15 Food for the Apocalypse that Doesn’t Require Water

Survival instinct kicks in when human beings are forced into difficult situations, but if you are aware of what will follow, you can always be smart and prepare for it. The types of things you hoard may make all the difference between life and death. You will need medical supplies, water, and clothes, but one thing that you cannot do without is food. Your body cannot survive without food for more than a couple of weeks, so you will need to keep plenty of food at bay.

How Long do I Last without both Food and Water?

Human beings require food and water for their survival, and without these two essentials, they are likely going to suffer or die ultimately. Since most of our body is made of water, we cannot go without it for more than three to four days. During this time, you are likely to lose all your energy, and you may also not be able to do anything.

As for food, since human beings can store a large amount of food in their body, they can last without it for up to three weeks. However, before this time, you may not die, but you will feel tired and won’t be able to do much of anything.

Our 15 Survival Food Choices

The right food choices can make or break your routine during a certain situation. And smart people tend to hoard a variety of different foods that can last them for months or even years. The fifteen foods in this section are selected because of their nutritional value and their ease of storage.

Dried Fruit

If there is one thing that offers a lot of energy whilst also providing a lot of health benefits, it is dried fruits. These include dried apricots, cranberries, dates, and even dried mangoes. As the name suggests, these fruits are dried to preserve their nutrition and ensure they last for a long time.

dried fruit

If you are looking to hoard food, you can’t do without these. They will provide you with protein, iron, and a lot of vitamins. You can keep them in sealed containers to avoid any pesticide attack. Moreover, it is also recommended to keep a variety of dried fruits because different fruits will provide different vitamins.

Dried Meat

Fresh meat will not last more than a few days, but since you require the necessary protein, it is recommended that you hoard dry meat. This will not require any water, spices, or cooking and can be eaten from a container. It is also a very healthy snack because it is high in protein content and hence keeps you feeling full for a longer time.

dried meat

Since this is processed meat, a lot of sodium is also used in its preservation. This is why you will have to regulate how much you eat in a single day. If you suffer from diabetes or hypertension, then you shouldn’t take more than a few bites in every meal.


Almost every person has grown listening to the amazing benefits of honey. It is extremely sweet and hence acts as a perfect substitute for your sweet cravings. Honey is also known for having a lot of healing properties. These can prevent not only diseases of the heart but also decrease the likelihood of you developing acute cancer. Moreover, a daily dose of honey is known to reduce ulcers and enhance your digestive system.


You are also more likely to get well-regulated blood sugar. Since honey is naturally sweet, it doesn’t increase your blood sugar too much. To top all this, it also increases athletic performance in individuals.

Hard Cheese

Soft cheese tends to last shorter than hard cheese, which is why the latter is preferred for survival purposes. These aren’t readily available, but you may find some options in large stores. These types are enclosed in wax, which prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. It also helps prevent the moisture inside the cheese so that you don’t feel a very hard flavor.

One of the most famous cheeses is the Parmesan cheese that, when encased, can stay fresh for more than 25 years. As for its health benefits, cheese is known for providing a good amount of protein and minerals to your body. It is also high in some vitamins that are necessary for proper bodily functions.

Smoke and Salt-cured Meat, Fatback or Salami

During any survival situation, it is imperative that you look out for what you eat. Your body will need a variety of different nutrients, including protein, fats, and carbohydrates. One food that is rich in fats and protein is smoke or salt-cured meat. These are made to be very rich in taste, and a range of spices are added to enhance their flavor.

smoked meat

Since sodium is also used in the making of smoked meat, it is recommended that you watch out for how much salami or fatback you eat in a day. Moderate consumption will provide a lot of health benefits, but if you eat too much of it, you are likely going to get obese in the upcoming months.

Energy Bars

As the name suggests, these are some of the most essential food items that can provide you with the necessary energy required for day-to-day functioning. These are available in both sweet and savory flavors to cater to the needs of your taste buds. Moreover, since they are very compact and lightweight, you can keep as many as you want with you.

energy bars

Many people prefer sweetened bars, but these can lead to obesity and other heart diseases. So it is recommended that you keep some low fat or diet energy bars with you too. If you tend to get a lot of cravings throughout the day, you can eat more than one energy bar in this way too.


A lot of people have never heard of pemmican, but when you are hoarding food for emergency situations, you can’t do without this. It is basically a mixture of dried meat, dried berries, and tallow. Together, these items help create a very nutritious item. It was historically eaten in some parts of Northern America only.


It is now consumed all over the world because it provides important vitamins like Vitamins A and C. It is also rich in calcium and fiber.


Of all the foods mentioned in this article, granola is one of the most calorie-dense foods, but it also offers a lot of protein and fiber. If eaten in a moderate amount, you are going to feel fuller after having one or two granola bars. This is because the fiber in them takes relatively longer to digest hence keeping your cravings at bay for many hours.


Not just that, but granola also provides you with a lot of micronutrients, including magnesium, iron, selenium, and vitamin E. All these are required by your body in small amounts; however, they are essential for proper and smooth functions of your body. There are also many varieties of granola, so you should always look out for one that is low in calories and rich in nutrients.


It’s hard to go without chocolate for a week, let alone months. So we recommend that you keep loads of chocolate with you in case of emergencies. Sweetened chocolates need to be eaten in moderation because they come with high-calorie content. However, if you have a sweet tooth, you should keep dark chocolate or low-calorie chocolate with you.


Moreover, chocolate syrups also last for a couple of years and can be kept around. You can put the syrup on top of your biscuits to enhance their flavor. Moreover, chocolate chips can also be eaten in moderation. As for health benefits, chocolate is known to uplift your mood and increase your metabolism. It is also known for fighting urinary tract infections.

Nuts and Seeds, Trail Mix

One food that provides an instant boost to your metabolism and curbs your hunger cravings is nuts and seeds. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and provide you with a range of nutrients. They are also a very good source of protein for vegetarians. Moreover, you get a lot of healthy fats that are needed for the proper insulation of your body.


Apart from that, nuts are high in fibers and provide you with a lot of vitamins and minerals. This helps regulate your body weight and ensure you get all the micronutrients for the optimal functioning of your body.

Canned Food

If you are looking to eat food without having to cook it, then canned food is going to be your best option. With the advancement in food sciences, almost all of your favorite foods can now be canned. This includes fruits, vegetables, meat products, and even lentils. Canned beans are also one of the most popular types of foods in this category.

canned food

It is, however, important to remember that canned foods cannot last for many years. They will usually come with a short expiry date. So make sure you consume these foods within a year.

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Since you won’t be able to hoard milk for very long, it is necessary that you have a good alternative. Condensed milk is high in calories, but it is also very high in protein. You can also get a good amount of fat from this milk.

condensened milk

Many brands add preservatives to ensure milk lasts for a longer time. You can get the unsweetened version to avoid getting obese.


Jams don’t always have to be eaten with bread. You can also put a spoonful of jam on biscuits and enjoy a healthy meal. Since a lot of fruit goes into making jam, you can curb your cravings of fresh fruit by consuming jams. These are available in jelly or smooth forms.


The best jam to hoard is strawberry jam. This is because strawberries tend to last for a relatively long time.

Peanut Butter

There are two reasons why you should be consuming peanut butter in your diet, especially if you are looking to consume a well-balanced diet. If you don’t suffer from any allergies, one to two tablespoons of peanut butter can prove to be very beneficial. You can choose from a variety of forms. Peanut butter is available in crunchy, smooth, or creamy form.

peanut butter

Apart from their great taste, this mixture also provides some amazing health benefits. If you are watchful of your serving, you can decrease your weight by consuming this. Moreover, it protects your mind against neurodegenerative diseases and lowers the risk of diabetes.

Oils and Lard

Contrary to what people think, oil isn’t bad for your health; too much of it is. It actually has less saturated fat than your common butter. Lard is also common in monounsaturated fats, which are very good for your cardiovascular health. It prevents any serious heart diseases and ensures good mental health. A small amount of oil or lard every day also helps meet your fat requirements.


Moreover, lard is also rich in oleic acid, which is essential for ensuring good skin. This decreases your blood cholesterol level and hence ensures a good regulation for insulin levels. Moreover, this acid is also known for preventing heart conditions.

Having a Varied Diet

Regardless of what situation you are in, having a varied diet is absolutely essential. For starters, you will get bored of having to eat the same food over and over again, but that’s just one of the many reasons you should try to diversify your diet as much as you can. Here is why you should always have a varied diet.

Difficult in Adaptability

If you have lived all your life consuming a variety of foods, it is very difficult to instantly change that. So if you are preparing for any emergency situation, it is important that you keep different items with you. Since you have a palate of a foodie, you will feel better if you keep getting most of the foods that you had before.

Since such situations can often become quite challenging and things can get on your nerves, it is better that you maintain some normalcy in your routine. Moreover, since each person has grown with a different diet, it is important to expose your palate to similar foods to ensure it enjoys all the tastes.

Another very important reason is that people who have a knack for stronger foods will feel irritated when they don’t get to eat similar foods. For example, high sodium content is a specialty of Asian foods. When Asians are expected to eat very bland food, they tend to get annoyed and lose morale. Since that’s the last thing you want in any situation, we recommend you keep a list of your favorite foods with you at all times.


No matter the circumstances, your body should always be ready to fight back and resist any hassle. It is hence important that you mix and match your food to ensure you get all the different nutrients required by your body. A human body needs proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and some micronutrients to survive. Here are all the benefits associated with each of these nutrients.

Proteins: These are required for your body to build and repair tissues. They are also required in the formation of important hormones and enzymes of the body. Moreover, proteins are important building blocks of blood cells and muscles.

Carbohydrates: Your food should largely consist of carbohydrates because they break down into glucose and provide your body with energy. This energy is then used by the body for all digestive, neuromuscular, and sensory functions.

Fats: These are essential because they provide energy that supports cell growth. Moreover, fats help provide lubrication and ensure your organs are well protected from any outside influence.

Vitamins and minerals: Although these are required by the body in small portions, minerals, and vitamins are essential nutrients that help heal bones and bolster one’s immune system.

You Will Maintain Good Health

By good health, we mean that you will be able to fit in your clothes before and after every meal. Consuming only one food for a long time would mean that you are more likely to reduce your metabolism and hence increase your chances of gaining weight. This is even truer for foods like meat, lard, and chocolate that are high in calories.

Moreover, foods rich in sodium will retain a lot of excess water in your body, thereby adding extra pounds. Not just that, but consuming too much canned food is also likely to increase your weight over time. Another downside to eating very similar foods every day is that you can end up treating yourself daily.

Eating high calorie or sugary food every once in a while is not bad for you. However, if you keep consuming granola or energy bars all the time, you will end up regretting it.


You now know all the foods that you need to hoard if you ever fear an emergency. But more importantly, you know how important it is to diversify your options and take all foods in moderation. All the items mentioned above are rich in nutrients, but if you consume too much of any food, you are going to end up in trouble.

So make sure you choose wisely. Your life depends on it!

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