Best Survival Watches 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are climbing Mount Everest, navigating the Amazon rain forests, or rambling through the highlands, a survival watch is a must. There is a timepiece to suit all budgets. If you have limited resources, then be sure the timepiece you choose incorporates the benefits for your specific needs. It does not have to boast all the possible features.

However, if you are a worldwide adventurer and your trips are over weeks and months, it is important to have the best survival watch. Consider the elements and choose your device accordingly. A good timepiece will incorporate shock resistance and a built-in compass, be water-resistant to great depths, and able to withstand the toughest of elements.

Solar-powered watches are most beneficial when out amongst the elements for long periods of time. Consider scratch-resistant watch faces for ease on the eye in low light. Led luminous features are also important to consider for the night owl adventurers amongst you.

There are a number of brands and companies which claim to provide the best survival watch. However, you cannot entrust just any brand when it comes to choosing the best military watch for your requirement, and hence, we have got this busted for you.

In this write-up, you will get an in-depth insight into the different factors and parameters that you need to consider before buying an atomic timekeeping device.

Types Of Best Survival Watches

To cater to the growing demand for timepieces that can be of great help when you are out there in the wilderness, companies now manufacture a wide array of such products. In case you are stuck in a survival situation, you would need the help of such a timepiece. Hence, choosing the most befitting tactical watch is a must for you to survive.

These watches not just tell the time, but offer a wide spectrum of features – some of them are commonly found in almost all the watches, while there are a few functionalities which are only limited to a certain brand. So, we bring you some factors that you need to consider before choosing the right survival watch.

As we have mentioned above, there are different types of watches that are available in the market. We bring you some of the common types along with their function and work.

1. Navigation Watches

It is the most common type of all kinds of watches present in the market. Any modern timepiece will come with these specifications in-built. It comes with a compass that helps in easy navigation even when you are lost in the wilderness, so you wouldn’t need a search and rescue team.

If you are planning to buy one of the best survival watches, then it must have an altimeter, barometer and thermometer. Don’t forget to look for additional functionalities like paracord, rechargeable batteries, date teller, alarm, world time zone, GMT indicator, tide graph.

2. G-Shock Watches

These are the most popular series of watching from renowned brand Casio. Casio G-Shock products are majorly designed for outdoor activities and are considered to be one of the best survival watches because of their efficiency.

What makes G-shock so popular is that it not only tells the accurate timing, but it also comes with additional features. Moreover, the sturdy and rugged look of this survival watch makes Casio G-Shock one of the most popular watches for outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Survival Kit Watch

If you are looking for this kind of timepiece, it comes with paracord. This paracord rope can be used for a multitude of work, like typing, hanging, etc. These are high-strength ropes that can easily bear a heavy load, and hence they become essential for tactical watch seekers.

Apart from the high-quality cord that this timepiece has to offer, but at the same time, it also works like a mini survival kit. It includes a compass, whistle, firestarter, etc. It is a highly functional tactical watch that you must have if you are a lover of off-road and outdoor trips.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Survival Watch

1. Durability and Structure

Now we come to the next feature of the survival watch that you must be looking for is the durability and structure. Since you will be using this timepiece in harsh environmental conditions, it becomes important that you must choose a tactical watch that is durable and made from high-quality material.

One of the things that you need to take into account while choosing the timepiece is that it must be made from good quality material that will help you survive in the wilds. For example, you must look for a watch that has stainless steel materials used as core. Moreover, the material of the watch should be such that it withstands any mishap without interrupting its functioning.

Don’t forget to check for watch features like shock resistance and water resistance. These two factors are imperative before you make a purchase. Since you will be using this watch while hiking camping or biking, the timepiece will get exposed to different kinds of conditions, thus ensuring that watch functions seamlessly.

2. GPS

Going into the wilderness means you will be exploring new ways, but sometimes this adventure can turn into a nightmare. Here comes the role of survival watches equipped with GPS. This GPS helps you find the location so that you can help not only yourself but also others who are along with you.

So, if you are planning to buy such a timepiece, then it must have the GPS feature with you. GPS is a common feature in most of the survival watches, so you mustn’t miss this thing. The best watch gives you the most accurate GPS reading to help you during a search and rescue.

3. Compass

Well, if you are a true outdoor lover who loves to find their way out themselves, there are different bushcraft methods that will help.

By putting a stick in the ground and measuring the shadow of this stick to get an understanding of the north-south line. The thicker branches of the tree will point towards the sun; besides, there are other methods as well. But, these are not the most accurate ones.

With technological development, we now have precise tools that help in finding the right direction, and hence, you must look for a watch that comes with a compass, maybe a digital compass, too.

It’s important to know where you are heading, apart from GPS, another feature that you must be having in survival watches is the compass. The device must possess a quality kind of compass. Whether it is a digital compass or not, it’s basically up to you. But even so, a compass is essential.

4. Sunrise and Sunset

Many of these watches come with sunrise-sunset timing, which helps in letting you know the precise timings that eventually helps in camping at the right time.

5. Thermometer

A typical functionality that you should be looking at when considering buying a great survival watch is the thermometer. As an outdoor enthusiast, you must check if the timepiece that you are buying comes with this feature.

It helps you measure the temperature of the surrounding and equip yourself so that you are ready to face such adverse temperature variation.

But here it’s important to mention that the thermometer present on the watch may sometimes show variation because when worn, the body temperature may impact the thermometer calibration.

6. Altimeter

Well, if you are looking for a watch that can assist you while you are mountaineering or hiking, then one of the features that you should be looking at is the altimeter.

It helps in measuring the altitude at a certain place and to find your way. Most of the survival watches come with this feature.

7. Barometer

When you are out there in the wilderness, in a survival situation, even the smallest of information, like barometric pressure can work as a great survival tool for you. One such feature that you should be looking for is a barometer. It helps you check wind and weather. Thus, such an outdoor watch is helping you predict whether traveling outdoor is safe or not.

8. Accuracy

Well, there are various bushcraft methods that can work for you while you are out there in the wild. But, that doesn’t mean that you would be easily able to come out safe. These methods are not accurate, and hence if you are planning to make your way for hiking or trekking, then you would need the right calibration.

Survival watches are designed in such a way that they provide accuracy and precise reading. So, if you are looking for a survival watch , make sure that it gives accurate measurements and details.

Some of the features that we have discussed above, like GPS, sunrise-sunset, compass, thermometer, must give an accurate reading. The best survival timepieces will guarantee you precision and accuracy.

9. Battery Life

If you are in the jungle, you won’t find a charging port, and hence, you must look for the survival timepiece, which has good battery life. Since these watches have a multitude of functions to perform, good battery life is a must for such watches.

There is a provision for solar-powered watches and reachable batteries, based on your requirement; you must choose the kind of watch that matches your requirement.

For example, if you are going camping or hiking for 3-4 days, make sure you look for a survival timepiece that has a better life that can continue for so many days or one that is solar powered. Dying battery may impact the functionality of the timepiece, thereby influencing the performance of the watch.

10. Water Resistance

If you are planning to buy a survival watch, then one of the factors that should be on your radar is water resistance, since these watches will be exposed to different kinds of environmental elements like rains, storms, hail, or snow. A timepiece which with proper water resistance will be the best choice for you.

Watch design has evolved over the last few years to include satellite GPS that is an important feature for adventurers. A good device can mean the difference between life and death in some situations. So, if you are looking for the best survival timepiece for yourself. We have researched the best survival timepieces for 2020. Read on to discover the best fit for you.

Best Survival Watches 2020

1. Casio G-Shock GG1000-1A5 By Casio

Casio is back again with this great watch in the survival series; it comes with a lot of features that make it a quality survival watch.

The Casio G-Shock GG1000-1A5 is the latest addition to the MASTER OF G MUDMASTER Series. The watch has been built to last in adverse conditions like sand, dust, or mud without disturbing its operations and functions.

The analog watch has a tough structure and wraps around your writs and gives it a boost. The survival watch is built to last in harsh environments, its an ideal outdoor watch for rescue crew, rangers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Some of the notable characteristics of this survival watch are water-resistant, 5 daily alarms, LED Backlight, 200-meter water-resistant, digital compass, thermometer. All-in-all, this watch will be the best asset that you can add to your survival kit.

So, if you are looking for the best survival watch, then you must consider buying the Casio G-Shock GG1000-1A5.

  • Shock resistant, neobrite, mineral glass, mud resistant, 200-meter water resistance, led backlight (super illuminator), digital compass, thermometer, world time, stopwatch
  • Countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, hourly time signal, low battery alert, full auto-calendar, 12/24-hour format, button operation tone on/off, approx. Battery life: 2 years on sr927w x 2 …

2. G-Shock GA700 By Casio

Casio is one of the oldest brands that is into making watches. They are into making some of the durable survival watches which are trusted by military personal, surfers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The new G-Shock GA700 by Casio comes in a tan color and will perfectly fit your wrist. Made from high-quality material, which is shock-resistant, water-resistance, LED light, world time, daylight saving on/off, 31 world zone time, four daily alarm, and a snooze alarm.

Casio watches can be easily trusted for performance and durability. You can find a plethora of options when it comes to survival watches, but if it is about choosing the best quality watch, then this is the right option for you.

Whether you are looking to buy it for yourself or planning to gift it to someone, then you must have no second thoughts about buying the G-Shock GA700 survival watch.

  • DETAILS: 200 Meter Water Resistant, Super Illuminator LED Light with Afterglow (selectable illumination duration 1.5 or 3 seconds), World Time, 31 times zones (48 cities + UTC), daylight saving on/off, home city/world time swapping, 4 Daily Alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm and an Hourly Time Signal.
  • GREAT LOOK: Men, women, young, old, teens or tweens can rock this watch! Grab for the day, work, traveling, shopping, hanging out, walking or for that perfect accessory. Pair with any outfit from casual to sporty and everywhere in between and always be on time …

3. 6-In-One Sport Watch By Ueasy

Gone are the days when watches were considered only to be a medium to show time, nowadays people are using the watch for various purposes; they have to turn out to be a smart device that can also work as a survival tool. Yes, that’s what makes this sports watch the hot selling cake for the outdoors enthusiast and rescuers.

This watch contains all the necessary specifications, which make it one of the most sought after watches by sportsmen, surfers, outdoor enthusiasts, and others. Here are some of the functionalities which Uneasy provides you; it comes with a stopwatch, week display, LED, auto date alarm. The watch is waterproof and hence, can be used by divers, sportspersons, swimmers.

It comes with a hook buckle; the dial is 55mm, which is wide enough for you to sport time, date, etc. easily. The sports styled look of this watch will aptly suit your personality.

So, if you are looking for a good sports watch, then you must choose the Ueasy 6-in-one sports watch.

  • 【6-IN-1 SURVIVAL WATCH】: bracelet watch/compass/whistle/sickle/Fire Starter/ Paracord. Excellent waterproof performance: Waterproof ring is embedded in the back cover and buttons of the watch to ensure that every gap has a strict defense. It can prevent rain and shallow diving (but it is not guaranteed to prevent swimming for a long time and intense swimming, and no key operation can be performed in the water …

4. Survival Bracelet Watch By Vikano

Would you have imagined a watch that works as a compass, multi-tool, whistle, firestarter, paracord, etc.? Well, all this comes true with the watch by Vikano. Designed with precision and sophistication, this is the ultimate survival watch that you can think about.

Vikano has created that mini survival kit that easily wraps around your writs. Whether you are going out camping or hiking or are on a rescue mission, with this watch, you are assured of having the best partner with you.

This watch comes with features like magnesium rod; you a use the fire opener to boil water, cook food You will be able to use the fire opener for cooking, boil water, etc., the scarper in the watch can be used as knife in case of emergencies, the watch also comes with emergency whistle which can be used to send signal and compass and parachute cord for tying camping hooks.

So, if you are looking for the best survival watch, then you can try this watch by Vikano.

  • 【6-IN-1 Survival Bracelet Watch】 Outdoor survival watch kits - Digital Bracelet Watch + Compass + Whistle + Fire Starter Steel sheet + Paracord + Magic sticker strap. Steel sheet can be used and start fire. Whistle: Used for signalling help With watch and compass, you do not lose your way.
  • 【2-IN-1 Wrist Strap】Inside of Sports watch band is the magic sticker, adjustable it to fit the best length for your wrist which most of other products without this adjustable function and life waterproof.Made from durable parachute cord that can be unraveled into a 1.6 meters rescue rope and used in emergency situation …

5. Expedition Watch By Timex

Timex is a most renowned brand that boasts of durability and longevity for its watches. Drawing inspiration from vintage military watches, this watch is a must-have for every single person who wishes to add a stylish twist to their watch collection.

The larger dial of the watch makes it easy for people to check the time easily. It comes with a 20mm nylon strap, which is easy to adjust so that the watch snugs around your wrist. The watch is water-resistant up 100 meters, thus perfect for swimming and snorkelling, but you cannot use it for diving.

This chronograph watch by Timex features numerals in increments of five up to 60 and three sub-dials that helps in tracking minutes. All-in-all, it’s a great watch for all the outdoor enthusiasts.

Your search for a great watch comes to an end with this watch by Timex.

  • Adjustable brown 20 millimeter genuine leather strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference. On natural lighting the Strap color might appear lighter that current image.Case Height: 12.5 mm
  • Black dial with date window at 4 o'clock; Arabic numerals in increments of 5 up to 60
  • 30-minute chronograph measures to 1/20th second …

6. 6-in-one Multifunctional Survival Watch By BlueStraw

If you are an outdoor person who loves to go hiking, biking, mountaineering, fishing, or just traveling off-road, you need to be ready for every single possibility. Accidents are uninvited, and you need to have the right set of equipment that will help you easily overcome adverse conditions, and you can do all this with the help of this multifunctional watch by BlueStraw.

The company has accumulated all the survival features and wrapped it up into this watch. It comes with 6 different functionalities like a whistle, emergency knife, paracord, compass, thermometer, and firestarter scraper. So this 6-in-one watch is a must-have for all the outdoor lovers.

One of the notable features of this watch is that it is made up of 7 Strand 550Lb parachute cord. In case of need, you can easily convert it into a 3-meter rescue rope, which has the break point of 550 lbs.

But, you must note here that BlueStraw’s 6-in-one multifunctional watch is not waterproof, so avoid exposure to water.

This is a great watch that you can buy it for yourself and also use it for gifting purpose.

  • ▲NOTICE▲: The watch is not waterproof. Please do not let the watch get wet or soak in water. If you want to get the waterproof one, please search these two products B073M6MGN8/ B07DPPMVZY. And if have any problems about this product, please feel free to contact us.
  • 6-IN-1 SURVIVAL GEAR: Bracelet Watch + Compass + Whistle + Thermometer + Fire Starter + Paracord …

7. Multifunctional Military Digital Sportswatch By Gosasa

Sports watch look stylish and comes with a lot of features that make them so sought-after. From the multitude of options that are available in the market, you need to choose the one which is best for you and also offers value for money. Gosasa brings you this unique digital sports watch, which is equipped with a multitude of features.

Some of the notable functionalities of this watch include calendar, stopwatch, backlight, LED digital display, compass, stopwatch, three alarm, summertime, 50 mere waterproof, backlight. The watch is waterproof, so you can easily use the same.

The larger digital display makes it easy for you to see the time, and the sporty look makes it more stylish and appealing. The brand sticks to its name and provides the best features, which make it one of the most sought after watches for outdoor lovers.

Whether you are going hiking or camping or you are on the outdoor trip, then this watch is a great choice. If you are looking for a great watch, then you must choose this watch by Gosasa.

  • 164FT 50M WATERPROOF, SWIM, SHOWER, NO PROBLEM! 5ATM water resistant. NOTE: please DO NOT press any buttons in the water.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Compass / World Time / 3 Alarm / Stop Watch / Countdown / Timekeeping / Summer Time / 50m Waterproof / Back Light / LED Display / Calendar
  • Those large numbers are also super easy to read; Daily alarm and chime hourly; 12/24H format selectable, auto calendar; 1/100 seconds chronograph with split count function; EL backlight …

8. ParaClaw CQD Survival Watch By Outdoor Edge

Cutting edge design, unique look, multifunctional, and good water resistance, all these attributes are a must if you are looking for a watch. To cater to the various survival situation that a person might face while they are outdoors and are looking for a tool that can help them combat tough situations, we have this ParaClaw CQD watch by Outdoor Edge.

The company has designed this unique piece, which comes with a multitude of functions that can be used as paracord, knife compass, and much more. So, it’s a great watch that can easily replace your kit.

The watch has a zinc alloy watch frame and a paracord. It comes with the Japanese Seiko quartz movement and also offers nightglow, which makes it easy for you to see the time easily even in the dark. The watch is water-resistant for up to 100 ft. Besides, the paracord wrist band is further equipped with an emergency knife.

The watch comes in two sizes, medium that fits 6.25 to 7-inch wrist, and the large size suitable for larger writs of up to 7 inch.

So, if you want to get a great device, then you can lay your bet on this one.

9. Digital Survival Watch By Gosasa

Going out for a boy’s scout or just of camping and strolling off-road, then you would need to have a watch that can guide you through the way. Nobody would like to lose their track while they are moving around; with a good watch, you can easily combat adverse situations.

Gosasa brings you this amazing product. It is equipped with a compass, LED, 1/100 seconds chronograph.

EL backlight, world time, summertime, etc. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It comes with buckle type closure with a round dial. This men’s sports watch comes with 47mm dial, which makes it easy to match. This watch is lightweight with only .15kg.

If you are looking for a great buy under $20, then you must choose this watch.

  • Those large numbers are also super easy to read; Daily alarm and chime hourly; 12/24H format selectable, auto calendar; 1/100 seconds chronograph with split count function; EL backlight.
  • Multifunction Watch: Calendar Month / Day / Date, 3 Alarm, Water Resistant, LED display, Shock Resistant, Stop Watch, Back Light, Compass, World time, Summer time, 12/24 hour, Countdown, EL backlight …

10. Men’s Multifunctional Digital Watch By Fanmis

This impressive timepiece offers many reliable functionalities. One of these features is seven-color LED backlight with a comfort band strap. This is a rather large watch but remains lightweight. It is designed in a way that protects all of its functions against water. Its shrewd features i.e., shock-resistant, stopwatch, calendar, were designed for the most intense outdoor activities for the military as well as seasoned adventurers.

It also boasts a 50-meter water-resistant capability that is a serious contender for any sports watch consideration should water play a large part in your outdoor pursuits. The stylish design and unique features make this digital sports watch by Fanmis a must buy.

If you are looking for a perfect gifting option for your friend, then this is something that you must consider.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Calendar Month / Day / Date, Alarm, Water Resistant, LED Display, Back Light, Shock Resistant, Stop Watch. What you waiting for? This a great value watch you don't want to miss.
  • Solid stainless steel back cover. Water resistant. Battery: CR2025 Battery Life: 3 Years
  • 7 COLOR LED BACKLIGHT with COMFORT BAND STRAP. 7 color bright LED back lights (long press top left button to change) makes time reading super easy and fun, soft imported PU watch band bring comfortable wearing experience …

11. Apple Watch Paracord Band By Savior Survival Gear

If you have an Apple Watch with you, then you have the best survival gear. It is equipped with all the features, which make it one of the most sought after products. So, now you have an opportunity to give it a sporty and rugged look. You can achieve this transformation with this paracord band designed by the company.

The high-quality paracord is made to last long and a perfect match for those who are looking for survival level rope. It finds a multitude of use like bow drills, hanging bags, pulley, securing things, cloth lines, etc.

To make sure that people of any wrist size can use this paracord survival cord, it comes with an adjustable shackle, which makes it easy to adjust the length of the cord as per your wrist size.

This paracord band is compatible with the Apple Watch 42mm – 44mm watch dial. So, if you are looking for high-quality paracord bracelet that can match the style of your apple watch, then you must choose this Apple Paracord bracelet.

  • FASHIONABLE: Savior Survival Gear paracord watch bands are made from superior quality 550 paracord and are designed to replace a stock Apple Watch band. This is a unisex watch accessory that can be worn by men, women, and youth. Our designs are meant to be stylish, yet practical. Each paracord watch band has the Savior Survival Gear logo displayed on the clasp, expressing a desire to live life with a purpose …

12. Expedition Watch By Timex

Build for the explorers who like to wander in style; this Timex expedition watch is made for the alpha male who likes to flaunt the rugged and stylish look.

The analog watch comes with a unique dial that is equipped with Indiglo light up, which helps you see in the dark. Besides, the clear dial and stylish band, completes the look of this watch.

It is water-resistant for up to 50 metres so that you can enjoy water activities like swimming, snorkeling, etc. Overall, this is a stylish timepiece that will impress you with its minimalistic yet sophisticated look.

Whether you are planning to buy it for yourself, or if you are looking for gifting it to someone, you can consider this watch as a great option for your outdoor enthusiast friend.

  • Adjustable black 22 millimeter nylon double-layer strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • Black dial with date window at 3 o'clock; Full Arabic numerals
  • Black 44 millimeter resin case with acrylic lens
  • Indiglo light-up watch dial; luminous hands
  • Water resistant to 50 meter (165 feet): In general, suitable for short periods of recreational swimming, but not diving or snorkeling …

13. Survival Sport Watch by BlueStraw

Are you an outdoor fanatic who loves to explore the wilderness. While this idea might fill many of you with enthusiasm, but at the same time, it becomes important to mention that a stay in the wild can sometimes be troublesome. Besides, certain emergencies are uninvited, and with the right watch, you can overcome all these hassles. BlueStraw brings you its ultimate product.

This digital survival watch has many features that make it the most sought after. With its durable body and attractive looks, the timepiece is a perfect style partner and will help you even in the harshest of conditions.

Some of the notable features of this timepiece are paracord band, compass, whistle, tinder, thermometer, flint starter, military-grade, and smooth digital display as well as an analog display. This military watch is perfect for a wrist size of 7-9 inches. Moreover, its water-resistant feature makes it good for use while swimming, climbing, hiking or mountaineering, and other activities.

All these features make BlueStarw’s digital survival watch a good choice for self-use and also for gifting it to someone you love.

  • MULTIFUNCTION DIGITAL WATCH: This is an electronic watch of multiple-functions which combines weeks, date, alarm, hourly alerts, dual time and LED back light together with simultaneous working pointers.
  • 3 INTERCHANGABLE STRAPS: The digital watch contains two paracord bracelet wristband and one adjustable black silicone band for free replacement depending on your favor …

14. Square Survival Military Watch By Mgirlm

Square Survival Military Watch

Another impressive military watch, this timepiece boasts much-needed features that you would want in any of the survival military watches.

Altitude is always a serious concern for outdoor lovers, Mgirlm has taken this into account and has equipped this analog display watch with six functionalities like compass, knife, fire scraper, paracord, fire starter, adjusted time watch. It boasted a square dial and made with high-quality material.

Its features, like time watch, compass, knife, fire starter, paracord, etc., makes it a sought-after product in the market. So, if you are looking for a stylish accompaniment while you are outdoors, then this watch by Mgirlm should be your choice.

16. Flashlight Wrist Watch with Compass By Fire Eyes-DIY

Flashlight Wrist Watch with Compass

Do you love to go hiking, mountaineering, climbing, or biking? Having the right survival gear with you will make your travel easy-breezy. The market is flooded with a number of survival kits, backpacks, and watches, which work as your lifesaver in adverse conditions and emergencies. Fire Eyes-DIY brings you this spectacular wristwatch, which boasts of its key feature of the LED light.

The LED light feature is the most notable option. It comes in three different modes, high, medium, and low. The brightness level of these modes may vary. Moreover, the battery of this watch is of Li-ion, which is rechargeable. Once charged fully, the battery lasts for hours, and you may keep track of time.

An additional feature of the compass in the watch makes it particular useful for those who are going out for camping and other outdoor activities. With this feature you can easily see the things around you and also find the right way in the wilderness.

The watch is a perfect gifting solution as well. The entire package comes with a watch, USB cable, rechargeable battery, and luxury gift box.

15. Paracord Survival By EMAK

Paracord Survival

Are you an outdoor lover? A person who loves to explore the wilderness or wants to go on hiking, trekking, or mountaineering? Then you would understand the importance of survival watch.

There are a number of companies that are into the making of these watches, which comes with a multitude of functions. Amongst the number of companies that are into the business of manufacturing watches, you must get EMAK’s product.

This multifunctional product comes with various features like umbrella rope, compass, thermometer, fire scarper, analog display, etc. The umbrella rope of the watch is sturdy and durable, and you can expand it for up to 3- 3.2 meters. This strong rope can easily bear the load of 250 pounds.

The dial is 1.7 inches, which is wide enough so that you can easily see the timing, date, and other details easily. The watch looks stylish and is a great gifting option.

This is a must-have a watch for all the outdoor lovers and it is a good purchase if you get it.


It is important to consider your trip/adventure before purchasing such a device. There are great watches out there, including military-grade watches with built-in GPS. The obvious key features are inbuilt compass with great orientation features that will be crucial if you get lost out in the wilderness. The trail-crumbs feature is also a consideration as this will help you retrace your steps and enabling you to find your way back from almost anywhere.

If you are a climber, then altitude tracking will be extremely relevant to you, and many watches sport this vital feature. For underwater adventures, the key element will be the water-resistant depth that will benefit deep-sea divers.

Maybe you are just a novice traveler keeping your escapades light and relatively risk-free, still, you will need to ensure that your watch benefits from the key features that will help to keep you safe such as, battery life, compass, led light for night time use, scratch-resistant and durable.

Your watch will need to stand up to the elements regardless of how harsh they may be. Solar-powered watches are a great choice for long-time outside adventures, think weeks, and months. The ability for any watch to automatically recharge itself was once unthinkable.

When it comes to choosing a watch, then you need to plan ahead. You need to imagine the conditions in which you will be exposed while you are in the jungle and plan your survival situations accordingly. It means the SHTF, or you might just lose the track. But, with the help of the right tool, you can save yourself and others.

Today information is the power, and when you have a watch showcasing the same to you, then you have the survival kit handy. You need something that can resist water, shock, moisture, heat, and sun. How technology has evolved over the years, and it will continue to do so.

Beyond our featured list are many other survival watches out there, but, if you are planning to buy one, the the above mentioned should be in your radar, besides, you can also explore other options, but don’t forget to check the features which they offer.

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