What is a Bug Out Bag?

Disasters can happen in a split second and by having a bug out bag prepared you will already be on top of the game. So what is a bug out bag?

For those of you who don’t know what a bug out bag is, it’s basically a portable kit in a backpack that contains the items you would need to survive if a disaster were to occur. I can’t stress how important it is for every person and family to have a bug out bag ready just in case.

I’ll use the earthquake that struck Japan in March of 2011 as an example. We all saw the devastation that the tsunami caused. As we saw on the news many people had to make fires and shelters with scrap wood from their homes just to keep warm. Most of them didn’t have any food, clean water, extra clothes or shelter of any kind. If only they would have had a bug out bag prepared they could have taken it along with them to higher ground. Even though they lost their homes and belongings, they could have at least had the bare necessities for survival strapped to their back. It’s sad that some people only realize this after the fact and we always tend to sit here and keep saying “if only they would have been prepared”. It’s time for us to BE prepared instead of THINKING about being prepared.

earthquake group

Most people who have a bug out bag choose to leave them at home because it’s the safest place. To a certain extent I do agree. The last thing I’d want is my car to be broken into and have my bug out bag and all my emergency supplies stolen. For this reason if you choose to leave your main pack at home, it’s highly advisable to put together an EDC bag. An EDC bag, also known as an “every day carry” bag is a smaller version of your main bug out bag. It’s meant to be taken along with you wherever you go. Lumbar packs like the one in the featured image from Mountainsmith are an excellent option. Put it in your car, take it to work, just don’t leave it behind. It is meant to contain the necessary items you would need to get home so you can get to your main bug out bag. I will go over selecting a bug out bag and an edc bag in more detail in a future post.

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Even if you think that you might not be able to reach your bug out bag that’s not a good enough reason to not put one together. Yes, disasters are unpredictable and so is the location of where you’ll be when one strikes but the least you can do is have yourself prepared before hand as best as you can. This should be one of your high priority things to do on your prepping list. Hopefully you’ll have your EDC bag with you so you are able to get home safely. If not, use your smarts and be extra cautious. The last thing you need is to be jumping over an obstacle of some sort and getting hurt with no medical supplies on hand. Be smart – be prepared!

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