Which SOG Knives are Made in the USA?

SOG specialty knives have a huge user-base across the globe, so they are made almost everywhere. However, these knives made in the USA are quite competitive and impressive.

Both military-grade and everyday-carry SOG knives like the SOG Pillar and SOG Pillar Blackout, respectively, are made in the USA, keeping in view the diverse needs of SOG tools buying population.

Brief SOG History

Spencer Frazer established SOG in 1986. His fascination with knives and the influence of a particular knife used by the US military Special Operations unit led him to create SOG Specialty Knives. He extended the range of products from knives to several useful multi-tools over the years. Today, they deliver the finest high quality knives to all parts of the world.

Made in the USA

Hunters and security personnel love to carry USA-made SOG knives due to their superior quality. Here are some of the best models made in the United States to help you choose the perfect knife for you.
Let’s have a look at some of the amazing knives which are definitely manufactured in the USA.

The Fixed Blade: SOG Pillar and Pillar Blackout

Their fixed blade knives are possibly the best SOG knives out there. They have a full tang construction, which keeps the knife intact for many years. The full tang also provides a firm grip to the users of fixed blades as there is no breakage of the handle while digging through surfaces with it. Now let’s take a closer look at two of their leading SOG knives – that is to say Pillar models.

SOG Pillar

The Pillar is one of the toughest SOG knives made in the United States with its CPM S35VN stainless steel construction. It does not get any indentations or bends easily, even if you use it during hunting. It has superior edge retention with durable stainless steel material used to manufacture it. This way, it gets easier for the users to sharpen the fixed blade knife without chipping away any useful metal.Its stainless steel construction ensures that it does not rust or corrode easily. Thus, it can be your faithful safety companion, irrespective of the weather conditions that you live in.

It also comes with better resistance to daily wear even if you are in the habit of using a single knife for multiple purposes. In addition, it has a stonewash finish, which makes the fixed blades smooth and shiny. It looks even sharper with the machine ground finish.

sog pillar knife

Moreover, there is an addition of vanadium and niobium carbides in steel, which increases its durability to the maximum level. Hence, you get to add this SOG bowie in your collection and have it admired for both its appearance and strength. Also, it has an engravable blade, so it can be a great gift to your buddies as well. Hence, investing in this USA-made SOG knife can be a wise choice.

Other than this, the drop point knife actively resists most kinds of weather damage. Thus, it is equally good for harsh winters and scorching summer days. In addition, this fixed blade knife has a five-inch polished surface, which helps in keeping it sharp. It can also work as a boot knife since it is compact and does not have any sharp edges at the handles.

Furthermore, it is a great option for hunters and adventurers who need to carry tactical and reliable tools with them all the time. This 9.9-inch long SOG knife goes a long way in cutting through small wood logs too. You can easily set up a camp or cut through the game without switching to bigger fixed blade knives.

In addition to all this, it has a Micarta handle, which helps in establishing a strong grip despite the moisture in the air. It has a rugged texture on its handle, which actively prevents any slips. This stainless steel blade has an exquisite tapering, which makes it look as good as its functioning. It comes with a finger choil on it, which helps you carry the knife in your hand without any hand fatigue. As it also has a Kydex sheath on it, there are almost no chances of injury while carrying it in your pocket. The sheath makes sure there is no damage to your luggage either when you pack it in your traveling bag.

The Kydex sheath on the blade helps in retaining its shine and sharpness. It also has a low-profile locking mount, which is hard to locate, so it stays safe for kids too. The knife can serve several purposes due to its workhorse blade fixing. Thus, it is well-built for tactical usage and even military services.

Lastly, there is a locking mount, which helps in keeping the knife securely in its place, even when you are running. So, this is a great knife for people who need something reliable and long-lasting.

SOG Pillar Black Out

The SOG Pillar Black Out is one of the best options for professional combatants and military personnel. It has a fixed blade design that does not come loose even when you exert some force on it. The all-black fixed blade and handle have impressive looks that do not fade away after consistent use too due to the sturdy CPM S35VN steel.

sog pillar blackout

Moreover, it has a hard-used blade that does not get chipped at the edges. The full tang runs even out of the handle, which can help you scrape the ground for camping. The handle also has grooves on it along with finger coli, which helps in keeping a firm grip. The blade also has a curved shape to ensure a deep and thorough cut whenever needed. Also, this knife has a 0.16-inch thick blade, which can withstand usual pressure and strain.

As the handle color is also black, it is easy to hide the knife in your boots or inside a pocket. The locking mount helps in keeping the knife safely inside its sheath when you are on the go. This helps in preventing any misadventures or unaccounted injuries.

The linen Micarta handle does not cause any blisters on your hands as it has a smooth surface. The black Cerakote finish keeps the blade sharp, so there is no wastage of metal. The teeth near the handle help in taking the knife out of the cuts swiftly. So, it is an incredible knife which is sure to bring your collection to a whole new level.

The Automatic: SOG Strat Ops Auto

Automatic SOG knives are always trending with their sleek construction and ease of use. This Strat Ops Auto has an impressive layout of the blade as well as the handle. The CPM S35VN blade has a heavy-duty design that works in most weather conditions made from CPM S35VN steel.

sog strat ops auto

Furthermore, there is a simple push button to unleash the blade whenever needed. You do not have to drag the blade out of its cover manually. This helps in providing you better agility and prevents any wastage of time. In addition, there is a clip at the upper end of the handle to attach it to your belt buckle. This way, it is easier to carry the knife in your pocket as well as on the belt.

This knife is perfect for those who are required to wear a uniform during the day while they have to carry a knife. Its linen Micarta handle is also a nice touch that looks even better with the patina that develops on using it. Lastly, it weighs only 3.70 oz, so it is perfect for your tactical gear kit.

The Folding Knife: SOG SEAL XR

This folding SOG knife has gained popularity among knife collectors with its amazing features. It has a large format folder with a smooth finish of the blade. Its stainless steel blade has a sharp and tapered edge, which is just right for deep cuts. The SEAL XR folding knives have multiple teeth on the upper side, which help in providing cleaner cuts.

sog seal xr

Moreover, there is an ambidextrous handle which is equally useful for left and right-handed users. The XR lock helps in securing the folding knives in your pocket or on your belt to make it easier to carry it.

The reversible low carry belt clip on it is a nice addition, so you should not miss out on this knife. Its handle has glass-reinforced nylon, which provides a better grip and a stylish feel to your knife.

Assembled in the USA: SOG-TAC CA Auto – Battleship Grey

This SOG knife has made it big on the market with its sleek appearance and high-quality blade. The AUS-8 blade is just right for all the heavy-duty and light-duty uses that you put it to.


The battleship grey handle and blade complement each other quite well. Moreover, there is an anodized aluminium handle to fight off rust and stay functional. It does not get any oxidation, so you do not have to worry about replacing your handle every once in a while.

Since it comes with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturers, it is a highly reliable knife. All in all, this is a worthwhile SOG knife that has been assembled in the USA while adhering to all the local laws.


Summing it all up, there are a plethora of SOG specialty knives that are made in the USA. All of them are exceptional in their working and design, so you can choose any one of these that suits your needs. They will make a great pick for your next outdoor excursion.

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