advantages to having the best survival rifle but with the right training and knowledge. When law-abiding citizens have firearms in their hands, society would indeed feel much safer.

It is not uncommon to hear stories of women protecting themselves from sexual abuse with the help of a gun or rifle. A countless number of lives are saved because the guns work as serious deterrent to criminals.

There are some rules and regulations that surround the ownership of rifles.

  • Individuals should be a minimum of 18 years of age when they buy a rifle
  • The firearms must be bought from a licensed firearms dealer
  • All rifles must have a minimum 16 inches barrel length
  • Rifles for hunting big game should be sufficiently powerful
  • Fully automatic firearms are illegal for hunting

In some states like New York, there are restrictions on the species you can hunt. Typically, these species are allowed for game hunting- chipmunk, squirrel, coyote, ruffed grouse, furbearers, raccoon, grouse, rabbit, pheasant, and more.

It is also important to know your gun laws in your state to the country before you decide to buy any gun or rifle. You will know if you need to register and apply for a permit to purchase the gun and if licensing is required.

You need a special permit to carry it on your person. It is a good idea to stay updated on the current laws and regulations pertaining to firearms as they keep on changing and evolving.

Guide To Buying The Best Survival Rifle

So, now that you are thinking of buying a survival gun, how do you start and what do you look for. Do you go for the branded ones or base your choices solely on the budget? Well, in this write-up, we sort this for you by bringing you certain pointers that you must consider if you wish to buy the best survival rifle.

Here are the key features that one should look at when looking for the best survival rifles.

1. Reliability

One of the first things that you should be considering is the reliability of the survival rifle. Irrespective of the conditions you are in, your survival gun should work with ease.

The gun should be built tough and be sturdy enough to last a long survival situation. The reliability comes only from a good quality make and design of the gun.

2. Lightweight

When one finds himself in a survival situation, having a survival gun gives a peace of mind, but only if it is lightweight and you can easily carry it. Look for a survival gun rifle that is lightweight and easy to carry.

If you have to shoulder a heavyweight, those pounds are indeed going to turn to pain. So, look for the best survival rifles weighing no more than five pounds.

3. Higher Accuracy

When it comes to shooting with precision, do not compromise on the accuracy aspect. Once you learn the nuances for aiming right and have practiced shooting enough, you should have a good idea about the accuracy factor.

Remember, your survival gun won’t come paired with a heavy scope or have a long barrel. What you will rely more on is a gun that promises accuracy. So, go for a gun with a high-quality precision rifle with suitable stopping power.

4. Easy To Carry And Pack

Carrying your rifle should be like a breeze, and all you need to do is just shove it into your pack. There are take-apart guns and folding stocks that too are recommended for survival situations best.

Whatever kind you buy, just make sure that it is easy to handle the rifle and ensure that it fits easily into a bag. It should be something that you can easily pack without it taking up too much time or space.

5. Priced Reasonably

With so many newer models coming up and you are likely to upgrade and buy a good quality survival gun. Consider the cost of the rifle, and the cost of ammunition and your past adventures with your gun, before you buy a gun.

Comparing the cost and price feature will help you find the best survival rifle for your needs and match your budget.

6. Simplicity

Another factor that you should be considering while buying a survival rifle is that it must be simple to use. The process of loading the rifle and clearing round, pulling the trigger must be easy so that I case of need you are able to use it easily.

The bottom line is that the survival rifles you are looking at should be extremely reliable, carry, excellent power, and promise a decent range.

Consider your comfort level with the survival gun and different firearms. Assess as to how familiar are the adults in your family with using the gun in case of a disaster or unforeseen suasion. Choose the ideal weapon when browsing different rifles.

Apart from the above guidelines on the best survival rifle, you should also focus on the kind of ammunition that you need.

So, what are the options available in the market when it comes to the best survival rifles? Choosing a survival gun would be like a breeze if you could find a firearm that was suitable for both large and small game hunting, perfect for defence and accurate when shooting long-range and close range.

While there are no perfect guns out there, there are several that are the most popular and high in demand among customers. Here are some of the most popular and in demand survival rifles to watch out for in 2023.

Top 20 Best Survival Rifles 2023

1. Ruger TakeDown Black

Ruger Best Survival RifleRuger® 10/22 has always been popular, thanks to its proven performance and reliable rotary magazine. The survival rifle is best suited for small game hunting, informal target shooting, and action-shooting events.

Get a variety of choices in the sleek and superbly accurate rifles. Even after half a century, the 10/22 continues to be popular.

Threaded with Flash Hider and 16.62” barrel, it is loaded with all the features that are demanded by.22 shooters of today. The tried-and-true Ruger design is known for its reliable performance. Rugged and weather-resistant, the lightweight rifle makes for easy handling.


  • It is one of the most reliable brands.
  • Ruger 10/22 .22lr offers the right precision.
  • It is sturdy and lightweight, so you can easily carry it.


  • This is a semi-automatic rifle.

2. Remington 700 Adl 24″ Bolt Action Rifle

Remington 700 Adl 24 Bolt Action RifleIf you are looking for the most accurate and strongest bolt-action rifle, then go for Remington 700 ADL 24″ Bolt Action Rifle. Remington 700 is most suitable for every application and pursuit, and its accuracy and dependability make it nothing less of an icon.

The Remington 700 ADL is ergonomically designed synthetic stock and carries a capacity of 4 Rounds. With a Carbon Steel Barrel Length of 24″ and 6.5 Creedmoor Calibre.

Ever since it was introduced five decades ago, it has enjoyed a higher ranking and popularity among survival rifles and rifle owners.


  • One of the best rifles for novice
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Ergonomically designed


  • No additional safety device

3. Ruger 16″ Adjustable Rapid Rifle

Ruger 16 Adjustable Rapid RifleRuger AR-556 operates on the AR15 platform and features a solid, reliable aiming system. Made of aerospace-grade 9310 alloy steel bolt material, the multiple attachment points include a bayonet lug and QD socket.

Type III hard coating is anodized for maximum durability. What reduces glare and corrosion is the matte black oxide finish on the rifle.

The AR-556 comes equipped with the Ruger Rapid Deploy folding and six-position telescoping M4-style buttstock. It comes with a pistol grip, which helps in better holding and apt shot.

The medium contour hammer-forged barrel carries a length of 16.10″ and provides exceptional accuracy as well as easy cleaning. Other features include adjustable post front sight and adjustable rapid deploy rear sight.


  • It comes with a small trigger guard, which prevents it from accidentally firing off.
  • The single-stage trigger of AR-556 gives better control.
  • It comes with a safety lock feature.


  • The birdcage flash hider is removable. But, you would not find wrench flats on muzzle device; it makes use of loctite on threads, which makes it difficult to get the muzzle device off.

4. Blem PSAK-47 Liberty “Moekov” Rifle

Blem PSAK-47 Liberty Moekov RifleBLEM PSAK-47 has been designed with the objective of setting a new standard in AK rifles. The rifle has been created based on the best of all the different models and after testing thoroughly while in development.

The survival rifle has been tested for up to 10,000 rounds to ensure that what the customers get is a top-quality product.

The Meionite steel treated barrel offers optimum accuracy and durability, and the front trunnion is etched with a star. MOE AKM handguard balances the MOE Grip and Zhukov folding stock.

The rifle comes with a 30 round Magpul magazine, 7.62×39 Caliber, and1 in 9.5″ Twist. AKs are known for their accuracy and longevity.


  • It’s a reliable rifle that will give you the same impact as American AK-47
  • It has passed AK Operator Union’s 5K torture test so you can trust this one.


  • The recoil of PSAK-47 is a bit harsher

5. Mossberg 500 12GA Black Pistol Grip Kit 50411

Mossberg 500 12GA Black Pistol Grip Kit 50411The Mossberg is a shotgun of choice for many and enjoys strong popularity among the US Army. Built rugged, it is the right choice for law-abiding citizens along with the military and police.

It is a mission-ready shotgun for any kind of scenario. The gun looks sleek and sophisticated with a synthetic black flinch and is easy to use.

The rifle comes with a barrel length of 18.5″, 12 Gauge, and weighs about: 6.75 pounds. The shotgun features twin action bars, dual extractors, and an anti-jam elevator.

You can look forward to a smooth operation because of the anti-jam elevator, and the top riding safety provides for ambidextrous operation.


  • It comes with a simple barrel and mug, which makes it easy to use.
  • This is a cheap option, and the ammo used in it are even cheaper.


  • It has a heavier barrel when compare with Remington 870, as a result, it has much more weight-forward.

6. Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle

Ruger Mini 14 Ranch RifleThe Ruger Mini-14 Ranch is a semi-automatic action rifle and guarantees the accuracy you demand. The simple and rugged style of the survival rifle is made of alloy steel and weighs 7 lbs.

The cold hammer-forged barrel is 18.5” in length, and a self-cleaning gas cylinder comes with the fixed piston gas system.

The lightweight rifle offers a quick repeat shot capability, and this is why it is a favorite among ranchers and outdoorsmen.

It is ideal for those looking for a small to medium-sized game when hunting because of the easy manoeuvrability and quick shots with the accuracy you demand.


  • It comes with a self-cleaning moving gas cylinder.
  • The rifle is easy to use.


  • It comes with a long stock and rubber butt pad, which tends to get stuck in case you are wearing a coat or thick clothing.

7. Sig Sauer M400 16” Blk Rifle

Sig Sauer M400 16 Blk RifleThe SIGM400 300BLK is designed especially for military operations, law enforcement, and competitive shooting. The true AR platform survival rifle is known for its unparalleled accuracy.

Thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum body and finish, you can look forward to superior corrosion resistance. The rifle features 300 Blk Calibre, a 16” Barrel Length, and 30rd Polymer Mags included.

SIGM400 comes standard with a black polymer grip and collapsible stock. Look forward to higher accuracy, durability, and reliability from SIG SAUER. It is a reliable lightweight firearm that you can depend on in any situation.


  • It’s a lightweight firearm that is reliable.
  • The barrel is nitride treated, and hence it is corrosion-resistant.
  • It offers outstanding functionality.


  • It is a bit expensive.

8. Marlin Model 60SN Micro Groove Rifle

Marlin Model 60SN Micro Groove RifleThe MARLIN Model 60 remains one of the most popular22 Rimfire Rifles, now that more than 11 million of the survival rifles sold. This rifle comes with a pistol grip, black synthetic stock, and molded-in checkering.

The receiver carries a non-glare finish, and the black synthetic stock adds to its looks and durability. The semi-automatic rifle weighs just 5.5 lbs.

What adds to the appeal of the MARLIN Model is the tubular magazine that can hold up to 14 long-rifle rounds.

The gun features autoloading, 4x20mm scope and mount, side ejection, and .22 LR Calibre. The 19″ barrel has a precision-crowned muzzle with split hairs like no other.


  • Extremely reliable rifle
  • It offers accurate bolt action
  • You just need to load it once and use it all-day


  • It comes only chambered in .22 LR, which is negative for some users.

9. Savage 11/111 LH Black Trophy Hunter

Savage 11 111 LH Black Trophy HunterThere are very few rifles that are4 known for their quality, strength, and dependability, and SAVAGE 11/111 is one of them.

It is well known for its outstanding performance and unmatched accuracy that makes for an unbeatable value. It is no wonder to see SAVAGE America’s first choice in sporting rifles.

SAVAGE XP .270 WIN comes with standard features like button rifled barrels, free-floating, the dual pillar, and the revolutionary AccuTrigger.

You will find the widest range of options when it comes to the most popular calibres, and you are sure to meet your every kind of hunting and shooting needs with a Savage.

Weighing just 8 lbs and a barrel length of 22″, the rifle with carbon steel matte finish indeed looks very classic.

It has 40mm lend and a 3 ½ inches eye relief ,which is good enough to shoot with formidable calibers making it a good choice for hunting.


  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • It comes with a black matte finish.
  • It comes with carbon steel barrel is button rifled which offers long-lasting accuracy.


  • It is not a fancy looking rifle.

10. Chiappa Firearms – Little Badger 22 LR Blue

Chiappa Firearms - Little Badger 22 LR BlueCHIAPPA Little Badger 16.5in Blue 1rd is a single barrel foldable rifle. It is easy to handle because of its lighter weight, which is just 2.9 pounds. It is a single-shot rifle.

With a fixed front sight and blue finish, the gun weighs just 2.93 lbs. It is one of the best survival rifle that you can carry with you during camping or hiking and can rely on it in any situation of emergency.

The rifle can fold to 16.5″ total length and carries a capacity of 1-round. With a 16.5″barrel length and adjustable rear sight, the magazine type is fixed. Available accessories include a special cartridge holder and a nylon carry-bag.


  • It is lightweight, so it’s easy to carry.
  • The rifle is foldable, so you can pack it in your bag and take it along with you.


  • The grip of this rifle is small and short.

11. Ruger – 10/22 Takedown 22 LR Blue

Ruger - 10 - 22 Takedown 22 LR BlueRuger 22 LR BLUE Takedown carries a blowback action type and is a favorite among those looking for a reliable survival rifle.

It is also used as a precision target rifle or sporting rifle. The polymer stock material and blue finish, as well as the lightweight of just 4.3 lbs, makes it popular not just because of its performance but looks too.

The rifle carries a capacity of 10+1-rounds and with a barrel length of 16.62″. The removable magazine type and threaded muzzle make it very easy to use.

The proper rifle has everything you need and comes with the right configuration to suit varying needs and actions.


  • It offers a short length of pull.
  • The rifle is extremely light and hence easy to carry.
  • It is an affordable rifle and perfect for beginners.


  • You might not find it useful for formal shooting.
  • It is a semi-automatic rifle.

12. Henry 16.5″ 22 LR- Survival Rifle

Henry 16.5 22 LR- Survival RifleThe matte blue Henry AR-7 has been the first choice among U.S. Air Force pilots for decades now. Through the years, the popularity and demand of the small-calibre rifle have only risen because of its lighter weight, ease of operation, and reliability.

Today it’s a favorite among backcountry adventurers and backpackers who want a small gun that they can rely on for accuracy when taking down small game.

Equipped with features like 8+1-round capacity, fixed front sight, 2 x 8-round magazine, the gun boasts of 16.5”-barrel length and a plain muzzle with the adjustable rear sight.


  • It comes with a steel barrel, which is coated with ABS plastic making it lightweight.
  • It is an inexpensive modular rifle.


  • It is a semi-automatic rifle.

13. Kel-Tec – SUB-2000 S&W Open Rifle

Kel-Tec - SUB-2000 S&W Open RifleWeighing just 4.25 lbs, the Kel Tec SUB-2000 comes with a matte blue finish, and it is indeed one of the most modern handguns you will come across today.

The Sub 2000 is a unique rifle that is affordable and reliable and can feed on a huge range of pistol magazines from various manufacturers.

Different versions of the SUB-2000 include 1 x 15-round magazine and a plain muzzle with the adjustable rear sight.

The protected push bolt type that disconnects the trigger bar and interlocks the hammer and sear is the main safety here. You can reduce the size of the gun to a 16×7 inches, and it can be easily disassembled for cleaning or inspection.


  • This rifle is adjustable and foldable, so you can easily store it.
  • It is blowback powered.
  • It is light weighted.


  • The trigger is a bit more spongy.
  • After 500 plus rounds of shooting, you might not find the SUB-2000 good for competition.

14. Savage 42 Takedown 20″ 410 Bore

Savage 42 Takedown 20 410 BoreIf you are a shotgunner at heart, you will simply love Savage 42 Takedown that comes with a combo feature of 22lr and a .410 break open.

These are great survival weapons as the two-shot weapon indeed makes the game better. The 410 barrel is indeed more potent than the top rimfire barrel, which makes for a precise action for medium-range shooting.

The Savage 42 Takedown carries a 2-round capacity, and with a 20″barrel length, the sleek blue finish on the frame and the barrel, the gun is elegant to look and handle.

The gun weighs about 6.1 lbs and makes for an excellent choice for those looking for affordable, light weighted and versatile rifle.


  • It is very easy to takedown this gun.
  • It has light recoil.
  • It can breakdown with a push of a button.


  • It has plastic and non-adjustable sights.
  • Also, you would not find mounting options for optics.

15. Brownells – 5.56 BRN-Proto

Brownells - 5.56 BRN-ProtoBrownells BRN boasts of some historically accurate unique features that you are unlikely to be seen in other survival rifles. The gun comes with a polymer brown finish and weighs 7.5 lbs.

This little jewel is a compact gun that is reliable, durable, and accurate. It comes with a 25 round steel bodied magazine and A1-profile barrel.

Brownells BRN PROTO features a removable magazine type and is equipped with a flash hider muzzle. The pistol grip of brown reinforced polymer is much more powerful.

Note that characteristic trigger-like charging handle placed on top of the receiver and under the carry handle, which creates an uncluttered look.


  • It is ambidextrous and is highly durable.
  • It has a clean and looks nice.


  • The rifle is susceptible to dirt because.

16. Marlin – XT-22YR Rifle

Marlin - XT-22YR RifleMarlin’s series aims exclusively for young shooters and features shorter trigger reach and smaller grip, which makes it easier for one to handle and grip the gun.

This new model takes advantage lightweight polymer materials and weighs about 5.75 lbs. It comes with 7 detachable magazine and a pro-fire adjustable trigger.

Marlin’s XT-22YR model is perfect for anyone who often travels to remote areas and holds the proper sight picture. With a reduced bolt release force, one can expect smoother loading and prevent jams. Adjust the trigger pull because of the Pro-Fire Adjustable Trigger.


  • It offers 2-position thumb safety.
  • The micro-groove rifling allows precision while targeting smaller targets.


  • It comes with a plastic magazine which breaks very easily.

17. Mossberg – 500 12 Gauge Shotgun

Mossberg - 500 12 Gauge ShotgunMossberg 500 has yet again proved that it is the best pump action type that has been declared MilSpec. If you are looking for the most versatile and reliable shotguns available, you can count on Mossberg 500.

With a blue polymer finish and 6.5 lbs weight, this is a gun that is fit for every application. It comes with 28-inch barrel, which is perfect for long-range shooting.

Mossberg 500 12-gauge pump-action shotgun features18.5″ barrel length and a capacity of 6+1-round and 12 gauge. The gun comes with an included tubular magazine and plain muzzle.

The Mossberg 500 takes your shooting experience to a whole new level and is used by military, law agencies, and households worldwide.


  • It is very easy to change the barrels of this rifle.
  • The recoil is manageable.


  • The pricing of this gun might be on a higher side for some.

18. Remington – Versamax 12 Gauge Blue 8+1RD

Remington - Versamax 12 Gauge Blue 8+1RDRemington Versamax 12 Gauge is indeed one of the best all-around survival rifles. Basically, the best survival rifle packs more punch and power within its sleek, compact frame in polymer blue finish.

Looked upon as the new pinnacle of autoloader technology, the feature is available on all Versa Max Shotguns. Remington Versamax boasts of a 22″-barrel length and carries a capacity of 8-round and 12 gauge.

With a length of 44″ and a weight of 7.75 lbs, it indeed sets a new standard for reliability as one can load anywhere and every time. The gun has proven itself in the field and in extreme situations.


  • It comes with smoothbore barrels
  • It comes with different cheek height inserts for easy usage of this rifle.
  • It offers soft shooting because of gas action.


  • The bigger forend, which can get in the way while quad loading.

19. Smith & Wesson M&P II M-LOK

Smith & Wesson M&P II M-LOKSmith & Wesson M&P15 II M-LOK comes with serious upgrades, and the gas-operated model. It is lightweight and rugged. There is no undue influence on size and shooting comfort in this model that weighs 6.7 lbs and carries a black polymer finish.

Smith & Wesson M-LOK is a mid-length carbine handguard that carries a capacity of 30+1-round and magazine included.

Other features include removable magazine type and flash hider muzzle. Armornite finish on barrel interior and exterior add to its look and durability.


  • It is ideal for beginners.
  • It is affordable and lightweight.
  • It offers excellent accuracy.


  • The barrel is not chrome lined.

20. Interarms – Akms Underfolder 16IN Matte Black

Interarms - Akms Underfolder 16IN Matte BlackThe U.S. manufactured Interarms AKM offers a hard chrome-lined barrel and a custom Texas trigger group.

The gun is fully compliant and comes with a standard 1:9.5″ twist barrel and matched bolt and front trunnion.

The gas-operated model boasts of 30+1-round capacity and 16″-barrel length. The gun carries a matte black polymer finish and weighs 7.5 lbs.

You are assured of the most accurate head spacing, thanks to the multiple headspace checks during the manufacturing process.


  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is a highly reliable rifle.


  • It is a semi-automatic rifle.

Why Buy A Survival Rifle?

Many wonder as to why buy survival rifle, when they already own some other firearms like shotguns and handguns. Well, what makes a rifle different from those firearms is the higher level of versatility and freedom it offers.

These survival rifles can carry out multiple functions and are suitable for a range of purposes. More importantly, they are just perfect for your security and for hunting as well.

  • The survival gun is very suitable for beginners as well as experienced shooters. These guns are known to hit the target with ease and precision and do not recoil as some other similar firearms do. So, even if you have less experience with firearms, you can certainly handle a survival rifle with confidence and at ease, even during an emergency.
  • Often, hunters prefer to go after the small games like squirrels and rabbits as they are easier to come across. While it is more tempting to shoot a bigger animal, the chances are that is would be rare to find an opportunity to go after a bigger game. So, one should look for a survival rifle that is designed for small game hunting and provide excellent accuracy.
  • Under the survival situations, one might need to shoot from a longer range. This is where the high-quality survival rifles fit in and can easily handle the large game hunting. These rifles have an excellent range and are relatively simple to handle. However, keep in mind that large game rifles are not meant for the novices.
  • Having the best survival rifle gives you more confidence when it comes to a long-term survival scenario. As they are incredibly versatile, lightweight, and affordable, they are indeed ideal for carrying in a situation that can go on for weeks, months, or even longer.
  • There can be a situation when you have an unauthorized entrant in your property, or someone trespassing the property, in this case, having a survival rifle by your side would help you in finding safeguarding yourself from trespassers.
  • When it comes to long-range shooting with precision, you can rely more on a survival rifle self-defence as handguns may not be suitable in those situations. So, if you are not holding a rifle, you are certainly not in the best possible situation of self-defence.

Practicing on survival rifles is incredibly easy, and within a short time, one can get familiar with the gun and how it works. It is indeed like a breeze to go through those practice sessions as these guns come with a wide range of configurations and accessories.

You should look for the best rifles for your money that can actually defend you in a major emergency. What you need is proper guidance that can help you pick the best survival rifle.

The Best Ammo For Your Survival Rifle

It can be overwhelming to decide upon the right kind of ammunition for your gun, especially when picking the best types for survival situations. After all, there is an immense variety in the market. However, when buying ammo for your rifle, there are essential aspects to keep in mind:

  • The power – The stopping power of bullets comes into play when defending against or shooting at. While you need bigger and powerful bullets for bigger games, you don’t need that power for small game.
  • The cost- Typically, the more common is ammo, the cheaper it is. Therefore, the commonly found ammunitions are generally cheap and affordable.
  • The availability- The most important aspect to consider when buying ammunition for your gun is to check its availability. What is the use of buying the best survival rifle if you are not able to find the ammo needed easily?

Here are some great options when buying ammo for your rifle.

  • .22LR – The most common type of ammo and what makes it popular is its small size that works great for survival situations and when hunting small games.
  • 9mm- Another common type of pistol ammo is 9mm, which is also known as 9mm Luger. As it is slightly larger than the .22LR, that makes it more suitable for hunting mid-sized game and big game.
  • .308- These rounds of .308, when paired with a rifle, are ideal for a range of around 800 yards. These are great for self-defence and hunting.
  • .56x45mm – Also known as the 5.56 NATO, the ammo is commonly used by the American military. Most gun owners prefer this ammo for an effective shooting range of 300 meters and for self-defence.
  • 12 gauge – This is commonly used by law enforcement and military people. They are rather inexpensive and widely used.

When buying ammunition for your rifle, you should also know as to how much ammo to buy and how to store it properly. Just like other guns, the more precise you are, the less ammo you will need. Thus, practice a lot to get your aim right.

One would need to take a shot during the hunting or for defence. As a common practice, one can stock at least 1000 rounds of ammunition for self-defence and 500 rounds for survival situations.

When you stockpile the ammunition, you need to do that with great care as, without proper care, the shelf-life of the ammo goes down significantly, and you would only look at some useless ammunition.

Here are some useful tips on how to store the ammunition so that it preserves its ammunition.

  • Store the ammo in some cool, dry and dark surroundings
  • Avoid packing too much ammunition in heavy containers
  • Always buy ammunition with a solid and good packaging
  • Keep the ammo in a well-concealed location and hidden from others
  • Do not store ammo under higher or lower temperatures and moist conditions for long-term storage

Now that you have purchased one of the best survival rifles, the onus lies on you to take good care of it as the owner.

Common Mistakes Made When Buying A Survival Rifle

Here are some common mistakes made by those buying a rifle.

  • Using a cheap and getting a light trigger- That can be dangerous and a poor option for carrying a gun and handling it.
  • Use more of those accessories than skills- Do not try to replace your skills with accessories and think that you would become a better shooter.
  • Not knowing the ammo well- Ignoring the ammunition types can be a serious mistake and lead to undesired results.
  • Not training enough- Forgetting the shooting fundamentals can add to unsafe situations and poor handling of guns.
  • Don’t buy rifles for someone else- If you are out there to buy survival rifle, then you must only buy it for yourself as you will be asked to submit your driving licence or other address and ID proof.
  • Buying the wrong rifle- Nothing could be worse than buying a firearm that you are not comfortable or familiar with.
  • Not knowing enough about survival rifle- If you are buying a survival rifle, then you must have enough knowledge about using the same, its mechanical operation and cleaning process.
  • Not maintaining the gun- Ignoring the maintenance schedule of regular cleaning and lubricating every week will shorten the life and capacity of the gun and the ammo.
  • Unfamiliarity with the weapon – Buying a gun without understanding its mechanics and how it works will not go in your favor.
  • Assuming safety in the presence of a gun- While you may have bought the gun for self-defence, just owning it doesn’t guarantee your safety.
  • Buying the wrong accessories- Not getting the appropriate accessories is another common mistake. Those accessories have been made for a reason.
  • Not knowing the laws – There are certain requirements in place in each state, and not just about anyone can walk into a gun store and buy a gun.

Proper Care And Maintenance Of Survival Rifle

If you are in the habit of just unloading the firearm before cleaning it, well, you are only asking for trouble, and the chances are that you might hurt yourself and the around. The consequences of neglecting proper maintenance of the rifle can be serious.

Follow the detailed information given by the firearms manufacturer on the care and maintenance of the firearms; they sell what you need to focus on our regular cleaning, lubrication, and safety.

1. Cleaning

Fine gunpowder particles and other contaminants are released during the firing action, and these gather within the inner spaces of a firearm. Excess build-up of the contaminants can lead to malfunctions in the gun or rifle.

Thus, it is essential to disassemble the firearm and use a cleaning rod, bore brush, cleaning patches, gun oil, and powder solvent to clean the rifles. Select the correct cleaning kit based on the firearm. Run the brush attached to the cleaning rod through the bore several times to get rid of the contaminates.

2. Lubrication

Once the bore of the gun is clean, add a light coat of oil on a clean patch and run it through the bore. The longevity of a firearm relies on how well it is oiled and regularly lubricated as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

3. Safety

It is important that you must safely clean the rifle. Make sure that you unload the rifle before going ahead and cleaning the same.

Make absolutely sure that it is unloaded, and there should be no ammunition in the cleaning area. Once the cleaning is over, and the weapon has been reassembled, and erasure that the weapon is stored carefully in a safe place.

Keep your rifles cleaned, lightly oiled, and un-cocked so as to keep them in good working order and for a high level of accuracy.


1. What Is FFL?

It stands for Federal Firearm License. Apart from pawn shops, retail sporting goods stores, there are many individuals who hold the FFL license. All firearm, when sold online, are shipped to local FFL holder who transfers the firearm to the purchaser.

2. Can I change the order once I have placed it?

No, once the order is placed you cannot edit the same. But, you can cancel the order and then place the order that you want.

3. What if I forget to give my FFL information?

In that case, you can go to our contact form and send the information.

4. How can I check the FFL dealer in my area?

You can check our FFL dealer’s list and get the information about the dealers.

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